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JAAGRUTI™ Waste Paper Recycling Services

We would like to introduce our updated website for JAAGRUTI™ Waste Paper Recycling Services on the very platform, (namely this JAAGRUTI™ Blog) which helped start it all in a very humble way in August 2011. Under these services, we have till now proudly worked with around 200+ organisations…

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About ‘Jaagruti’

‘JAAGRUTI™’ is a private trust, registered under the Indian Trusts Act – on 24th December 2009. We are based out of Delhi, India and JAAGRUTI™ primarily, functions as an INFORMATION HELPLINE and a STREET ANIMAL FIRST AID and VACCINATION SERVICE IN…

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On-site First Aid, Treatment & Vaccination Service for Street Animals/Dogs

  JAAGRUTI™’s  On-site First Aid, Treatment &Vaccination Service for Street Animals/Dogs* Primary area of Operation: North-West Delhi, India If you stay in any other part of Delhi NCR and want to avail of this service, do let us know, we…

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How Street Dogs, named ‘Dodo’ and ‘Chiku’ saved 3 bikes from being stolen?

Dodo and Chiku are two brave young Indian female dogs adopted as community dogs by Shivani, Priya and their young group of friends in Masjid Moth area of New Delhi! For it was their barking that alerted Shivani and Priya’s…

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November 20 2015_Arihant Nagar Vaccination Drive

An RWA sponsored Street Dog Vaccination Drive!

Most of the times, RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations) are antagonistic towards the existence of street dogs but, this time around, we at JAAGRUTI were in for a pleasant surprise as we were requested over for a vaccination drive for young…

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November 19-25_2015_Chowki_Aural Haematoma

Treating ‘Chowki’ for Aural Haematoma

This brown coloured male dog stays at a Police Check Post in Pitampura area of Delhi and thus we named him “Chowki”. We had even got him sterilized and now we were alerted to him having Aural Haematoma in his…

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