Aware Parents – Safe Kids

After 20 years of standing and speaking up for the rights of street animals, we introduce to you our work in the field of shielding Children from abuse.

We have launched an Online Course to make parents aware as to how they can prevent their kids from falling prey to Sexual Predators.

In India, where even stones & trees are worshipped, every 1 in 5 children face severe sexual abuse, often at the hands of those they ‘trust’.

Let’s prevent a childhood from life long scars of ‘betrayal’.

Learn how you can prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse, by investing just Rs. 2100/- in this online course that you can watch and learn from the comforts and privacy of your home.

You get 30 days of E-mail support with me, Vasudha Mehta, a certified Legal Awareness Educator, a Therapist and Parent Coach to have all your concerns and queries addressed on this sensitive-yet-important subject, that no one wants to talk about!


10% of the Profits from your purchase of this course go towards supporting a shelter for teenage girls who have been ostracised because they have got ‘pregnant’ as a result of being sexually abused. This shelter looks after these young girls during pregnancy and post-partum, including extending them help to put their ‘unwanted kids’ up for adoption.