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Many a time, despite our good intent we feel helpless, we feel weak…we know we are right but don’t have the facts, be it scientific or judicial to back up our statements to convince the person we are trying to communicate our point to. At this point, we often wish and pray that  someone gives us the information we so desperately need. This page is an attempt in that direction, so that when we speak about an issue and supplement it with fact/s, people know what we are trying to talk about and they take us and our words seriously.

The links on this page are a compilation of information that will arm you to safeguard the rights of the animals you care for. Please click on the underlined Text/Links below to view and download the files, as required for by you.


Indian Street Dogs and their ‘rights’: presents a detailed summary with a summary of all you need to know to safeguard the rights of the street dogs you care for.

Main laws and orders governing welfare of animals in India:

Some relevant recent orders:

 Reporting and taking action on incidents involving Cruelty to Animals, which do have serious repercussions on the health of our society, if not reported on time:

 Pets and Resident Welfare Associations (News Clippings, Consumer Court Orders and more):

Some First Aid tips to help your neighbourhood street dogs

Please let us know what more subjects you yearn for more information on and we will dig through our brains to write on them. Thanks.

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22 thoughts on “Information to empower you!

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  2. I have seen Buffaloes being transported in trucks for over 800 kms with our break. In each truck there are 5 * 6 = 30 Buffaloes .
    It is pathetic to watch it. I have seen this when I was travelling by road and not just one truck by 10 trucks. It is a very regular affair. I am sure there is a very big link because the reg no of the trucks are tampered and these have to pass thro 3 state check posts So can any one help me how to address this issue and to whom?

    The route of the transportation is Vijayawada in Andra Pradesh, Chennai, Madurai in Tamil NAdu and Kerla.

    These animals are tightly packed and they cannot even move little and they have to stay in this condition for 1000 kms .


  3. I saw many people abusing when sm one feed dogs, they say dat they are barking, but my friends they only bark on strangers n once they recognise u then they wont bark, why people dont understand this… I think govt must implement a law to BMC to provide them the food at least once a day time. Its our responsibility to look after all the animals, bcoz they cnt work like us, they are totally dependent on us, so cant we give a small piece of bread to them.. bleave me GOD is grt, keep them happy god’s blessing will allways b on us and he wil b more happy.


    • very good thinking indeed , you need not to ask help from govt for this gr8 cause , u just need to find out as many dog lovers as u can in your area to start with , talk to them be a united power.
      Get to know all animal acts thru web. take police help as and when needed.

      If u need any further help contact me.. keep up the good work… cheers


    • HI, you are recommending another way to fill up politicians/govt officials pockets. A fund of several crore will get passed to feed stray animals, and all that will go in pockets of intermediaries. I dooubt if such law comes, even 10% will not be spent on the animal feed.


      • Dear Aditya,

        Kindly read my post and then replay , I was not in support of taking officials help from the first stage, I said to be united with the same thinkers from your locality then do some research on legal part and then u can proceed wid the local authority, and if u need any help from me I will be more than happy to help out.. my email Id is


  4. What is the legal position on putting dogs to sleep? On two recent occasions we had a critically ill dog who needed to be put to sleep and two different vets refused to do it. They were very evasive as to their reasons. Who can and cannot put a dog to sleep in India, and can one insist?


  5. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Kindly update your mobile number as we are still getting calls on your previous mobile number – 9377666964 as people surf your website and call us.

    kindly rectify the same.



    • Please be specific Mam, the number you have stated was never our number. Kindly help us identify where exactly is this number listed on our blog and we will remove the same. Thanks.


  6. hi friends,
    there were two little little puppies born on our street a few months ago ,and every one loved them ,they wished they could pet them.a little boy took one of them home and tied a belt ,don’t know what he felt ,he left the puppy many months have been passed puppies have grown big ,the belt that had been tied across its neck is getting tighter day by suffers a lot and i can’t just see it grievance.every day its mother and sister do a lot of circus to remove it,but in vain.even many of our neighbors have also tried a lot but the dog has lost any faith and it fears of humans.its mother and sister will always be there with it ,one has to look even at them when handling it.plzzzzzzzzzz can any one give me information about any organizations that can help remove the belt from its neck… parents scold me if i attempt to do so as i stay in hostel and dont go home frequently and the dog is not familiar with me..
    location :MP prakash nagar,hospet,bellary dist.karnataka,india


  7. i m staying in a rented individual house in little outskirts of secunderabad.i have 4 dogs. i always keep dem inside the house except the tym wen dey need to do dere potty n all.
    but still dey never go outside the boundary of my house.
    they bark sometyms wenever dey heard some strange noise or if some one unknown. comes infront of d gate or wen i m out of d house dey cry smtyms.
    my neighbour is causing me trouble becoz of dat n harrassing me some times ..they askd me not to let the dogs to go to the terrace. i even keep my surrounding very clean.
    dey never bark at sleeping hours. but still dey are creating so much of trpuble. dey even told me dat i am an outsider n they are local people dats y i shud behave according to that. or else dey will take necessary actions against me. dey hv even turned d other neighbours against me.
    my other neighbours too have dogs still dey are blaming me instead of dem self coz they keep their dogs out all the time.
    please tell me wat to do. coz this is very annoying and depressing. makes me look bad infront of others. i am a big dog lover n never treat dem as animals. i only bought one dog n the rest three are adopted.
    plz suggest something


    • Sushree, we understand its tough for you. But don’t worry, the laws are on your side. Please get in touch with Mr. D. JOSHI.Executive Officer. PFA HYDERABAD AND SECUNDERABAD.Mobile No. 098499-93374. 098490-27601. He will help you out for sure on this…but you have to be strong to fight this out too.


  8. Contacted Mr.Nilesh for the rescue of crow strucked at my bunglo.He arranged the person he released the bird.

    Good to see the help from the group.



  9. There are *GUIDELINES* by court towards feeding telling where feeding *SHOULD* be done. If these guidelines are violated, then can the court-order be used to *FINE* the feeder? Is feeding elsewhere a punishable offence (punishment in the form of fines imposed on feeders)? I would like to be pointed out a legal document that tells that a “mere violation of a guideline by the court” cannot be interpreted as a “offence punishable by fines”. Thank you.


    • A lawyer may be able to guide you on such a general document if at all, else punitive measures are only outlined as per law and rest any unstated punitive measure being forcefully applied is unlawful.


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