About ‘Jaagruti’

‘JAAGRUTI™’ is a private trust, registered under the Indian Trusts Act – on 24th December 2009.

We are based out of Delhi, India and JAAGRUTI™ primarily, functions as an INFORMATION HELPLINE and a STREET ANIMAL FIRST AID and VACCINATION SERVICE IN NORTH WEST DELHI (mainly).

But we don’t want to be restricted by our demographics and thus, the scope of guidance that we can offer to anyone around the world on any issue pertaining to animals, environment or any social causes is infinite, thanks to the power of living in a wired and connected world. We are a brother-sister team that works with fellow like minded people, environment conservation enthusiasts and our trusted team of vets and paravets – to be able to help animals and environment- two subjects we are both passionate about.

We are NOT a RESCUE SERVICE or a HOSPITAL or an ANIMAL AMBULANCE SERVICE, but we trust ourselves to be able to guide you in the best possible way we can if your intent is to help animals and those who look after them. For those of you who don’t like animals and think this planet is for humans alone, we will try our best to transform you and introduce you to the animals, make you understand their behavioral traits and also the laws of the land and directives from Government Institution, including the Honorable Courts, that have time and again stood by animals.

Jaagruti™ : ‘An inspired awakening’

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead [US anthropologist & popularizer of anthropology (1901 – 1978)]

About the name ‘Jaagruti‘:

Jaagruti‘ is a word in Hindi (India’s national language) which has its origins in Sanskrit text.

Jaagruti means ‘to awaken’  or ‘awareness’ .

And if you read the intent and philosophy behind setting up Jaagruti in the lines below, you would understand that no other name could have done justice to the work we do and aim to do.

About Jaagruti’s Logo:

Combined with TM-Jaagruti_Hindi English logo with punchline

Our logo epitomises the intent behind this initiative.

The ‘pugmark’ and the ‘leaf‘ in the logo is symbolic of Jaagruti’s objective to spread awareness on environmental and animal issues to people across all sections of the society, the informed as well as un-informed, the converted as well as the layman.

“The hardest struggle of all is to be something different from what the average man is.”- Charles M Schwab

We understand that the majority of people in this world mock at those who sincerely work for such causes and often the people who are keen on doing something feel disillusioned and helpless, we promise to mentor and guide you with all we possibly can so that you never feel alone in your fight to make this world a better and kinder place.

The torch/baton of flame’ in our logo is symbolic of our intent to be the catalysts that can inspire and empower  individuals to take informed action to solve problems that they face/are facing/wish to rectify on their own. For we believe that a positive and enthusiastic attitude to tackle any situation head-on causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is this attitude that acts as a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results.

We believe in making an effort- success or failure is not the parameter by which we judge anybody or any action of ours or theirs. As is said, there are no failures, just experiences that make up our life.

William Arthur Ward once said, that “The greatest failure is the failure to try”

Take a little step forward. Be the change!

Our philosophy:

Jaagruti is the beginning of a dream that aims to be a movement that would inspire people to ‘be the change that they wish to see in the world‘ and follow their heart and take best action at an individual level for the benefit of all beings in the society, and also the flora and fauna which co-inhabit this planet of ours.

Often just giving something our best is often the best we can do to lead a contended life.

Though at times, when we fight to remove and rectify the ills in the society, our best may still not be good enough but still perseverance pays and it is the action and approach we take that counts the most than the results that come out of it.  We all learn through trials and errors and it is only when every individual feels empowered to act on one’s own would this world would become a better and a kinder place to live in.

‘Life is too short to wake up with regrets, so love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t.

Believe that everything happens for a reason.

If you get a chance, take it.  If it changes your life, let it.

Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it!’

– Harvey Mackay

* If you have any further queries about ‘Jaagruti’ , you may please write to us contact@jaagruti.org


Vasudha Mehta

Founder-Trustee, “JAAGRUTI”

51 Comments on “About ‘Jaagruti’

  1. It was heartening,interacting with such a committed persona such as Vasudha Mehta. However one hopes that post bite,there could be specific info abt the kind of vaccines and dosage on your website.Also your vets online did not work.All the best.


    • Thank you. What is the vets online thing that you refer to below? Please let us know and we will check on it. As far as I am aware, we have just one link like this in our blogrolls which is http://www.mypetsdoctor.com/

      We are sorry we can’t be putting any names or rates of vaccines on our website as that would amount to advertising a brand, we can only give those details by checking with vets and paramedics on specific requests, like we did when you wished to know more about the same the other day. We wish your dog a long healthy life and a speedy recovery from that bite he got.


  2. I appreciate your work..i am a final year LAW student & paralegal assistant .. i am raising voice against Cruelty towards stray dogs in pune’s residential society’s.. i would like to join you for the same cause for which you are working ..


  3. Would love to help in any way I can for the great cause. I’m based in te US but recently visited india and am broken hearted for the sweet street dogs:( I would really like to help in Any way possible and be in touch about new laws or advancements made against animal cruelty and starvation. Thanks


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  5. hi vasudha,
    is there any way i could be a part of jaagruti and give my contribution to this great work,,waiting desperately for ur reply



    • Just volunteer your time and efforts to this cause near your area, thats the best help…Jaagruti doesnt need any voluntary contributions, we ourselves still remain a brother sister team doing our own bit


  6. hi but dogs are still relocated without any permission or any proper way to new areas and this is done by municipal workers themselves, please try to educate or inform concerned authorities about this problem.Especially municipal sweepers and municipal veternary dept people.


  7. Hi I am a resident of Vashi Navi Mumbai. There is this stray dog (female) white with brown spots who has been bit right at the back portion by dogs from the other areas. The wound looks quite deep. You will find her in Sector 9 A Vashi near Candida and Jai Shilpa / Ashirwad Societies. She is in deep pain and goes on licking her wound now and then. If some thing can be done to save her it will be a great blessing to you all. I had earlier also sent an email on 2nd May 2014 for a stray dog of JN-4 society opp Lakshdeep Society. Thanks for the timely assistance and by noon the dog was taken away. Please help.


  8. what are your resources on waste paper recycling both commercial & industrial ?


  9. What is your stand on kids often getting mauled by strays? How do we protect our kids? Do you believe we should protect them at all? or as dogs are territorial we should refrain from going into stray dog’s territory? Do you see a ‘PRACTICAL’ solution?

    How do you see The Mahatma’s opinion (a sample statement from The Mahatma)

    “I am therefore strongly of the opinion that if we practice the religion of humanity we should have a law making it obligatory on those who would have dogs to keep them under guard and not allow them to stray and making all stray dogs to be liable to be destroyed after a certain date.”

    Please note: I am not asking you what the law says here.. only the principle and a solution to an existing issue.


    • We believe it is upto the parents to teach their kids and even themselves the Do’s and Don’ts of behaving around animals including street dogs. The incidents of dog attacks or even wild animal attacks on humans are instigated by ‘human provokation and ignorance of the fact that every specie deserves respect and territorial freedom’. This is what our stance is and we make all efforts we can to reach out to children and adults alike and distribute/discuss such Do’s and Don’ts with them.


      • Thanks for the reply. You reply hasn’t covered the second part (Your opinion on The Mahatma’s comments).
        However, your reply to the first part can only be executed partly. First of all I wish to mention that I am not against animals, far from it I am for providing protection to all animals.
        We need to protect human beings, especially defenceless kids as well. The approach I see with most animal protection groups is once sided and biased. People who are aware can teach their children do and don’ts and the fact is most adults are not aware of them. Please note that is a lot of compassion, for every person who throws a stone at a stray animal, there are at least 5 who feed them and 10 who are neutral. Still animal behaviour can be unpredictable and kids being kids can also be impulsive and when frightened say, by a pack of dogs coming after them, will freeze, howl or run. As much as we cannot punish an animal and protect from harmful human beings, humans, especially kids need to be protected against aggressive animals. You cannot punish a kid and take his life because he/she did not follow ‘Dos and Don’ts. These stray animals also potentially attract wild animals into human populace. I know as my son was attacked by a dog when he was hanging from a bar in the park, and from nowhere a dog pounced on him. It was thanks to some people around he was saved. He was 3 then. No amount of Dos and Don’ts work here. I still do not carry hatred, but can we be more pragmatic?
        Territorial freedom for animals can be ensured in the wild not in towns and cities. That is a fact.
        Nevertheless I would like to see your Dos and Don’t’s if you can publish them or point me to a link.


  10. I left a comment that was under ‘moderation’ last evening. I find that it has been deleted today. The comment was in no way derogatory. It might have been uncomfortable as this puts another perspective. Can I understand why it was deleted? Is that how comments that do not agree with you are treated?


    • We have not deleted it, it is still under moderation. We are busy with our First Aid and Treatment camp for street dogs in North west Delhi and thus have not been able to draft replies to comments. Give small teams like us some time to respond to comments as we are in the field mostly and not online managing blogs.


  11. Dear Moderators, What happened to my comments that were under moderation for a couple of weeks now? Please note, a reply from you can take its time, I am only expecting it to be published even if that is uncomfortable as long as it is not derogatory. Mine wasn’t..You can reply to my email if you need to discuss this or clarify anything.


  12. Your paper recycling initiative is commendable, and very sustainable. It does not appear to be profit seeking and that makes it even better. Can this be extended to other places and communities? Like IT parks where the used paper can be collected? Do you have plans on recycling or harnessing energy from other waste products?


  13. On the day of The Mahatma’s birth anniversary, a person who stood up for truth in addition to ahimsa can I request you to address or at least publish all my posts including your reaction to The Mahatma’s opinion on his view I sent before ?


    • We suggest you start blogging your views on a separate forum to invite more discussion on the subjects. We have approved all the comments posted by you but hardly have the time to engage into discussions. We believe in work on the ground than discourses virtually.


  14. Do u hv any contact no.??? How can we contact u in case of any injured or maggot infested dog


    • On-site First Aid has its limitations. For any place far off from our base, to schedule treatment visits there, we would need local caretakers to take the responsibility of locating and restraining her when we visit, for the length of her treatment (we will only visit regularly for 3-5 days till maggots are cleaned), feeding oral medication and application of topical medicines to her thereafter will be the caretakers responsibility as well. If you can take that responsibility we can come tomorrow morning else you would do well to atleast go and sprinkle Negasunt powder liberally on the wound daily for 3 days or so to begin with and then read this https://jaagruti.org/2013/08/06/treating-dogs-with-maggot-infestations/. You can share pics and we will guide u every step of the way as we are doing with so many currently knowing very well that we cannot go everywhere. https://jaagruti.org/first-aid-and-vaccination-service-for-street-dogs-animals/


  15. Hi team,
    in my locality i found a dog who was badly injured.I could not see it, people living in that area had pricked its eye and a big blob of blood had been formed there, but because i am in contact with some ngo so i called those people to take the poor thing and get it cured. But later when the NGO people came they could not find the dog , after inquiring i found that the dog had been killed , i was very sad as that dog never hurt anyone but he died a bad death, after that four dogs died mysterios deaths in my lane , continuously in a row………….


      • No i could not find out who did this.But these days people in my locality do not treat my dog in a bad way. Not actually my dog but i feed him regularly so he sits there only…..in front of my gate.These days i am fighting a lot , all those who even pick up a stone i scold them a make them flee. There are some children who start shouting even if they see don (my stray dog) from a distance , i have started yelling at them and telling them that they need a mental treatment. I know very well that this is a wrong way but all the people have left me with no choice.There are a lot of people in the world who teach to be kind and helpful towards the poor and the needy…….. but will the animals go to hell ? I think that if out of a thousand people in my locality if 1 or 2 stand up for animals there is no wrong.So i will fight if for the dogs i have to face the world i will face it…….I have infinity reasons to stand up for my dogs……


  16. Yesterday some people came in my school for a workshop. They told us that we should not buy pets from pet stores rather adopt them because the ‘puppy mills’ use inhumane ways of breeding dogs… if this is right please inform so that i encourage more and more people to adopt dogs………one child can make a huge difference :)


    • Yes Mrinal they were right…we should “adopt” and “not buy” pets. Which school are you in? Who came over for the workshop?


      • Hi team, sorry for replying late.Ummm…… i am in IX standard in Heritage school ,Jammu.
        I told you before hand also about the NGO i am working with, those people came for the workshop


  17. Hi mam, There’s a query and a problem…..
    There is a Bitch in my street who is fed regularly by me.But the problem is that these days many dogs have started coming to her and at night there are about 11 dogs in our street these dogs fight a lot with each other but because i have known these dogs for past 7-8 years i know their nature,so , i calm them and scare them…….. now all the dogs have fled but only one dog is left who is very aggressive……… now people here hit him hard with big stones and often discuss about displacing or poisoning him…… :(
    Though he is a very bad dog but afterall a dog and i can not withstand ANY thought of cruelty towards them………..and whats the worst part……. my own family is not supporting me !!!!!! They keep on saying that we live in a society so we have to live together …….. Now WHAT CAN I DO ?????

    The query was that i often print your articles and paste them on our street poles….hope it’s allowed


    • Mrinal, do you know any good veterinary surgeons in your city? If not find them and get both your female dog and this aggressive dog sterilized. This will ensure the bitch doesn’t have pups and the male dog calms down. Tell SOCIETY that doing any harm or killing relocation of the dogs is a CONTEMPT OF SUPREME COURT ORDERS PASSED ON 18 NOVEMBER 2015


  18. Hello Ma’am
    One query………. my stray dog has stopped eating EVERYTHING from past few days……………… what should i do


  19. Hello whoever is the controller of this web site. You have in detail given the judgements of the high court on feeding of stray dogs with news items on this. It has been mentioned in the 26th February guidelines of the animal welfare board of India that the person feeding the stray dogs has to do so in a place which is away from the residential area. He has help the authorities in sterilizing the street dogs. He is not allowed to feed dogs where children play, people take walk or the areas which are crowded.
    Now coming to the point, I am living in sector 3 r k puram . A number of people feed the stray dogs including one with whom I had a argument. This fellow was feeding dogs at 11 pm. It is in the middle of the coloney. People take a post dinner walk in the coloney. Now I think ha was not fully aware of the guidelines on feeding stray dogs. What can be done in such cases. The stray dogs are not allowing the children to play. They cannot cycle. We had a case of bites by dogs in our area. Who is to blame. That fellow feeds the dogs and closes the square gate so that he is safe but the other residents are vulnerable. On stopping he was ready to have do do hath. Once I called the MCD . They have a recourse crunch. They caught hold on bitch sterilized it and left it again in the area. Internet search will bring the enormity of the deaths by dog bites in India. Who is responsible for this. What is the amount of money spent on vaccination after dog bites. The public hospitals are already overloaded with other cases. This issues takes their time and money. Please take a serious view of this and advise what to do. Only making guidelines which are not followed and sufficient budget not being provided to the civic authorities is just not done.


    • Please do try and talk amicably with the dog feeder that you mention about above and share with him his responsibilities as a Street Dog feeder by sharing the above mentioned Animal Welfare Board of India, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate change, Government of India) circular regarding pet and street dogs :http://www.awbi.org/awbi-pdf/pet_dog_circular_26_2_2015.pdf.

      Also you should encourage street dog feeders in your area to work cohesively to sterilise and vaccinate street dogs in your area after partnering with local organisations that are aided by South Delhi Municipal Corporation to do this. There is no resource crunch…The crunch is on willingness to sit together and find a humane and amicable solution.


  20. Thanks for your appriciable work for street animals…….. Today i informed u about a pup and u gave your…..fast service which is brilliant……u sent a person to help us with in 30 minutes…..that pup is in relaxation mode but i ‘m hopping he’ll get well soon. .. 😞


  21. First of all Thanks to you because your chosen different type of issues, it’s a great….
    one more i have small dought.
    how to protect your vehicles from weather damages………


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