Contribute to JAAGRUTI

Since 2009, the year JAAGRUTI was formed, uptil August 2015, JAAGRUTI has remained a primarily self-funded trust, but, we are NOW seeking contributions to help sustain our efforts and expand our reach.

Would you like to contribute towards JAAGRUTI’s On-site First Aid Service for Street Dogs/Animals, so that we can continue to treat dogs and heal them on the street itself, rather than packing them off to the uncertainties of an animal hospital/shelter? OR if you would like to contribute towards our Street Dog Vaccination Drives or to help us run our dream project of a Mobile Surgical Unit – for the welfare of Street Animals OR towards our efforts to spread awareness/conduct workshops on street animal welfare (animal laws and first aid) and waste management/recycling issues?

If your answer is YES and you believe in the merit of our Awareness efforts and On-site treatment, which is done with us being physically helped by the local caretakers/community members helping in identifying, locating, helping restrain the injured/unwell/wounded animal, day in and day out till they recover, then please find our Bank Transfer details below or you can also contribute online.


**Tax Exemption Status for ‘Jaagruti’: Donations to Jaagruti are entitled to tax-exemption under Section 12A and 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act 1961 vide Order No. NQ.DIT (E) I 2010-11/DEL- JE 22070-27072010/871


Account Name: JAAGRUTI

Bank Account Number (Current Account):1710002100550190


Bank Branch Name (with Code): (171000) LOCAL SHOPPING CENTRE, PITAMPURA



Please note: Request you to drop in a mail to when you make the RTGS transfer/NEFT transaction with your complete name, address, amount transacted (transaction reference number) and your PAN Card no. so that we can track the same and acknowledge it gratefully.

A donation receipt along with Jaagruti’s Tax Exemption Certificate would be duly e-mailed/couriered to you thereafter.

27 Comments on “Contribute to JAAGRUTI

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  10. hello sir
    I have a street dog as a pet.. off late his skin near is stomach and penis is getting black.. can u plz advice some remedy for it.. I and Jacky (my pet) would grateful


  11. I want to join jaagruti and help street dog but i have time only in sunday can i join your team and help road side dogs….


  12. I want to join you .. kindly tell me the procedure .. if you can give me any no. then please .. my contact no 9891417728


  13. hi team only sterilization for roadside animals or provide shelter with food is there for animals .plz reply so that i can join


  14. Sir, todat my dog trying to bite me.I think he didn’t bite me but i have some injury on right hand. I don’t know is my dog bite me. Please tell me what i do for this. Please help me.


    • Get your dog sterilized, sterilization by a good veterinary surgeon….that will help calm your dog’s tempers down…why did the dog bite/try to bite you?


      • Sir my dog was trying to bitr me because he was trying to run on street road. Because of this he will gets accident thats why i was trying to control on him. Then he was trying to bite me.


  15. Heyy…so there is this person whom I doubt on near my colony where my grandparents the thing is , one day I was passing by the colony and I found a small Pomeranian street dog with a small guy walking on the road..i was just laughing n talking to him suddenly he asked me if i would take the dog with me i already had a pet I couldnt..i asked him from where did he get , as that small boy was poor that im sure he wouldn’t have afforded to buy one.. he told me that there’s this guy in our lane who always takes dogs, gets them crossed and sell it to the shops and if they won’t give babbbies or if there’s anything wrong then he would kill them and that guy bought dog for 1000 rs. There used to be a little chuaavaa in that lane he used to take care of itt..after a couple of days i couldn’t find it.. after 6 months maybe.. I wanted to file a compliant but I dont have any proof ..


    • Connect with an animal welfare activist in your area or write about this on Animal centric facebook groups working in your city. Seems there is a breeding racket going on!


  16. i have many innovative ideas regarding animal-welfare, nest-making and theme-based tree-plantation etc.. call me 09425605432 Sumit kumar


  17. Hello,
    I want first of all THANK YOU from bottom of my heart and soul for helping a stray dog in Mumbai over your Phone Consultation. When nobody no Vet was ready to come to the apartment complex to look at the dog (since its stray and its Covid) you guys went in details over phone with us and provided the first aid for what we thought as Maggott but after consultation with you guys it was not and you provided the much needed treatment (Advice on what we can use to cure him). He is getting better and God bless you for what you are doing. Thank you again for your help and please keep this going as the stray dogs in India dont get any attention and lots of Indians hate these dogs for reasons known only to them.
    I wish you great success ahead in doing what you are doing a very Noble cause.
    Thank you!


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