Contribute to JAAGRUTI

Since 2009, the year JAAGRUTI was formed, uptil August 2015, JAAGRUTI has remained a primarily self-funded trust, but, we are NOW seeking contributions to help sustain our efforts and expand our reach.

Would you like to contribute towards JAAGRUTI’s On-site First Aid Service for Street Dogs/Animals, so that we can continue to treat dogs and heal them on the street itself, rather than packing them off to the uncertainties of an animal hospital/shelter? OR if you would like to contribute towards our Street Dog Vaccination Drives or to help us run our dream project of a Mobile Surgical Unit – for the welfare of Street Animals OR towards our efforts to spread awareness/conduct workshops on street animal welfare (animal laws and first aid) and waste management/recycling issues?

If your answer is YES and you believe in the merit of our Awareness efforts and On-site treatment, which is done with us being physically helped by the local caretakers/community members helping in identifying, locating, helping restrain the injured/unwell/wounded animal, day in and day out till they recover, then please find our Bank Transfer details below or you can also contribute online.


**Tax Exemption Status for ‘Jaagruti’: Donations to Jaagruti are entitled to tax-exemption under Section 12A and 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act 1961 vide Order No. NQ.DIT (E) I 2010-11/DEL- JE 22070-27072010/871


Account Name: JAAGRUTI

Bank Account Number (Current Account):1710002100550190


Bank Branch Name (with Code): (171000) LOCAL SHOPPING CENTRE, PITAMPURA



Please note: Request you to drop in a mail to when you make the RTGS transfer/NEFT transaction with your complete name, address, amount transacted (transaction reference number) and your PAN Card no. so that we can track the same and acknowledge it gratefully.

A donation receipt along with Jaagruti’s Tax Exemption Certificate would be duly e-mailed/couriered to you thereafter.

15 Comments on “Contribute to JAAGRUTI

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  10. hello sir
    I have a street dog as a pet.. off late his skin near is stomach and penis is getting black.. can u plz advice some remedy for it.. I and Jacky (my pet) would grateful


  11. I want to join jaagruti and help street dog but i have time only in sunday can i join your team and help road side dogs….


  12. I want to join you .. kindly tell me the procedure .. if you can give me any no. then please .. my contact no 9891417728


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