Reporting a Crime: All about lodging an F.I.R with the Police

This post is a much needed compilation we did using the information available on and, so that people who wish to report animal-related crimes and/or are facing instances of criminal intimidation and harassment from neighbours/RWAs/fellow society people (meted out to those who fight for animal rights, feed/take care of neighbourhood dogs and animals) – can also learn the intricacies behind filing a complaint at the local Police Station, be it an FIR or Police Complaint.

*We thank and for their exhaustive work and acknowledge their work and credit all information taken below, except for minor edits and additions done at a few places, to them.

How to file an F.I.R (First Information Report)

  • Technically an F.I.R refers to the information on the commission of an offence given to a police officer by the first informant. In other words, it is basically a complaint document that sets the provisions of the criminal law in motion.
  • To begin with, it is important to primarily understand the difference between Cognizable and Non-Cognizable offences. And F.I.R is filed for cognizable offences.
  • Under the Criminal Procedure Code, commonly known as CrPC, a cognizable offence allows the police to directly register an F.I.R and immediately begin investigation. The accused can also be arrested without a Warrant. Rape, murder, kidnapping and theft are examples of offences that fall into this category.
  • In a Non-Cognizable Offence, the police will require the permission of the court to register a case or investigate. The accused cannot be arrested without a Warrant and the offence is bailable. Examples of non-cognizable offences include criminal intimidation, trespassing, making a public nuisance of oneself, misappropriation of property, physical assault, forgery, causing simple hurt, and simple cheating.

The difference between an F.I.R and a Police Complaint OR the limitations behind lodging an F.I.R are as follows:

An F.I.R can only be filed for a cognizable crime. In the event someone is trying to file an F.I.R for a crime that falls in the non-cognisable category it is the duty of the police to listen to them, enter the matter in their daily register or dairy, give the person a signed copy of the entry made (as proof of the matter being recorded) and direct them to the closest or appropriate magistrate. The signed copy of the entry made by the police is free of cost and is a right to receive. The police may not investigate a complaint even if you file a FIR, when: (i) The case is not serious in nature; (ii) The police feel that there is not enough ground to investigate. However, the police must record the reasons for not conducting an investigation and in the latter case must also inform you. — [Section 157, Criminal Procedure Code, 1973]

Do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while filing a Police Complaint/F.I.R

Details to give when filing an F.I.R: If you are a victim or witness of a crime give clear descriptions of all that you experienced, saw or remember. If you are filing an FIR for a crime that you have second hand knowledge of, then report exactly what you were told or what you heard. Information should never be exaggerated or false. Important details to include are the date, time, location and a description of the culprits or people involved. The sequence of events that occurred and details of what each person did or said

What to do when the police refuse to file F.I.R:

If you are reporting a cognisable crime and the police refuse to register your FIR, you can make a complaint to a higher ranking officer such as the Superintendent of Police (SP)/SHO (Station House Officer of Local Police Station), the Deputy Inspector General (DIG)/ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police)/DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) or the Inspector General of Police (IGP)/CP (Commissioner of Police).

You can also complain to the nearest judicial magistrate, who will order the police to register the FIR if deemed necessary. Ensure that you get a receipt of your complaint being registered. (This means a stamped receiving given by the authority on the photocopy of your complaint)

You can also…

  • Send your complaint in writing to the Superintendent of Police (SP)/SHO of the Local Police Station by Registered Post Acknowledgement Due (Regd. Post AD).
  • Make a written complaint to the concerned State Human Rights Commission or the National Human Rights Commission that the police are not doing their duty of enforcing the law or that they are being negligent, biased or corrupt.

Things you must not do:

  • Never file a false complaint or give wrong information to the police. You can be prosecuted under law for giving wrong information or for misleading the police.—[Section 203, Indian Penal Code 1860]
  • Never exaggerate or distort facts.
  • Never make vague or unclear statements.

Process Flow of filing an F.I.R:

1. It must be filed immediately. If there is any delay, mention it in the form.

2. If given orally, it MUST be taken down in writing and explained to you by the officer in charge, at a Police Station within the jurisdiction of which the offence has taken place.

3. There should be four copies recorded simultaneously, with carbon sheets in place.

4. It must be recorded in first person. Do check in which language this needs to be done.

5. Make sure the officials’ attitude towards you is sympathetic and yours towards him/her is respectful.

6. Avoid complicated, technical words, terminologies and unnecessary details.

7. Try not to overwrite or score out words.

8. Ensure that the arrival/departure time is mentioned in the F.I.R and in the Daily Diary (DD) Register at the Police Station

9. It must contain authentic information, including these necessary bits of information:

– What information do you want to convey?
– In what capacity are you providing the information?
– Who is the perpetrator of the crime?
– Who has the crime been committed against – victim /complainant?
– When was it committed (time)?
– Where was it committed (specific place /locality/area)?
– Why do you think it was committed?
– Which way (actual process involved) was it committed?
– Were there any witnesses? (Names will be required here.)
– What were the losses? (Money /valuables/ possessions /physical damage etc.)
– What were the traces at the scene of the crime? (Weapons/evidence if any.)

10. After completion, you MUST carefully read the document and sign it.

11. It must be recorded by the officer in the book maintained for this purpose by the State Government.

12. You have the right to and must get a copy of it for your records.  You are not required to pay for the same.

13. You are not required by law to give an affidavit.


Department / Organisation: Police Department

Contact person: Police helpline 100.

Location: Find your local police station within your police jurisdiction on the map.

Note: Police Station located nearest to you may NOT be within the police jurisdiction where you need to report the offence. Be informed of your area police station beforehand.

Infographic Process Flow:

The procedure of filing an FIR is prescribed in Section 154 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973

Infographic Courtesy:

Infographic Courtesy:

Q and As about FIR

Who can lodge an F.I.R?

Any person who is aware about the offence can file an F.I.R. It is not compulsory that he should be an aggrieved person. Even a police officer can file an F.I.R. if he comes to know about any offence. The F.I.R. can be filed by various people like:

  • An aggrieved person.
  • A person who is aware about the facts of the crime.
  • A person who has seen a crime being committed.

2. When can I lodge an F.I.R?

You can lodge an F.I.R only in case of a cognizable offence.

cognizable offence is a criminal offence in which the police are empowered to register an F.I.R, investigate, and arrest an accused without a court issued warrant. Offences like murder, rape, kidnapping, theft, robbery, fraud, etc. are classified as cognizable offences.

non-cognizable offence is an offence in which the police can neither register an FIR, nor effect arrest without the express permission or directions from the court. Offences like simple hurt, verbal abuse, intimidation, defamation, misappropriation of property, physical assault, forgery, etc. are non-cognizable offences.

3. Where can I lodge an F.I.R?

To file an F.I.R, one has to go to the police station within the jurisdiction of which the cause of action arose or the offence took place.

4. How do I lodge an F.I.R?

  • To file an F.I.R, one has to go to the police station within the jurisdiction of which the cause of action arose or the offence took place.
  • Every piece of information relating to the commission of offence is to be given to the officer in-charge of the police station. If it is given orally to the officer, he shall reduce it to writing and read it over to the informant to confirm and verify the details.
  • Every such information has to be signed by the informant after which it is required to be recorded by the officer in a book maintained for this purpose as prescribed by the State Government.
  • The informant is entitled to receive a copy of the F.I.R free of cost.
  • If the officer in-charge of the police station refuses to record the information, you can send the substance of such information, in writing and by post to the Superintendent of Police (SP) concerned. The SP is required to start the investigation himself or direct any other officer subordinate to him to start the investigation.

5. Do I have to pay for lodging an F.I.R?

No. You do not have to pay a single penny to lodge an F.I.R. It is free of cost.

6. What are the things I should ensure while the F.I.R is being lodged?

While lodging an F.I.R you must ensure the following:

  • There should be four copies being recorded simultaneously, with carbon sheets in place.
  • Language is important. It must be recorded in first person.
  • Try not to over write or score out.
  • Try to use simple words.
  • Ensure that the arrival / departure time is mentioned in the FIR and in the Daily Diary Register at the Police Station
  • Carefully read the document before signing.

7. What do I do if the police department does not consider my F.I.R?

If the officer in-charge of the police station refuses to record the information, you can send the substance of such information, in writing and by post to the Superintendent of Police (SP) concerned. The SP is required to start the investigation himself or direct any other officer subordinate to him to start the investigation.

8. What happens to the F.I.R finally?

  • When there is sufficient evidence a CHALLAN is prepared.
  • When there is insufficient evidence, F.I.R is declared as UNNTRACEABLE.
  • When FIR is found to be false or is transferred to other Police Station on point of jurisdiction, it is declared as CANCELLED.
  • After registering the F.I.R the contents of the F.I.R cannot be changed. Only High Court can quash the F.I.R.

Please also see/refer to the following for more information on this subject:

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  3. I hv gone through carefully all content but nothing has been specified about the delivery of the copy of FIR alongwith relevant documents, to the accused or person against whom FIR lodged. I mean to say that in the eye of law whether or not an accused is entitle to take copy of FIR with relevant documents free of cost from Police or court. Or police must supply copy before investigation or interrogation with accused. Regards. R K VASHISTHA.


  4. I have a question about f.i.r …
    Actually i am working in a real estate group in vaishali gzb and i up and down daily from murad nagar which is so far from vaishali metro and my office timings is 10 am to 7 pm which is too much late for me, when i joined this company there is no commitment about timings issue like if i got late after 10 am then my salary will be detect but still during my interview i informed to my director that this office is too far for me so may be i will be a litte late.but now from last 2-3 months my office accountant bothering me and said this month i will deduct your 15 days salary because i am late 15 days this month and as he said to me finally he did so.and he gave to me only 15 days salary this month,while i worked full 30 days.
    so i just want to know that can i report against him and this office regarding this?? please give me some good suggestions what should i do..


      • sneha late comming is a wrong practice u improve it and for late every three late u will deduct o1 day sarary, and this will remain in future they can stop ur duty.



      • I am in a problem … I want a good suggestion from your side … I was working for a tourism company (KARNATAKA VACATIONS) July 4th 2017 to Feb 2ND 2018 .. after completing graduation I came to Bangalore to search a well as I got job in a tourism company.. I was working as a cab executive.. at that time my boss was very close to one ex employee of that company.. one of our driver told tht boss & she is having affair.. however I dint care about his words .. one day I got clash with that same girl and she told I have all the capacity to throw you out from your job by influencing your boss .. even I m short tempered .. I also raised by her words and I told her ” you just concentrate on the rumours about you & boss .. all drivers are laughing at you and one of our driver told tht you people having affair” thts it …!! She recorded all my conversation and sent it to my boss .. now he is not giving my one month salary for this issue .. he is asking me to go to office and collect the salary .. but I don’t have dare to go .. my sister also called him and asked him to give salary but he told I’ll not give now .. if your sister come here then our driver will beat her. Even I can’t suit against him .. bcz I don’t have enough money to fight .. he should pay 8500.. my relatives are saying that don’t fight with rich people jus for 8500 .. but my fault was nothing .. still why should I keep quiet 😥 .. please give me good suggestion.. I have recorded calls of my colleagues which are all saying tht I was not wrong ..
        With Regards


    • Dear Sneha,
      First and foremost, what is mentioned in your appointment letter & company policy regarding attendance? Usually, companies deduct 1/2 day salary for every three days late coming but few companies illegally have started making policies as per their whims & fancies and are deducting one day salary. Infact, it’s not the salary which is deducted but your leaves (paid/sick) which are deducted. Now that would mean that if your office time is 10am and you are reaching at 10:15am everyday, for three days, you total late coming time is 45minutes but the company is deducting one day salary. I don’t think it’s justified or legal in any way. These timings, deduction etc can only be justified where companies also pay overtime for late sitting. All this system has been copied from factories working system and blindly put into corporate practice. Until you raise a voice & threaten legal action, they’ll continue to do so. And remember, unless you’ve signed on any such document/ policy, it doesn’t matter whatever they do in four walls of the room. It can’t be legally applied to any employee.



    • Remedy for Sneha by S.K.Sharma, Adv.


      I do not know as to whether you are still working with the same company or not. As I have seen your plight only today incidentally, I’m offering the suggestion to this effect. However,if my suggestion is still of any interest you can go ahead other wise you can discard and forget.

      You will to ensure as to whether the Co. has provided with any terms and conditions about your duty in the company to this effect.

      Has the company issued any memo./show cause notice to this effect that failing which they are likely to cut a wage as you indicated in your query.

      Without telling the above very basic principles of labour the Co. has absolutely no right,title or interest in any manner whatsoever.

      Moreover, you should have told the co. very clearly and that too in writing with a copy of endorsement of receipt of the same from the Co. certainly if you had done this much the co. could not have deducted your salary to this effect. Any way if you are working with the Co. you can do so without further delay.

      You can represent to the administrative head of the co. for the above grievance and request for the redressal of your grievance explaining the circumstances which caused the problem and have a copy of the representation received from the mailing or the appropriate authority who is suppose to receive the representation or the incoming mail of the co.

      Post/submit a reminder after 15 days if the co. does not listen or gave back to due. I hope the problem will be solved. If the problem is not still solved you can approach the labour commission with the help of a representation coupled with all the documents on the basis of which you are basing the claim. The LC will issue a notice and definitely resolve the matter and you will get your due with dignity.


    • Ms. Sneha
      well, you could complain to Regional Labour Commissioner. This is an offence under labour law. They wll take care of issue. however, i am not sure of your work environment post complanit
      Adv. Aiyer VLV


  5. Hi All,
    I read everything about FIR, but wanted to know one thing specific. Is it mandatory that a court case or a trial follows up after lodging an FIR?

    I have an incident that my ex-boyfriend (with whom I broke up 6 months before the incident) was repeatedly following me wherever I went and trying to get back in touch with me, even after carefully explaining him that he and I cant be in touch anymore. So because he created a scene in public, I filed an FIR against him at a local police station, which was successfully recorded.

    The question arises that will there be a court case after this, because I don’t want my family to be a part of it and get involved, because they have no idea about it.

    Also my ex have not tried to get back after this.

    Please provide guidance on this.

    Also, if there is a chance of a possible court case/ trial, do we have an option to close it?

    Your earliest response awaited.


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    • Go to police station of your area, and tell them everything and tell them I need your help and tell police to speak with that that person on call and tell him to return the money.
      Before going to poilce , tell that person to deposit 2000 rs in your bank account and even if he will deposit 50 or 100 less you will file a complaint against him and you will call him from police station directly to get the remaining amount. He will return your money in bank account.
      Don’t take money in hand tell him to deposit or transfer to account. And record a call on phone with him as evidence that he ows you 2000 rs.
      I did the same and got my 2500 rs from an agent before lauging a complaint.


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  8. Sir/ madam
    Just suggest me some suggestions related to my neighbour who always try to search new ideas for fight with us..
    Hum bahut preshan hai because humare neighbour humesha gali m pani pani kr dete h jise hume ane jane m preshani hoti h or kam se kam 1 ganta pani gali m chla k rakhte h apni gadi dhone k liye or kuch bolo unko to ldne k liye tayar rehte h or abusing language use krte h subah sham dono tym aisa hi krte h. Isi wajah se tension b bahut rehti h or kuch bolo to faltu ki dhamkia deta rahta h idiot.
    Pls suggest me some suggestions.


  9. Hello Sir,Madam.
    My name is Ravi Gupta.I am B.A Passed searching for the job.
    I have been cheated by placement for providing me job.
    I had paid 1400 for the job but still now jobless roaming here and there for job.
    Even paid 1000 to one of the agencies.
    what should i do for such organization and agencies as i m very aggressive in nature.
    So kindly help me out on same for legal advice or i might do something due to frustration as i cant tolerate such fraud and cheating.


      • Yes Sir i had but in that they already mention it will b refund after 30 to 45 days and even they had charge 600 more in the name of training which they telling non refundable.If they r not providing job so they should return whole amount but they r refusing for doing so.Can i FIR complaint of cheating in the name of job .


  10. Sir,
    I got married last year on 2nd may 2014.. The girls lower part was totally burned wereas we were told before marriage that she is slightly burned, they cheated us. Anyhow i dint complained for that.

    Before marriage i clearly told the girl that my salary is not sufficient enough to lead a luxury life & i want my life partner also to work and earn to support me. Before marriage she said she also wants to work & she have no problem in working. But after marriage she totally changed her words she dint even tried to face an interview. After few months of marriage she started fighting with me making 1 or the other reason and went back to her native. They created a big sceane infront of my home there insulted my parents & warrned that if i wont go back home within 10days they will do something bad to my parents. So i have to leave the job and go back home still the girl is not ready to come back and they have filled a false case against me saying i tried to kill her.
    I’m bankrupt now, i don’t have job also to fight for the case. Actually they have cheated us 420 case can be filed against her and her parents but that too needs money which I’m unable to arrange.
    Now please suggest what should i do now how can i come outta all this.?

    Thanks & regards


      • Nothing will work today i was called up to the police station because they have given a good amount to the police man as a bribe. They know very well that i don’t have any money to file a case against them. They played very smartly on weddin the expenses was only 1.5 lac and now they want me to give them 7lac as elmeni that too within a month. I’m totally stuked now don’t know what to do.
        Just because of the currept Police (public servants) people like me have to suffer.
        It seems like it’s better to suffer then to fight against the wrong thing. Just because she is a girl she have taken an advantage & me being bankrupt have to suffer.
        It’s true that “Money talks every thing else walks”


    • Sec 468 cr.p.c. if offence is punishable upto 3 yrs imprisonment than limitation period is 3 yrs from the date of commission of offence


  11. Hello,

    Friend of mine was arrested in the last month and FIR had been lodged against him U/S 295(A), 452, 143, 144,147, 148, 149, 427, 37(1), 135, he was in police custody for 1 week and then he got judicial custody so, we forwarded bail application and he got bail. but the charges which police station framed was malicious and wronged because when incident happened at time he wasnt present there but still he was in custody, my question was whether in this case police can out of court settle the matter and how, because still charges hasnt framed, then what will be the role of police, how can my friend come out of this totally without any trial , is there any rights to the superior police incharge of police station, who can withdraw his charges, if yes, then how should we ? kindly consider this as a request.


    • 1. Police can remove charges if witnesses give statement u/s 161 crpc in ur favour .if statement of witnesses lacks of essential of offences in which fir lodge then police can remove some sec of ipc from challan.

      2.Setting with police official.


  12. SIR


    • Respected authorities, I am a student presently studying in Bangalore, I am facing a complicated problem wherin my previous roommates have cheated on me by not returning my deposit amount of 25K. I have no information about the broker through which most of the transaction had taken place. The two of.them have tricked me in such a way that I have no written recipt of the money payed and now they are avoiding me in all possible ways and not taking the matter seriously.
      The duo mentioned earlier are residents of Assam and manipur. As I know very little of the legal procedures, I would like some advice to go about this problem.
      Please help.


  13. Sir/Mam,
    There is a need of legal advice as the case is,I have given one lakh rupees to one of the person for some medical issue of his family and that person is my client/customer,As I am working in a Stock Broking company and he has opened his dmat & trading account in our company last year and due to this our relation grows up by day to day meeting in my office as hi visit was on daily basis during market hour.Last year I have sold my home town village land and planning to buy a house from that amount last year as he know many good brokers of land that’s why I have asked him regarding planning to buy house in a city.After one week suddenly he requested me to give him one lakh rupees for some medical urgency /operation for his wife as he know very well that I had fund at that time,I have given him and asked to do notarised agreement for this amount and he was agreed and made a notarised agreement for this,After three months I have asked to refund my amount then he is taking me lightly and always replied me you will get it soon don’t worry for that.And the main turning point is that one day I have searched my Axis Bank cheque book in my office drovers as I always keep my unsigned cheque book and important documents in my office table drovers and that cheque book was of my previous company salary accounts cheque book as I have not done done any transactions after leaving my previous company and I was totally shocked when I couldn’t able to find that chequebook in my drovers,I have visited Axis Bank and narrated regarding missing of my cheque book and given application.for stop payment but they were not accepted that because my axis bank account was running in minus 8755/- and that bankers was asking to deposit that minus amount then only they will ready to accept stop payment request of all cheques,then after getting this reply from banker I have lodged a FIR in nearest police station,one day I have got a call from city kotwali and that police person was told me that there is a FIR lodged against you for 420 and told me the person name who has lodged it and the person name was same whom I have given amount as a loan,that police man asked me to come to police station and told me that you have given him cheque but that cheque was bounced after listening this I have narrated all the things which I have mentioned above but he was using unusable words and ask to come there,By this incidence it was completely confirmed that the person who has stolen my cheque book was the same person whom I have given the amount as a loan ,Now the matter stands that person is doing blackmailing me and doing mentally harassment and telling that I am not going to refund you the amount do what ever you will do,and also telling me If I will ask for refund of that amount then he will do case and by using his source police will arrest me,I am totally disturbed and cant able to see any path,please guide me what should I do and how I will get back my money from him…….


  14. Hello Sir,
    Is there any way we could file an FIR for morphing a picture of my friend in the year 2011 ? The picture is now removed from all the web searches but can we file a case and find out the one responsible


    • This cannot be done now as 2011 is long gone and there are no photos online now. However you can try requesting help from Cyber Crime Cell to suggest you options you could explore on this.


  15. Officially I have visited a town and provided need based report to the top management. So management asked him to respond. He responded immediately by defaming my name through bringing my personal habits, like smoking and drinking. What kind of action I can take on him for destroying my name in front of juniors. I had a email copy of that. Kindly suggest


  16. Hello
    I have lost a very important pen drive around 3 weeks back, continued searching for it for those 3 weeks but could not find it. I suspect that our maid (who left work after this incident) stole it but don’t have 100% confirmation or evidence.
    Is it enough to file a daily dairy report regarding the pen drive lost to protect myself from any misuse of the pen drive??
    Thanks in advance


  17. Thanks a lot. I saw a rash driving about to hit a person, while walking past, advised him that it was a not a highway, for which the driver and accomplice got off the car and trashed me left right and center. Someone big man has come for them and they again trashed me resulting in material and physical damage to me. I identified the two of the assaulters and there is no trace of the third one .I have bruises all over, Ribs in pain, my spectacles and watch destroyed and great emotional trauma. I am not a citizen of India.. I am told later that a petty case has been filed ! I am not given any FIR information. I read in some websites that Article 14 does not apply to me!. Any advise ..All I get is fake sorry for those assualters who are also shielding the actual goonda they have called.


    • Kindly read Article 14 of Indian Constitution, it is highly improbable to say that it does not applies to you. Article 14 itself speaks volume that “The state shall not deny ANY PERSON equality before law”.. so basically it talks about any person and not citizen of any country… you give e written complaint to Police Inspector of concerned Police station, if he does not entertain, send a copy to superintendent and Commissioner of police through Registered Post. If still they do not take any cognizance, you can file a writ before competent high court having jurisdiction over the territory where the incident took place….


  18. my anti is always threatening me and my family that I will file a case against you. she is forcing us to leave land. she also speak me that my father is a lawyer.
    actually I want to know that if I will make any video or recording voice by mobile phone . can I give this video as a evidence to the police. Is this legal?


  19. How many original copies of FIR can be obtained from the police.

    Because my best friend have two accidental polices from sbi, icici and 3 LIC policies. He recently met in an accident and died. It was registered by the police and his family received the FIR copy (Single copy). When her family tried to claim the policies, all are asking for original FIR copies.

    1) Is it possible to get multiple copies of FIR for this purpose, if so please tell how to approach for this.
    2) Is there any time frame to get the copies because it is already five months over.
    Pl. Help


  20. Hi im Aparna, my grandma is a resident of neb sarai, yesterday my grandma who is nearly 80 yrs old was going from her place to my mom place in the lane when she was passing thru one boy was feedng street dogs n when she passed from there he provoked dogs n they hv bite my grandma nearly 5-6 dogs were der she is badly injured and dat boy strtd laughing at my grandma.. those dogs hv bite other people as well.. i want someone to take away those dogs from here n also log a Complaint against dat boy.. plz sugst me wat shud i do…


    • It wasn’t the dog’s fault! Was it? The boy provoked them and instigated them….lodge a complaint against the boy. Dogs can only be picked up for sterilization and vaccination.


  21. I have got a MOU with clean trust india kolkatta on feb15,deposited 37000 via RTGS from Bhubaneswar, till after several reminder phone call,mail the proprietor of the company shabanta har didn’t respond and not returning my money,it has been mentioned the legal part will be handled at Kolkatta, I m moving with some financial problems, how can this be solved
    S r rath


  22. Dear sir/madam,
    I am from Goa.I had paid 2.5 lak rupees three months back to a lady in Mumbai for the purpose of a job abroad.til now she has not provided me the job and is also not returning my money back. I don’t HV written proof from her that she had taken money from me but I have recorded telephone conversations with her in which she has agreed that she has taken money from me and will return it to me if she doesn’t get me a job.

    Can I file a police complaint?on the above basis will I get my money back?

    Pls help


  23. hi
    my self ashish
    from ny room 3 handset was theaf by unown person but when i m go to fill fir then police refuse me and told every day mobile lost by people then can i raise fir of every one.
    plz sujjest me other online route to file fir


  24. I have filed a civil case against my neighbor as he is running a illegal factory. Police also support him as he is close neighbor of the area MLA. To take revenge he registered false FIR’s against me and police also registered the same without any proof. Now I am facing difficulties to take the character certificate as i got a few jobs. What should i do now so that i can get the cerificate easily and soonly.


  25. Hello, not sure if I can post this issue of mine here. But hopefully it is the right platform to get right information . I lost my cellphone in december 2014,I went to station to file a report. My phone is an expensive one so crime branch has to deal with it.with great difficulty and continuous pleading after 3 days they accepted to register an FIR.They manipulated my statement in manyways for FIR as per their convenience . I did all that. Coz I need my phone and FIR to claim my mobile insurnce. They said they wouldgive final report in 40 to 60 days stating status.Now it is July, they neither helped me with finding my phone nor are they giving final report . I need final report to claim insurance. What should I do ? Isthere not any mandatory specified period for the police to do their investigation and give final report ?Or is it like they can take whole life time in investigation ? What should I Do now?. Pleas help me.


  26. Can you guide me About an issue ? One of my friend has been put in jail against the FIR IPC 409, but police is not ready to show any kind of order or warrant issued by court though it has been launched 10 months before arrest. He was totally unaware about even the FIR. And No documents are submitted yet by police, my lawyer tried to take out the seizing report and forwarding report also from the court… Now we can’t understand what should we do… Please guide


  27. Hi,
    I would like to share my experience that happened to me and want some suggestions from you. I went to Sbi branch in Odisha where my mother is having her account. She has lost her passbook and wanted to issue for a duplicate one for which the clerical guys urged me to file an FIR in a nearby Police Station. Unaware of the fact i along with my mother went to the Police Station. There we told them about the incident and asked them to register the FIR. The Inspector incharge told us to wait as it would take some time and went to his quarters. Then we told him we will return back after 1 hour. After returning back there was a male constable in front of the gate who told us that Inspector had gone somewhere and will return by evening 4pm(at that time it was around 2:30pm). Waiting for some time there arrives another lady constable …again we inquired about that Inspector…you wont believe what she told us “our Sir is sleeping and often he sleeps in these hours”. I was shocked but i somehow tolerated his ignorance …my mind struck why that male constable lied to me. Then my mother told we will wait till 4pm and if he doesnt come we will come tomorrow. At around 3:30pm that lady constable went to inspector’s quarters to call him. 4pm passed but both didnt show up. Empty handed we returned back home.

    2nd day i.e today morning at 11pm we again went to that Police Station. Police inspector along with some constable were standing , then my mother approach them ..they called me and gave me some money and bring one cigarette packet ..which i probably did..and then they told my mother to wait outside and called me inside instead. My instinct told me there’s something fishy going on so i recorded the audio of the full conversation between me and that Inspector.
    Fun fact: They asked me to bribe them which i completed denied ..acknowledged by my denial the Inspector got angry and said these lines and i quote ” i cant give the signatures, go and approach an IAS”…….and then i was like WHAT ??????
    I told everything about the incredible incidents happened inside to my mother and she told me not to give any money and we again went back home like that.
    We ran for 2 days simply did nothing and wasted our valuable time that too my mother ..she is teacher ..she had to take 2days leave for this silly matter. But now that i am having those recordings im a bit confused whether i should put a complaint or not…i was wondering those Police incharge are behaving like mafias..Today it was my day and maybe someday some other guy may face similar situations..and this needs to be stopped in my perspectives.
    Suggest me what shall i do next ??
    Thank You.


  28. I paid advance of 5 lakhs by bank transfer to person named saini of dristi foundation delhi for government nominated medical seat, as he said he is fixing such seats in medical colleges all over india,then after some days he said the seat wasn’t available so he will return money back it’s more than a week and there’s no response he keeps postponing the day or doesn’t attend the call,how to proceed against this person legally


  29. I was physically assaulted in 2011. Now police has called couple of days back for 1st hearing. I want to withdraw or close the case as I don’t want my career to get affected. I was d main victim in d case. I was hit on head by unknown miscreants outside my house in tumkur. So police have charged those people with 307. What shud I do? Procedure to get this closed please?


  30. Notice

    Wed, Aug 5, 2015

    This for all concerned to take action against law court planners for making laws that allowed robberys of my family and company PC.

    The law court has printed forms that if filled allows GOVERNMENT agencys and bureau to steal materials of value from private homes , banks , offices , cash from running business , etc.

    The law court is a multi billion dollar industry earning daily cash by illegal means and methods.

    I am private sector.
    I cannot wait for the staff of GOVERNMENT agencys and bureau to plan and dream of new methods to work out on a new entry.

    The girls and boys of GOVERNMENT sector and law court are always in ragging mood.

    Apply action for recovery and home delivery of my brand new PC with loss suffered.

    Sign – Ranjitji.


  31. recently 2 month later my sister suicided in house, before the incident she told to my mom about thy office staff are harrasing her she work in anti corruption burrea head quaters in hyderabad, their senior official officers are not answering about the harrasment of their staff ! but my sister didnt leaved any single clue (evidence),we dont have any support my dad is self employed (tea stall) n my dad is going to local police station to know the about the case but till now they didn’t filled accused person not investegating the case nearby 2 month thy tooked my sister phone also for clue(to check the last call voice record) till now they didn’t started investigation, so can anyone suggest me to take the further action on them.


  32. Once FIR is filed, then how to register it with court. Please inform.
    I have registered a NC with Pune Police, (kalam 155 Faujdari dand sanhita),
    What procedure should I follow to approach court.


  33. Sub: ST Certificates Obtained in Fraudulent Manner and gained Jobs in Govt Banks

    Respected sir,

    I would like to complain against a person who obtained ST Caste Certificate in a fraudulent manner and managed to secure Jobs in Various Public Sector banks.

    Sir, the person named SATHUPATI SUBBA RAO who is working as ASST Manager in ANDHRA BANK, Gudur, Warangal Dt. Was gained job in Andhra Bank under ST Category.
    But actually he was belong to OBC- mutrasi Community, with that OBC Community He was studied up to GRADUATION
    And now his two sons were also considered ST Category (by virtue of his father SATHUPATI SUBBA RAO ST Status) and gained Jobs as Bank Pos in various other public sector banks.

    Sir, I will give you original details of Sathupati Subba Rao and his educational details under he was in OBC Category- Mutrasi UNTILL 1988

    DOB: 15/12/1957






    H NO; 5-1-73/91

    PHONE: 040 24243002


  34. what is the implication or effect of lodging a case in a court of law and at the Same time lodging same in a police station with the aid of legal and judicial authority adumbrates please…


  35. my land property is illagly captured by a group of villagers , i had f.i.r to the local police station abt that issue its been 4 days but no action is taken by them till date so what should i do??
    is there any law by wich i could regain my property back in quick action?


  36. I want your help. I want to complent against police sub inspector. He is cheated me in relationship ans Now I am pregnant. He want too m abort this child and break up with me…plz tell me what can I do… Can complent against him or not.


  37. I was looking for a job in quikr one female by the name vanishni.Said that she is working for internationl jet air airport devanahalli. And need to recurit ground staff for the same. She asked me to do home based job. She will pay me once in a month. She also promised that she will pay for my Mobil bill too. But she refused to meet me. She asked to give an add in quikr and call candidates in my own cost. She spoke to them and told to pay 15 thousnd in her account and finally vanished. What shall i do now all are calling me.


  38. More over i got to know there are many other part time job seekers have trusted her call and worked but she did not pay any payment till now. Her number is97 03 602988 and her email id is now she is not picking any call of mine ar anybody. How to find her and locations. Don’t believe any add given in any online portal.


    • Dear All

      My Name is Amit Mishra I has been working for rajmala presmies co.opertvive housing society ltd. but i wrongly posted voucher 2 small amount for 1000/- but i said all of you soory and gave to wrinting letter. but Jul. 2015 Salry Deducietd 13000/- and aug. salary stoped for 8000/- and he said you will call at come handover the manager and received your money Seceretary Name: Narendra Sheety Mobile No. 9821125975 i had been last three month called up but not received my call and not reply whatup and other online He is Working Marine line At Hotel Name : New Vasant Lunch Home the sheth And rajmala Address Flat No. 902


  39. Hi,

    I just wanted to know if an FIR can be registered in the state where the actual offence did not happen?

    If not, then what are consequences on Police has to face of that particular state where they registered the FIR ?



  40. R/S,
    I lost my pen drive yesterday which was not encrypted or password protected and it has my personal and official data.
    What can i do to avoid a misuse of data? Should I lodge a complaint in police station?
    Please Reply..


  41. Respected sir
    Mai Atul , mere ek bahut karibi dost ne mujhe uske business mai investment karneke liye kaha , but investment karnese pehele maine use bahot bar uske business ke baremain pucha ki kya hai kaisa hai , par usne kuch bataya nahi , usne sirf e commerce se related hai bola aur agar merepe bharosa hai to invest kar . Ab vo mera karibi dost honeke kararan maine use cash me 100000 rs de diya ,uske bad usne bataya ki mere business ka nam Q- Net hai , jaisehi usne nam bataya maine use paise wapas mange to ab wo pise wapas nahi kar raha hai ,aur mera phone bi nahi uthata.
    Par jab wo mujhe business ke liye conveyance kar rahatha tabse paise wapas mangne tak ke sab phone calls ,whatsapp chat an Facebook chat maine save karke rakhe hai to kya mai consumer forum me jau ya court.
    Kya mere paise wapas mil sakenge.



  42. PPlease help me sir maine jobless honeke karan ye sab kiya. Aur paise interest se leke diye hai . Aur usne mere jobless honeka hi fayda uthaya hai.
    Aur ek am from Osmanabad(Maharashtra)
    Mrera dost from Bombay
    Aur ma Ine paise diye hai puna main.
    To mujhe kaha complaint karna padega.


  43. respected sir/mam
    my name is Denzel parmanand,
    i put up at shalimar garden with my mother as she is a single parent
    there been some incidents in since 17th august like someone in our apartment has been damaging my vehicle so badly in such way so i couldn’t to work,
    we have been living here from past 13years and no such things ever happened as i was studying at that time,
    so we complained in U.P. police staion near shiv chowk, they didn’t do such things to find out who did it, basically my scooter breaks were broken down completely, at that day , after almost 1 week its seat cover was viciously torn apart, my point is besides there are two proper gates for our parking vehicle in our apartment but still someone wants my maa nd me in harms way indirectly, at today’s date m parking my vehicle some place else just bcoz there is no one to look after such matter until there vehicles could be damaged
    so i would like to know that m working in the night shift in call center and my mother is a soft skill trainer for which she leaves in morning and come after i leave,
    is there any sort of a proper resolution where i can park my vehicle back where i used to and for my maa safety what is the best thing that can anyone suggest,
    i knw problems are much worse than mine but at the moment we are going through this for the first time
    will appreciate your response
    thank you


  44. Hi i m tamal.
    Agar koi compny koi karon nahi firvi mera 1month ka salary hold karta hai to me kaya koi fir kar sakta hu.agar kar sakta hu to kaise kiya karna hai plz plz rply me…


  45. Dear team,

    My signature was forged by my family in my absence… With Citibank for collecting title clearance documents, I had informed citibank not to hand over documents if my physical presence was not there by mail.

    My family members prepared a letter of authority , forged my signature and got the documents and remortgaged my flat for their own benefit from the proceeds of the new loan…

    I’am behind citibank to get a copy of the forged Loa, went to all higher authorities, but no one is ready to give me a copy of it.

    I have sent a legal notice, but they did not respond.
    What are my options for punishing the guilty family members who did this fraud?

    I wanted to put up a FIR, but I don’t have a copy of the document .
    Please guide.
    Have a nice day!!


  46. Dear Sir,
    This is Tapas from Odisha. after seeking job I got one placement providing company which name is professional refferal source. They took from me 5000 rupees for providing job in CLL(Connecting Linked Line)pvt. limited company and took from me signature on revenue stamp that he told me for clearance but I Rome each and every day to join in that company…. he use to tell me that come tomorrow or this saunday conform like that.
    Then after fed up with him I thought to return money but he told me that sorry for this if you want to join in POSTAL then give me another 40000 thousand and you will work in postal this time also I trusted him and gave that hues amount for my job.
    Latter he took me to Calcutta to SKYSOFT COMPANY address: Infinity Building 18th Floor salt lake sec-5. They gave me a HP Think pad and a joining letter and Postal software with data entry training rumeration as 10000 per month.

    After joining this also consultancy named (Bhaskar Pattanaik) took a signature on Revenue stamp for clearance.

    After that I came and joined in Pitala Postal in Ganjam District , I joined there but after joining I am not getting salary, if I call them they are avoiding my call no respond.

    Please suggest me what to do now I am suffering here for lack of money till I intimate all things to consultancy(BROKER) and to that company H.R person but they are not listening my word.

    till I am ready to give them laptop and returning my money or Submit this laptop in police station and lunch a FIR on them means(BROKER) like me how many use to suffer.please suggest me I have MSG, Voice Recording,call letter,E_Mail for my joining in post office near postmaster personal ID, CLL joining letter, Kolkatta bus ticket, Those people E_mail ID which I send postal data(KVP(Kisan Vikas Patra)).

    Please help me out to rectify this problem.
    Thanking You


  47. Sir,
    I am working in ahmednagar with my entire family,I have farm in Bihar state, due to problem of work I am not go to Bihar so offendly,My farm which ,I have to one person & know he is telling me to come in biographer wise he will not give my farm to another person which I have choosed . Is there any procedure to do police complaint from Ahmednagar to take some necessary action, as I am not able to go to Bihar due to slack company is ready to dismiss at any time if I do not follow there orders.


  48. I am a resident of Mumbai borivali east. One of our employee working with me asked for 8000 rs on 3rd of dec for his personal use and I gave it to him trusting him where he also told that he would return it to me by next day…but now today is 6th of Dec still he didn’t returned it to me…i tried calling him several times but he didn’t received my call and now its showing switch off since 1 day.
    And he was suppose to go to his home place to Delhi…I am poor person plz guide me how can I lodge a complaint against him…plz help


  49. Respected Jagruthi,
    A PG hostel mate used abusive language agianst me in WhatsApp group and intimidated me to hit. Can I lodge complaint against him in police station by producing the proof I had?


  50. Hi

    I am Sunil and what I can do if local police is not responding any thing against the powerful people of the area.

    Please suggest me a right information.


  51. Dear Sir,
    I am very poor guy and in deep financial trouble, therefore i fell as prey to someone’s unconventional measures. so the background is that someone from mumbai has taken 1.1 lakhs rupees from on 23rd Feb 2015 and comitted me to return 5 lakh rupees after 3 months ( Please note that it was verbal only )….till 3 months he was picking up my call and talking to me but after that he is not even responding to me. the money i have sent was via netbanking to his icici bank account. Now i even sent a message to him that i dont need 5 lakhs …just return my money which is 1.1 lakhs. So that also he is not returning and not even responding. Later on i came to know in some forum that he is chetaer and he used to cheat money from many people. So i am extreme disquient at the moment. I m in extreme stress. And i am already burdened with earlier loans and now this has happened with me….is there any chance in our LAW system to contst this case. can we win this case and if so how mcuh would be the tentative time frame and what expenditure will it incurr….are we in strong position to fight for this case.


  52. Road rage case. A minor accident case turned into road rage where an unidentified person took law into his own hands and assaulted me on the road. With his vehicle number details I have lodged an FIR. Now, for how long must I wait till this matter is being investigated?


  53. Hi,
    I had paid fees for a course and the course did not start as per the schedule date.After 3 postponement of start date I asked for refund. I was promised refund within 3 weeks but that did not happen. After repeated follow ups when they did not refund the fees I approached the police. The police initially refused to file FIR stating that this is civil matter. However, after sending them a mail they accepted the written complaint and contacted the institute. The institute has again given false assurances but no refund. Now I want to know if I can insist police to file FIR and if they do then what is the further course of action.


  54. dear sir
    meri problem yeh hain ki..karib 5-6 aadmi ne milkar mujhe maara jiske kaaran mujhe bahut sara blood aaya aur chot lagi..jab main police station gya toh ek application diya aur police station se mujhe injury report di gyi..jab main hospital gya toh doctor ne meri haalat dekh kar mujhe 2 din ke liye admit kar liya…jab main police station gya toh inspector ne meri f.i.r darz kiya 2 din ke baad ..phir mujhe pata chala ki opposition logo ne jinhone mujhe maara tha unhone ne bhi case darz kiya hain….phir main jab court gya toh pata chala ki police inspector ne paisa lekar aur rajneetik dabaab ke kaaran mera case ko halka kar diya aur sabse badi baat ki unhone oppostion logo ka case pahle darz kiya aur humlog ka baad main darz kiya hain…aur police waalo ne mere f.i.r se 2 aadmi ka naam bhi kaat diya hain.
    sir plz help me mujhe kya karna chahiye…jis se unko saza mile…
    mujhe ab police station se bharosa pura uth gya hai…main kya karu bataaiye sir..


  55. Hi,
    A fashion retail company called Kimaya Fashions Pvt Ltd owned by Pradeep Hirani is not paying money to its designers (including me) since 2 years . How can the money be retrieved. All bill invoices sales reports are in place.


  56. A fraud has happened with me. One CA & my old friend misused my name as a director in one company & taken loan of Rs. 4Crores. Police not filing complaint from last 3 months. What to do?


  57. Any one help me plzzzz sir or medam
    My name is ram actually i was a student a lady is putting on me case section 354-d 506 507 its means the fir filled or not i don’t no so the case was closed that will affected in furture i mean the passport visa will not get to me an the govt jobs will not get to me sooo plzzzzz help me


  58. Hi Sir,i have done F.I.R agaist my nebour for eve teasing and being abbusive ,he called 200 ppl in police stn saying that a non muslim girl filed a wrong complain again madarsa follwer but he was arrested get bail next day yet he continue his family keep fighting i did 4 NC too but my police stn ppl is not taking any action against it.its been more then a year now.what should i do?i stay alone wit my old mother…I work as a press reporter in


  59. One girl, who was good friend of mine, took 17000 rupees and promised to repay, but she did’nt repay the debt. No official paper was signed by her while taking the money. And now she is refusing to repay the debt.
    I have some screen shots of the messages where she asked for the money she took.
    Please anyone can help on how to proceed with the legal procedure, so that I can get my money back.


  60. Dear All,

    Please advise me as in my past i was having relationship with few Girls

    in 2011- i met to 1 girls and Got physical with her in our 1st meeting as she was looking for a Job

    after that she never Contact me

    again 1 Met a Girl in a consultancy and with her also i got physical

    after that last year in December i met a girl thru a matrimonial site and in that case also we both got physical in our 1st meeting but due to some
    dispute i broke the relation ship

    now i am worried that if anyone of her will file a case against me then may be all can file a charge against me so please advise what should i do


  61. In what situation or reason behind a medical certificate required from a victim to log fir at a local police station around mid of night ?


  62. sir, i had sold an mobile phone to a person who i met throu OLX and i sold that iphone 6 which has a broken display for 1500rs, but now he is saying that it is an duplicate mobile and if i dont give back money he will complain in police. is it really possible to give such a complaint? he doesnt knows my name or place of living.All he had is my phone number and mesages.


  63. Hi,

    I had filed a complaint at the local pmrda regarding an illegal construction next to our land. It took almost an year to lodge an f.i.r since then. In the meantime the local body has issued summons to demolish illegal construction to them, but since they were not doing it hence filed an f.i.r. what i would like to understand here is once the f.i.r has been filed and half sheet has been registered at court, then what is the next procedure? Also does this comes under cognisable offence or non cognisable one? And what action should i take for the near future?


  64. today itself one girl in Regional Institute of Education pursuing her final year B.Sc Bed died and everyone is calling it a case of suicide without any scientific investigation. Also Dainik Bhaskar local newspaper maligned girl’s reputation after her death by giving false picture about her that she was staying in rented premesis. The fact that she was staying in hostel provided by RIE Bhopal in the campus itself was totally kept away in their webportal. Where should citizens in such cases go?


  65. Can i file an fir without a witness?
    me and my brother have filed an fir but police saying we need witness to register the fir
    what should i do?
    please help me.


  66. my name is kavya made a fake id of my friend and mentioned her number over there so she didn’t knew that… it was me who made her fake id.. so she files complain and when she got to know that.. it was me she ask cyber police that she don’t want to continue this case as i am known to her… the cyber police said that you have to come bhopal if you want to close this case.. she was not able to go there.. then the cyber police started calling me again and again and ask me to come bhopal or they will arrest me.. my friend don’t want to continue this case and even she didn’t ask cyber police to file FIR but still they file FIR without her permission.. now my friend is calling them asking them to stop calling me as she dont want to continue case .. but bhopal cyber police says to my friend that you stay away from all this otherwise it will be a problem for you….
    please tell me what to do..
    i live in delhi and she live in madhya pradesh we both cant go bhopal but we both want to close this case …
    plese suggest me something pls pls pls


  67. I have an affair from 2009. We were going to marry but then the marriage has been cancelled because of some reasons. But he is having some of my private pics. Now my marriage has been fixed somewhere else in 2015. My ex has send those pics to my would be and everytime he is creating a trouble for me. What should I do as those messages which he send to my would be on watsapp has also Been deleted. I am really getting so much mentle torture that I just want to suicide.please tell me what to do?


  68. Hi, there is an criminal advocate who apparently also happens to be my landlord keeps lodging false FIR against me and my family members. For which I have submitted my reply to the investigating officer. Today I was called to the police station state g that my brother and me had abused the compound watchman who does not exist. I went to the police station and the on duty officer asked me to wait stating that there is an FIR against you and the advocate wants you to get arrested. This has come up as a shock as I was not aware of any such FIR in the first place.
    Please advise how is this possible.


  69. we too in a problem , our car got stollen 0n 10th september 2016from faridabad my dad filed the complaint but the inspector is not filling the complaint whenever we go they just refuse by saying your papers are not comlete. 2 days are passed and we dont have any proof of our stolen car, police inspectors even after knowing that the crime rate has gone so up are not ready to help us. what should we do now. ?


  70. What can i do
    When i m going to stand on line of jio sim.1 lady came in store she is like a “dalaal” of jio sim and she was talking to me as a big gunda and she was take some person who had giving him rupess like a business of her lady so what should i do.there are many people in a line but that lady was unfaithful by another peoples.


  71. dear sir
    my phone is took by some thief in other city which police station can i file the complain about my loss of mobile the city where i live or the city where the incident happended please help


  72. me bhalla college me phda jis me bilkol bhi phd ni hoti he aur vaha ke teachers bchcho ko force kar te he ni hamare pass tusion lagaoo aur ham to me pass kar de gi….. but koi student tusion ni lagat he to use torture kiya jata he……. ki me pass tusion ni lagaya to tum fail ho jao gi…..


  73. what to do please mention in details
    I am paying holding tax for a govt land but my brother trespass and unauthorized occupied it. Now police saying its not criminal offense as brother has done trespass, its family matter we cant help it.
    Now what shall I do to get justice.


  74. Respected Sir/Madam,

    I am suresh kumar working in Goverment Sector (Northern Railway) i have bought the 50 Gaj Pliot in Qutab vihar Phase-II Goyal Diary , Chhawala new delhi-110071 for there local dealer.But short of Money that time its lenght of Front is very small and want to change it then I had told my Relative which are live there.please see good plot for me for exchange this Gaj 50 plot he introduce me with person who is deal with me for exchange property in the same area but they have fraud with me please suggest what i do against him.


  75. Is medical negligence by a vet cognizable or non-congnizable offence? And what is the window for approaching police and filing FIR after the crime?


    • Whether it’s cognizable or non cognizable is upto the law enforcement authorities to decide based on the nature of complaint you lodge and the turn of events of the case. Please file an FIR as soon as you have regained composure following your pain


      • Negligence WORD excludes oftence. Criminal offence requires motive. There is no crime if negligence occurs unless criminal negligence is specifically defined
        Against a VET no such offence defined


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  77. respected madam/sir
    i am prabhu a student and preparing for ssc and upsc exams. i was working in past 3 year to save some money for my preparation i am doing hard work to save 4 lakh of money and came to delhi for coaching with my childhood friend he is belong to hariyana. he and i go to his relative marriage where we met with a guy who is being very close to us in some time and the guy promise us to give govt job and he took my all money and now they dont pick my call and whenever they pick calls give me thert to kill even my childhoodfriend also include with them they wash my brain for money because i belong to general category and he belong to sc category he told me that u never get job becuase in delhi everyone fix job to money. so i was come their words. but i have brain also i toom all of them voice recording photos and lot more evidences. when i was in collecting their information i knew lot more culprits are include in this matter. so what do i do. to re took my money to them. pls help to give suggestion.
    and 1 more thing i am little bit poor in english so please pardon me.


  78. Hi. I had a relation from last 5 years . But my girlfriend cheated she was with other Muslim boy ali ansari..she was having physical relation with him. Then as I came to know about this they both torchered me. Even her family is thinking all was my mistake. After some days my gf again texted me and again blocked me..I’m getting frustrated because of this..can I give a police complaint regarding this I’m very hurted ..and what if il tell her mom that she had sex with me Nd even ali..can her mom give police complaint against me


    • sir,
      i have one query.. my bf is totally lier he promise me to get merry after one year and he totally made me emotion and sexually harress me. First tym My sister warn him to keep distance from mebut he didnt and show how much he luv me and he did all thing to show ki mai us pat trust karu ki .
      wo mujhe milne ke bahane mera mind divert karke ki room me kisi ko pta nhi chalega ki hum dono pyar karte hai ek dusre se nhi to cmpny m problm hogi iss bahane ye mere sath sexuall harasment karne laga. jab mai rone lagi to usne mujhe aur emotional blackmail kiya kahan ki mai tumse shadi karuga meri bhi bahne hai aur betibhi hogi ke sath aisa nhi hone de sakta aise hi tu hai mere liye aur rone laga..
      baar aise baatein karke mera trust jeeta phir kya ye apni meethi battoo m fasata raha.
      jab mujhe uski harkate sahi nhi lagi to maine usse gali de kar usse pichha chudwaya. iss kaam m mere boss jo kabhi uske bhi the, ne kaha wo ladka ro raha hai baat karrle usse wo tujhse bahut pyar karta hai.
      aise karke issne mera dil jeeta aur sabke samne mujhs eshadi karne ko kahan
      bus kya tha phir jab sunday hota tha to roj mujhe apni baatoo m bahakar apne room m bulata tha lekin main bad m iski batoo m nhi ayi.
      akhir isne apne boos ke sahare mujhe khana bnane ke bhane mujhe jabrdasti night m rok ke rkkha . maine ye baat bad m boss ko btai bt wo hanste hue kahne laga bahut pyar karta tujhse.
      mere dosto ne bhi mujhe kahan wo tere sath tym paas kar raha hai is par usne apne boss ke jariye unhe danta ki tum kyu usse bhadka rahe ho.aur mujhse
      phir uski emotional blackmailing shuru hoti rahi.
      jab uska dusri company m out of station ho gya waise hi wo mujhse kahne laga mai tujhse shadi nhi kar sakta mere papa ghr se nikal denge. ab mai kya karu sir usne mere trust ka fayada uthaya .. mai usko kaise punish kru mere pass koi prove nhi hai….
      plz suggest me how will i punish him with the help of police


  79. Hello sir,
    My agent cheated me. He told the job was signaling to soil vehicle. But i did other jobs ( grass putting, drainage clearing). I joined 17 apr 2017. Can i file the case? Plz help me…


  80. hello,
    i have lost my senior secondary school passing certificate and i went to file a missing report for the same in the police station and they said to file a missing report u have to give some money as a fees , is it really so that i have to submit fees for missing report..
    plz help me


  81. Respected Sir/Madam
    My name is Debojit Mukherjee and I’m 27 years old and I used to work in a BPO. My parents (especially my father) humiliate me every now and then for being jobless for the last 3 months and it happened many times before as BPO is all about changing companies due to sales pressure and bad behaviours and many other stuffs . Now when I protest they start beating me even at this age and even say that if I hit them in return they can file a complaint against me to the police but I can’t do the same in return as there’re no such laws in India where children can complaint against parents. Even there were situations when I put forward my idea of leaving the house and living somewhere in rent they said that they’ve the full right to demand 40% or 50% of my salary and also to sign somewhere that I’m leaving. They’re humiliating me as well as taking advantage of my situation. Is being jobless a crime?I used to earn for them maybe not now due to situations but still such humiliation. I’ve no freedom of my own. Day by day it’s becoming a mental torture. It might sound as a simple petty family issue but it’s not. Please reply as fast as possible. Your advice is highly needed.


  82. Respected Sir/Madam
    iam Harish Soni,the owner of Shubham Electronics,Sector-6,c.b.d.,belapur,navi mumbai 400614,On sunday(12.11.2017),a person named Shailesh arrived at my shop where he asked me for rs.25000/ in exchange of an Oxygen Wallet scheme where i would get 25,000/rupees in my oxigen wallet and i pay machine which was supposed to arrive by tomorrow.
    The payment was done via my phonepay mobile app to his Bank of Baroda account.I also received a mail from his mail id( a subject line:WELCOME TO OXIGEN YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE RS.25000.00 CASHBACK RS. 2250.00.
    Soon i know that i was cheated immideatly i ran to local police station and gave them an application about this fraud.And also gave application to hon’ble ACP and DCP of navi mumbai.Also i reported online complaint.
    I got an email from thane online police support that my application is forwaded to cyber cell and cbd police station ,Til today no response from cybercell nor cbd police station. CBD police station i went again and asked to file fir but they refused and told that they are busy will call you.NOW please guide me what should i do.
    please help mE.

    MOBILE 9819891958


    • Hello Harish now a day so many cases are pending nor cybercell or police official won’t take proper investigation they kept pending so don’t waste your time contact press(Media) & forward the issue may be chance of clear all fraud cases ! They will broadcast & people get awareness (dont pay to unknown person without knowing is proper details.


  83. Respected sir/Maam,

    I’m resident of Bangalore and working in Bangalore. A boy cheated me saying that he would be marry me, i got pregnancy twice and he gave me some tablets to destory. We were in relationship from past 4 years. Now he and his parents are demanding dowry. He is not ready to marry me now and he has an affair with married lady now. He is also staying in bangalore. My parents are in Delhi and my brother stays in Hyderabad with family. My parents doesn’t know all these. So can i file a cheating case on him from Hyderbabd with the help of my brother ?? Please reply.


  84. Hi sir,
    3 months back I’ve hit a bike while driving car. Those ppl got minor injuries. Not even a smallest fracture. As they were asking for huge amount I approached the police n they called the injured ppl. The ci there told me, it is not a big problem as them to book case. If u jus pay some fine u will be out of the case. So I told OK at that time. They booked the case.

    Later one day ci was asking me if I would be doing any government job in the future. I said I don’t know.

    Does booking a case on me effect my future? Now I’m worried. Please tell me


  85. I am in trouble
    Aje rate 12:23 vage hu sui rahyo hato tyare mara gam ma rehto fenil mukeshbhai parmar naam no vyakti lakdi laine mara gare mane marva mate aavyo hato
    Hu sui rahyo hato ane ene mara matha uper jorthi lakdi mari etle hu jagi gayo
    30-35 lakdi na shot marya pachhi lakdi tuti gayi topan tene tuteli lakdi thi 10-15 var lakdi mari
    Ene khubaj daru pidhe lo hato
    Mane maru gam savar padta padta ma 6odi devani dhamki aapi jethi hu gam chhodi ne modasa aavi gayo chhu
    Have please mari help karo


  86. I am 29 year old girl..I had a bf and we have been struggling to convince our parents from two years now.
    Its getting late for me to marry..and I am not sure if I wsnt to marry anyone else.That wont be good for someone i will get maried..So the thing is I was continuosly asking my bf when will he marry me..Iwas needed to do that even if i didnt wanted.His parents are not ready at all to let him marry me because there were few things happened at my home when they came to my home with his proposal. My neighbour was there and he insulted indirectly by talking somethhing foolish. Now that turned out so big problem and they didnt liked whatever happened that day. He did tried to convince his parents for a whole year and now dont want to trouble tthem as they are in their oldage.I undestand what he want to do but even i am hurting my parents that i never did before..they are also in their oldage..and now when its time to marry me he has left me suddenly…in the beginnng we decided we will never go against parents but then we were in phydical relationship for almost year just because our parents made us feel they will get married us soon. I am tired of living alone and hoping to get married soon.He did promised me I will marry you no matter what and now he is telling me he dont want me at all..
    Should i shut my mouth and use people me likke this..? Is it right..?
    I dont know I should lodge a coplain in police sttion because I still hope to get marry him..but i have left no patience now.I said some garsh words to him and he is just ignoring everything…He sent me mail. yesterday saying i want to be aloone.But I am afraid if he is cheating on me.Because he told me once that his parents arre ok if he doesnt even want to marry at all.But they will nnot be happy if he will marry me.
    Now if i dont complain…and he will not come back as he is saying..his parents surely search for me…
    Thing is i cant live without him and he will never like if will involve police in this…
    Even i dont wabt to do this but I want to get him back from wherehe has gone…
    Suggest me something


  87. this is asha rani i lodged a complaint into the notice of police station about murder frud snaching etc then some of the persons advised me that the complaint should nt be false otherwise yu would be punished under prosecution when i lodged complaint police came on the spot and took all measures of case and registered case against murdererand rape case too happened the women she was nt in a condition of lodge fir when police came then the murderer snacher flew away they dont bother police and describe that they dont care about that those who did frud there was embezelment of funds takes place then police burst that racket that who and who was invoved in the case there is complete network police forward that case into the litigation for further investigation and special judge was on duty he gave three day remand and ordered an inquiry as in the form of investigation they printed order that special team from cenre would come to investigate the matter other wise copy of the case would be despached to president last authority of country if there would be no justice then case would be closed for the hearing of the case people would come across the country and some of them would get inspiration


  88. Actually i am running a proprietor firm,i hav started trading with a proprietor company i was giving goods to him and usually payment was coming for 2 months but for 2-3 dayd due to some medical problem he didnt paid my money and he said that give me 2-3 days, he is also having a partner.
    Now his office is closed,he is absconded and he has taken crores of money from the market,now what i can do in this case my total due is around 45-46 lakhs,
    his partner is saying that he also cheated with him.
    my main concern is that does his partner is liable for the dues payment as all the stocks were lying ad delivered at his partner house.
    The main problem in this case is that police is not logging the FIR as they are saying that this is a civil case,go to court first.
    Please suggest what i can do.
    need ur guidence guyz plz


  89. Dear Sir my Name is Edwin from Bangalore in the month of Jan 2018 on 7th i met a strange person at PATNA city & Lost My Hard earned Money nearly 6,00000 Rs Amount lost in 24 hours…to earn this money nearly 9 years worked in a private organisation & did some savings & saved my company PF amount & some FD..all money was moved to my savings A/ per that Criminal kept in saving to show Bank balance to apply for VISA..process, but he said the amount which u have shown in the savings are not sufficient funds to apply for VISA & he told me that some more amount i will transfer to your A/ that i can show some good bank balance to apply for VISA & after taking the Bank statement copy, to return his different amount he told me to issue cheque & asked me to visit PATNA along with cheque & in the HOTEL during dinner time w/o my knowledge he mixed some unconscious drugs & after having food after 10 minutes i got vomited & lost my sense next day morning he personally took me to the Local HDFC & SBI..branches at Patna city & there he took all my Cheques & all related required Proofs of mine & got my signature in the cheques & took the money from the bank . during that time i was not in a sense & not able to do any thing, After with drawn entire amount from my A/c very safely he reached me back to hotel & vanished from there & in the evening Hotel staff entered to my Room & asked me to clear the Hotel bills & food bills for mine & Accuse..After the incidence i borrowed some amount from my Friend & reached back to Bangalore & after coming back to Bangalore i went to my Bangalore Home branch HDFC bank & explained the cheating issue, & after the discussion immediately Bangalore HDFC Manager called up to PATNA HDFC branch & inquired & after the inquiry only i came to know that accuse took me to the bank & d along with him to all the Banks & keeping me in front & did all these cheating things. after knowing this here in Bangalore i meet local police station to register a cheating complaint & they advised me to go to PATNA city to register this complaint there since the incidence was occurred at PATNA city. So once again i booked train ticket & after 1 week went to PATNA from Bangalore & met Police officer’s & narrated the entire incidence & lodge a Cheating complaint against the Accuse,
    Accused was keeping all my ID proof (Aadhar/PAN) & produced at Bank & made his work very easy & blindly cheated me.
    Dear Sir i have Registered a cheating/criminal complaint in the month of JANUARY & it is 10 months completed & there is no updation for my Registered complaint against the Accuse from PATNA Buddha colony Police station. since 10 months am waiting for justice for a loss of my hard earned huge money.
    PATNA Police has collected all the evidence proof & Accused Cc..Tv video/stills footage’s phone No’s of that criminal, but there is no action or nab the criminal since 10 months there is no feed back every after so many follow ups…pls find the attached copy of my complaint letter & Accused Cc Tv footage’s.

    Dear sir i waited for so many months for my justice & now i dont have no option’s other than escalating this issue with our Nation’s honorable Minister’s
    So kindly help me & get me a justice & day by day am falling sick by this huge loss.

    This cheating Complaint was Resisted at Buddha colony-Patna, Case No 34/18 dated 24/01/2018 U/S 419/420/38/379/34 I.P.C & 66/66 (d) I T Act.


  90. Good afternoon sir,
    sir i am laxmi yadav s student , sir last night 19/11/2018 monday ko mjhe event ke liye ek madam k call aya th.jisne apna nam twinlke(priyanka mathur ) batya and mjhe immidately event krne ko bola th. paise bhi usne 1200 rupees bole and timing yesterday night 8:30 pm to 11pm bola .but jab mene usko 11 bje call kiya to usne mere phle call cut kiye then call krke bol


  91. Good afternoon sir,
    sir i am laxmi yadav as a student , sir last night 19/11/2018 monday ko mjhe event ke liye ek madam k call aya th.jisne apna nam twinlke(priyanka mathur ) batya meri friend simran keshari ko janti hu and ussne batya apke bare ye bol kar baat ki mjhse and mjhe immidately event krne ko bola th. paise bhi usne 1200 rupees bole and timing
    yesterday night date 19/11/2018 ko 7:30 pm to 11pm bola . but jab mene usko evnt khtm hone wale time pr 11 bje call kiya to usne mere phle call cut kiye then call karke bola aap 12bje tak kam kro otherwise na apko apise milege aur na ghr jane dege .aur sir mjhse abused languages m baat ki ….sir meri apse request haii jo girls aise fake kaam krti hai usko achhi punshment milni chahiye . sir mjhe 19/11/2018 raat ko 2:30 tk wait kraya th.sir usse madam ka number 9654063781 es number se mjhe call aya th. plzz sir ese fake insaan ko punishment milni chahaiye jo ek khud aurat hokar dusari aurat ke sth dhokha kiya ..plzz sir usko punishment milni chahaiye
    mere pass recording nhi hai uski baat ki


  92. Hi sir Maine property dealers Ko 3,07100 rupee diye hai Jameen khridne k liye jo use landlord Ko dene the but Jane ek bhi rupee landlord Ko na hi diye or mere se extra checks landlord k Naam me ktwa liye hai or bank se ek check 1/5/19 Ko clear hua hai baki main cash pay more hai landlord Ko Usme mushe koi dikkat nhi, but problem mushe property dealer se hai wo mere diye hue paise landlord Ko bhi de that or na mushe bapis KR rha hai har bar wo kuch na kuch bhana bnata hai on Vikas Ko royal group ka owner hai wo toh phone bhi nahi uthata mere pass unki di Hui rasid or audio recordings hai I need your help


  93. Hi sir Maine property dealers Vikas. Royal group Ko 3,07100 rupee diye hai Jameen khridne k liye jo use landlord Ko dene the but usne ek bhi rupee landlord Ko n h
    nahi diye or mere se extra checks landlord k Naam me ktwa liye hai or bank se ek check 1/5/19 Ko clear hua hai baki maine landlord ko cash pay kare hai Usme mushe koi dikkat nhi, but problem mushe property dealer Vikas se hai wo mere diye hue paise landlord Ko nhi de rha hai or na hi muzhe bapis KR rha hai har bar wo kuch na kuch bhana bnata hai or ab toh Vikas royal group ka owner wo toh phone bhi nahi uthata mere pass unki di Hui rasid or audio recordings hai I need your help.


  94. sir
    I have Complaint to all the Department but no one is there to hear or solved my Problem, so this is my last request to you.
    Fraud and cheating with me this companey
    online shopping company – fraud with me (+9319363217,+917065055522,+918745874593+919355008916,+919355395821,+919718000383.+918750909097,+919355030947,+917065055521,+918745874593)
    You have told me that I have a gift of LED TV and for that I have deposit some Ru Transaction Date:-17/11/2018 Mode of Payment:- JdPay Transaction amount- Rs.6119/- Transaction Date:-21/11/2018 Mode of Payment:- JdPay Transaction amount- Rs.11000/- Transaction Date:-05/12/2018 Mode of Payment:- JDPay Transaction amount- Rs.13948/- Transaction Date:-12/12/2018 Mode of Payment:- JDPay Transaction amount- Rs.22500/- Transaction Date:-15/12/2018 Mode of Payment:- JDPay Transaction amount- Rs.20382/- Transaction Date:-30/01/2019 Mode of Payment:- JDPay Transaction amount- Rs.35603/- So total all Amout – 1,23,949 (one hundred twenty three thousand nine hundred forty nine) through just dile than you told me that my led has gone for insurance you have given me wrong way bill no than agaIn you said that my LED TV is damaged by couirer person and you promiss will give me Ru. 296186 (Tow lakh Nintysix Thousing one hunderd Eighty six) cash.
    you have taken my and my nominees details and all the bank account no also, now I am regularly making calls at least 80 call per day on this no +919319363217 but not getting any response from your side. I am in contact of shri Vijay Sexena only he told me that he will alllow me to talk with soniya mam banking branch and told me that he will alow me to talk after one or two horus.

    than he told me to deposit money from nominees acount by just dial and I have deposit 25626.00 (Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Twenty-Six ) for nominees acount verification.
    you are continuously harrasing me and till date I have not got my money back .
    Till date I have deposited Ru. 1,23,949 (one hundred twenty three thousand nine hundred forty nine) and I have not get any refund .
    dheerendra sharma
    jodhpur rajasthan


  95. I’ve filed an FIR (online) in 2017 for my lost phone which was snatched away while travelling in DTC bus. The phone was never recovered. Today I received a phone call from Vasant Kunj police station asking me to appear before the court on 30th August 2019 as per of FIR process. Can an expert guide me if this is required?

    1) My phone was never recovered even though IMEI number was provided, FIR filed the same day with all the details.
    2) I will only be wasting my time and money for going to the court for something where I wouldn’t be getting anything.
    3) If this FIR process is true and correct, no one will be filling FIR for lost items. The police officer even went to the extent saying if the complainant doesn’t turn up, there will be summoned letter.

    Please help!




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