First Aid for Dogs

A horrifying number of Street dogs and cats die because of lack of medical attention.  This is all the more tragic because wounds and injuries are surprisingly simple to treat, once you’ve learnt how. Especially for very serious cases, the dog does not even need to be hospitalized.  With your help, street dogs can live a happy and healthy life.  Some of the most common problems that street dogs suffer from are skin infections, wounds and maggot wounds.  All these can be treated easily on site (unless very severe when the dog needs to be taken to a vet or a shelter).

First Aid Kit:

Scissors, forceps, thermometer, chain to restrain the dog, tape to muzzle the dog (or buy a regular muzzle from a vet), adhesive tape, Gauze Bandages, cotton wool, bandages.

Medicines: Betadine Lotion and Ointment, Neosporin or Nebasulf  powder, Himax Ointment (a miracle medicine for animals) or Skinoment, Betnovate Skin Cream, Soframycin skin ointment, Ivermectin – 10 ml vial, Topicure spray, Scabnil Oleo, Neem oil, antibiotic such as Cifran 500 mg (for 20 kg dog), Avil tablets (25 mg or 50 mg -depending on the age and weight of the dog), Petmosol soap, Ecktodex or Ridd, Ivermectin tablets, sulphur powder, camphor powder, boric powder, coconut oil, kerosene oil, Cetrimide Lotion (Anti-allergic wash from Piramal Healthcare)

SKIN DISEASES This is the most common problem that dogs suffer from.  In the first instance, try and avoid them getting skin infections by taking precautions.  Give a pinch of sulphur in the dog’s food once a week.  You can also give a neem tablet (from Himalaya Drug Co.) once a week which is most effective too.  If we can help treat their skin infections, it would eliminate a great deal of suffering the dog undergoes. The most common diseases are mange and scabies and fungal infection. Most dogs can be treated at site. There are various treatments:

Treatment 1 (allopathic treatment)

  • If possible, give the dog a bath with Petmosol soap.  (Repeat once a week till the dog heals).
  • Apply Ektodex 1 tsp in 1 litre solution (or as instructed on the bottle). Note: As this medication is poisonous, do not let the dog lick himself.  Try and walk the dog till the medicine dries.
  • Antibiotics have to be prescribed as the constant scratching will have caused bacterial infections.  Amoxycillin can be given 2 times a day for three days along with Vitamin B capsules.  Avil can also be given to relieve the itching.

Treatment 2Do not apply this mixture on cats.

  • Mix Scabnil Oleo with an equal part of Neem oil.
  • Apply on the dog with a brush.  Repeat every 4 days.
  • The main ingredient of Scabnil Oleo is karanj oil which is a powerful anti-fungal agent.  Neem oil is also strongly anti-fungal.

Treatment 3(Home remedy)Warm Coconut oil and mix 10 cubes of camphor (camphor packet available in the market) and 1 tsp sulphur powder in it.  Then put in 1 tsp Boric powder in it and then kerosene oil and cool the mixture.  Apply the mixture on the dog’s skin, so that it reaches the hair roots. (You can clip the hair if you cannot reach the roots.   You can keep this mixture in a small glass bottle and repeat it until the dog is healed.

Some general points for skin diseases.Treatment 2 is very effective for parasitic skin disease like mange or scabies.  In general we have found Treatment 3 to be very effective in heat-related skin problems. This is because of the cooling properties of camphor. At the time of application this treatment may irritate the skin and make the dog restless, but this will pass off in an hour or two. Usually dogs do not try to lick these ointments because of the strong smell. However, to be on the safe side it might be a good idea to keep the dog muzzled during application.

WOUNDS (Prevention of maggot wounds)

You may be lucky enough to spot a wound before a housefly does. Do not neglect even a small wound especially if the dog cannot reach it to lick it since they are the ones which very quickly become maggot infested.  A gaping wound, however, is going to require stitches and the dog would be required to be taken to the vet.  If it doesn’t, then you can treat it yourself.

Medicine: Betadine lotion, Neosporin powder, Himax ointment.


1. Clean the wound with Betadine lotion.

2. Sprinkle Neosporin (or Nebasulf) powder liberally into the wound.

3. Put Himax on the wound liberally to keep away flies so that it doesn’t become a maggot wound. If the dog has a caretaker, try leaving Himax with him and tell him to apply it on the wound everyday until it heals.

MAGGOT WOUNDS. An open, round and deep wound with bleeding and which also gives out a foul smell are usually clear indication of a maggot wound (see image).  Since it is a painful procedure, the dog must be muzzled when it is being treated.  Do not treat head wounds but take the dog to a vet or a shelter.

An exhaustive article on treating Maggot wounds can be read here

Medicine:Ivermectin 10ml vial, Topicure Spray, Betadine lotion, Nebasulf/Neosporin Powder, Lorexane ointment, Himax


  • Put in Ivermectin (about 4-5 drops) in the wound.
  • You can also spray Topicure deep into the wound so that it irritates the maggots to emerge out. If maggots start to emerge, remove them with tweezers.
  • Then apply Nebasulf or Neosporin powder into the wound to heal and dry it.  Next apply Lorexane cream and fill the wound with this.
  • The final and most important layer is the ayurvedic fly repellant Himax cream. Apply it liberally all over the wound so that flies do not get to the wound again.
  • The next day if you can treat the wound again, you will need to repeat the same steps again.
  • Once the wound is a pink colour, you can just sprinkle Neosporin powder in the wound and apply Himax liberally on top of it until it heals.

How to tie a muzzle to treat a dog?

  • Use a long strip of material or a tape (not adhesive or any sticky tape, please)
  • Place the strip of material on top of the dog’s nose.
  • Loop the material under the dog’s chin and tie it into a knot.
  • Bring the ends of the material back behind the dog’s ears and tie into a bow on top of the head.

Remember: Use the muzzle only for treating a dog for a few minutes as the dog can get overheated.

If you have more time at hand, please watch the videos below (uploaded on You Tube by Voice of Stray Dogs) and listen to Dr. Pavan, Founder of Cessna Lifeline Veterinary Hospital in Bangalore. He explains in this two part series as to how to attend to and intervene effectively on Medical emergencies in Animals

* Please note: This information is for informative purposes. Please do contact a veterinary doctor or take the animal to an animal hospital for thorough treatment if symptoms look grave. For further queries or guidance, please write to or call us on +91-9818 144 244

First Aid for Dogs- text translated in Hindi can be read below

कुत्तों के लिए प्राथमिक चिकित्सा

सड़क पर रहने वाले कुत्ते और बिल्लियाँ अक्सर उपचार के आभाव में मारे जाते हैं, यह बात बहुत  दुखद: है, क्योंकि उनकी मृत्यु का कारण रहे घाव व चोटें आश्चर्यचकित रूप से बहुत आसानी से ठीक किये जा सकते हैं, एकबार आप ने सीख लिया की यह उपचार कैसे किया जाए विशेषतः कुछ गंभीर स्थितियों में, जब कुत्ते को अस्पताल में रखने की जरुरत नही होती, आप सडकों पर रहने वाले कुत्तों की सु:खद व स्वस्थ जीवन जीने में सहायता कर सकते हैं|


त्वचा सम्बन्धी संक्रमण, घाव व कृम घाव वे सामान्य समस्याओं में से कुछ हैं जिनसे सड़क पर रहने वाले कुत्ते  सबसे अधिक पीड़ित होते हैं| इन सभी समस्याओं  का आसानी से यथा स्थान उपचार किया जा सकता है (यद्यपि ये इतने गंभीर न हों की कुत्ते को पशुचिकित्सक या आश्रय स्थल में ले जाने की जरुरत हो )

प्राथमिक चिकित्सा किट (विषय-वस्तु):

एक बार आपके पास प्राथमिक चिकित्सा किट का सारा सामान हो तो आप किसी भी जरूरतमंद कुत्ते को समय पर चिकित्सा उपलब्ध कराने के लिए तैयार हैं | नीचे दी गई औषधियाँ साधारण रूप से कुत्तों के लिए हैं, और संग्रह करके भविष्य में उपयोग के लिए रखी जा सकती हैं | यह सभी औषधियाँ किसी भी पशु-औषधि विक्रेता के पास उपलब्ध होती हैं |


कैंची, चिमटा, थर्मामीटर, कुत्ते को बंधने के लिए चेन, कुत्ते का मुहं बंधने के लिए फीता (और पशु चिकित्सक के पास उपलब्ध नियमित मज़ल टेप खरीदें), चिपकने वाला टेप, गाज़, पट्टी रुई व टॉर्च. दवाइयाँ:: Betadine Lotion, Nebasulf or Neosporin powder, Himax Ointment (पशुओं के लिए एक चमत्कारी औषधि), turpentine oil and chloroform mixture), Topicure spray, Scabnil Oleo, neem oil, antibiotic such as Cifran 500 mg (for 20 kg dog), Avil tablets, Petmosol soap, Ecktodex or Ridd, sulphur powder, camphor powder.


घाव (बचाव कृम/मगट घावों से) आप भाग्यशाली होंगे यदि आप घाव को घरेलु मक्खी से पहले देख लें, छोटे से घाव को अनदेखा न करें यही घाव जल्दी कष्टदायक

इसके लिए आवश्यकता है: Betadine lotion, Neosporin powder, Himax ointment.

1. घाव को Betadine lotion से साफ करें 2. Nebsulf  Powder या Neosporin Powder को उदारता से घाव पर छिड़कें    3. Himax घाव पर लगाएं यह मक्खियों को दूर रखेगा और घाव को कीड़ों वाला घाव नही बनने देगा| यदि कुत्ते की देखभाल करने के लिए कोई हो तो कोशिश करें की Himax Powder उसके पास रहे, उसे घाव पर लगाने के लिए कहें जब तक घाव ठीक न हो जाए|


उपचार के लिए कुत्ते का मुहँ कैसे बांधें

  • कपड़े व किसी पदार्थ की लम्बी पट्टी, नाड़ा व टेप (ध्यान रहे यह चिपकने वाला टेप न   हो )  का प्रयोग करें
  • पट्टी को कुत्ते की नाक के ऊपर रखें |
  • पट्टी को कुत्ते की ठोडी के नीचे ले जायें व गांठ बाँध दें
  • पट्टी के दोनों सिरों कुत्ते के कानों के पीछे ले जायें कुत्ते के सिर पर एक बो बाँध दें |

कुत्ते का मुँह केवल उपचार के लिए कुछ मिनटों के लिए बांधें क्योंकि इससे कुत्ते के शारीरिक तापमान में वृद्धि हो सकती है, जो उसके लिए हानिकारक है |


त्वचा सम्बन्धी संक्रमण

यह सबसे साधारण समस्या है जो कुत्तों में पाई जाती है | सर्वप्रथम कोशिश करें की संक्रमण बचाव के द्वारा टाला जा सके | चुटकी भर सल्फर कुत्ते के खाने में हफ्ते में एक बार मिलाएँ, आप नीम की गोली (आयुर्वेदिक) दे सकते हैं जो बहुत ही प्रभावकारी है,  यदि हम इनके त्वचा संक्रमण का उपचार  कर सकें तो यह उस कष्ट को बहुत हद तक कम कर सकता है जिसे कुत्ता इस संक्रमण के समय सहन करता है Mange Scabies Fungal Infection कुत्तों में सबसे अधिक होने वाली त्वचा की बीमारियाँ हैं|अधिकतर कुत्तों का यथास्थान पर ही उपचार किया जा सकता है, इनके विभिन उपचार हैं |


उपचार 1 (एलोपेथिक उपचार)

1. अगर सम्भव है तो कुत्ते को Petmosol साबुन से नहलायें (इसे हफ्ते में एक बार दोहराएँ जब तक कुत्ता ठीक न हो जाए) 2. Ektodex 1 लीटर पानी में 1 चम्मच (या बोतल पर जैसा निर्देशित है ) घोल कर कुत्ते के शरीर पर लगाएं |नोट: यह दवाइयाँ जहरीली हो सकतीं हैं, कुत्ता इसे चाट न पाए कुत्ते को जब तक चलायें जब सूख न जाए |3. Anti-biotic दवाइयाँ भी दी जानी चाहियें, क्योंकि कुत्ते द्वारा लगातार खुजाने से बैक्टिरिअल इन्फेक्शन हो सकता है |.  Amoxycillin दिन में 2 बार दी Vitamin B कैप्सूल के साथ दी जा सकती है |  Avil भी दे सकतें हैं |

उपचार 2. इस मिश्रण को बिल्लियों पर न लगाएं | Scabnil oleo को बराबर मात्रा में नीम तेल के साथ मिलाएं, कुत्ते पर ब्रुश की सहायता से लगाएं, हर 4 दिन में इसे दोहराएँ |  Scabnil oleo में मुख्य सामग्री Karanj oil है, जो एक शक्तिशाली एंटी-फंगल एजेंट है |नीम का तेल भी लाभदायक एंटी-फंगल है |

उपचार 3.  Sulphur Powder व कपूर बराबर मात्रा में अच्छी तरह मिलाएं इसमें नारियल का तेल डालें और मिलाएं, ध्यान रहे इसमें गाँठें न पड़ें, एवं मिश्रण तरल गाड़ा बने, यदि यह अधिक गाड़ा व गांठवाला होगा तो कुत्ते के शरीर से गिर जाएगा और अधिक तरल होगा तो यह कुत्ते के शरीर पर फ़ैल कर नही लग पायेगा| मिश्रण को कुत्ते पर सिर से पीठ की विपरीत दिशा में लगाएं ताकि यह बालों की जड़ तक पहुँच सके, इसे न रगड़े केवल पर्याप्त परत ही लगाएं |  हर 4 दिन में इस प्रक्रिया को दोहराएँ जब तक कुत्ता ठीक न हो जाए |

  • उपचार २ पैरासिटिक त्वचा सम्बन्धी बीमारी जैसे Mange व Scabies में बहुत प्रभावशाली है सामान्य अवस्थाओं में हमने पाया है की उपचार नम्बर 3 गर्मी से संबंधित त्वचा की बीमारियों में प्रभावकारी है क्योंकि इसमे कपूर होने के कारण शरीर में ठंडक पहुचाने के गुण हैं, इसे लगाते समय
  • कुत्ते कभी-कभी कुछ असुविधा महसूस कर सकतें हैं, परन्तु यह एक से दो घंटे में सामान्य हो जाता  है |अधिकतर कुत्ते इसकी तेज गंध के कारण इसे चाटते नही परन्तु फिर भी लगाते समय कुत्ते का मुहँ बांधना ही उचित है |
  • यदि त्वचा में से पस निकल रही हो तथा बाल झड़ना व खुजली के अलावा कोई और लक्षण हों तो कृपया किसी पेशेवर की सहायता लें, अधिक गंभीर समस्याओं में वर्णित उपचार काफी नही होंगें, यद्यपि अधिकतर स्थितियों में यह उपचार कारगर होतें हैं, यदि इनमें से एक मरहम काम न करे तो दो या तीन सप्ताह बाद दूसरा आजमाएँ |

त्वचा रोगों पर कुछ सामान्य बातें

पेट्स व कम्युनिटी पेट्स का एंटी-रेबीज व डिस्टेम्पर के टीकों से वार्षिक टीकाकरण इन खतरनाक बीमारियों को दूर रखने के लिए किया जाना चाहिए |

  • पिस्सू व चीच्चड़ – Notix Powder का उपयोग करें |
  • अपने पेट्स की हर 4 माह में डी-वोर्मिंग करें, इसके लिए Praziplus या Drontol Plus की एक गोली 15 kg  के भार के कुत्ते को दे |
  • कुत्ते को गोली कैसे दें- इसके लिए सबसे सरल तरीका गोली को बर्फी,  गुलाब जामुन या पनीर के बीच में रख कर दें | वे दवाई को इनके साथ ही निगल जायेंगे
  • सामान्य शारीरिक तापमान – 101.5F |
  • अतिसार–20 kg के कुत्ते के लिए 2 Dependol की गोलियां |सूजन (उदहारण के लिए पैर में व कुत्ता लंगड़ा रहा है ) यदि हड्डी टूटी है तो, कृपया कुत्ते को पशु चिकित्सक के पास ले जाएँ, यदि यह सिर्फ़ सूजन है तो Voveron की एक गोली दिन में दो बार जब तक दें जब तक की सूजन खत्म न हो जाए |

कृपया खुराक की मात्रा कुत्ते के आकार अनुसार तय करें |

*अस्वीकरण: यह सूचना मात्र जानकारी हेतु है,  संदेह की स्थिति में कृपया अपने पशु चिकित्सक से सम्पर्क करें.

For further queries or guidance, please write to us at or call on our helpline +91-9818 144 244

“किसी भी राष्ट्र की पहचान इसी से होती है की उसके यहाँ जीव-जंतुओं से कैसा व्यवहार किया जाता है”

महात्मा गाँधी”

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  2. I would really keep all this info in my mind…moreover after reading these articles I feel empowered and next time whenever I’ll face any problem regardng stray dogs I’ll act up smartly…thanks a lot Jaagruti


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    its wonderfull to know that there are people who care for stray dogs.
    i live in gurgaon sector-5 and there are few stray dogs, the problem is one of them (about 10 months old) was hit by a motorcycle yesterday, now she is unable to walk and just rests under a car, she does not even allow me to pick her up and check whenever i try to move her she screams in pain. i am giving her milk with little turmeric in it as i know nothing else what to do…
    can u please tell me what help i can provide her so she gets better.. she has wounds on her body like little scratches and some very little visible wounds but i think she has more of internal wounds..

    please note that she is not letting me touch her except for her head


    • You can request help from People for Animals, Gurgaon 9811703501 to help take her to the nearest hospital or contact the hospitals directly PFA Sadhrana, Gurgaon: Ph. 0124 – 2276502, 98188 38628; Dr. Pandey : 93122 89628
      Friendicoes Ambulance Service at Gurgaon: 9582337671, 9811324649


  7. hello,i have a pet stray bitch. i think she is suffering with fungle infection. she has skin problem from 1 month and now some swelling in her throat. please tell me as soon as possible what treatment i should give to her. tell me the name of medicians i can give her. kindly email me the solution. my email id


    • We suggest you take her to a vet once atleast to have her examined and then start medication as advised…if you are in Delhi then Dr.Vijay whose clinic is near Ramesh nagar metro station helps treat street dogs at subsidised rated 9810054693 is his number…also get your girl sterilized from her


  8. Hi,, my dog is suffering from scabbies.. could you guide me a natural treatment and also what all should be fed to him? He has also become anorexic. Though he feels hungry coz when i offer him something to eat he comes running towards me but just sniffs it and leaves.. His vet has already given him an injection of invermitent and has prescribed a lotion (Ascabiol) for topical treatment but theres no sign of improvement.


    • Which vet are you consulting and which city? The thing is skin diseases require long sustained antibiotic treatment for 3-5 days and simultaneously application of other topical treatments…it all starts to subside thereafter…dont feed him anything sweet salty…once he has recovered from this then you can give him tablets made of natural ingredients on daily basis…made of neem and sulphur…


      • Which tablets are made of neem and sulphur, please give name of this tablet . And recommend dosage for prevention of skin diseases because right now he doesn’t have any skin disease but he is prone to scabies. Please reply ASAP. Thanks.


    • Even Ivermectin tablets are administered as per dog’s weight. For example for 20kg dog, Neomec tablets need to be given once every 3-4 days for 4 weeks in skin infection conditions, but since Ivermectin affects kidneys too in overdosage…and since your dog is in anycase not eating well…please also get his blood tests done once before you start with Ivermectin course


      • i take him to animal india trust in lajpat nagar, Delhi. Dr. Devi is the consultant there.. Invermectin was given to him once only. she even prescribed ascabiol lotion for topical application but he just does’nt let me apply the lotion and becomes agressive if i try to apply it forcefully.. I gave him sulphur for 3 days sprinkled in his meal but no sign of improvement in his rashes and itching.. though he has started eating a lil bit now but is very choosy.. only takes curd, egg yolk, paneer and tandoori roti.. otherwise he’s active.. i have also observed some wax like black bumps on his back..


      • Mam, skin infections go slowly…please feed him what he likes, its no problems, what you write he eats is very good…don’t worry, he will be fine, sulphur, neem tablets don’t do wonders in 3 days, keep feeding them to him…and the leathery skin you see s dead skin…there is an ayurvet skin tablet pack that one gets for 50Rs for 50 tablets, try feeding that to him continuously. that will improve his general skin hygeine


  9. Thank you for your kind reply.. Pls bear with me for a few more querries.. Is it ok to give sulphur everyday? i hope its not toxic for animals.. though its from a very well known company (baidyanath) and is also fit for human consumption..
    What is the name of this Ayurvedic tablet that you are talking about and is it easily available at an ayurvedic pharmacy? Also would like to know if that dead skin will shed off on its own?


    • Sorry, I am not sure about Sulphur tablets everyday…please check with a trusted vet..the dead skin may or may not shed, don’t try to scrape it though..just wipe it clean with cotton dipped in Betadiene solution


  10. i am located in Vile Parle West Mumbai… here one of the male street dog (male) is injured by another street dog (dog fight). problem is he got infection in his urine place it is better now but (swollen) still people can see his infection and at night he cry/ scream may be because of pain. i gave him 1 tab Asprin and 1 tab Zantac (Ranitidine) with 500 ml milk did same 2 time for one day but still no difference i gave him Asprin as it act as pain killer i did not try combiflam as i thought Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen can be toxic for dogs

    let me know what can be done
    one more question are all your medication for street dogs are free?

    awaiting your reply


    • It could very well be pus which needs to be drained out by a skilled vet…please consider taking him to a good vet near your place or a veterinary hospital near your place…and then do medication as adviced…we aren’t vets and this case seems complicated for us sitting in Delhi to give amateurish advice on..


  11. I have an indian breed at home. He is an adult dog 5 yrs old or so, though we dont know his exact age. He is suffering from cough, what home remedy can we provide him?


  12. Jaagruti,, I am dog lover… Here I would like to know , can we sterilized street female dogs by edible sterilant ? Or can you provide easy and possible way sterilized them ?


  13. hi i have a 5yr old daschund and is very aggressive. We stay on first floor and the balcony area is common for us and the stairs that go upto second floor. I am unable to let my dog stay out and enjoy the balcony view as he does not spare passer bys. I was looking for a retractable yard which i can install during the evenings in our balcony area so that it can act as a safety yard for passer by’s and my dog could also enjoy his time in the balcony. We have to keep him home-bound so that he does’nt attack anyone. Could you pls suggest any vendor or pet shop/webasite where i can buy a sturdy yard so that my dog can enjoy moving around freely.


    • i am sorry i forgot to mention that i stay in delhi. It would be great if you could suggest a local vendor so that i can personaly go and check the quality of the yard.


      • Very innovative thinking Akanksha. We suggest you go and meet an Aluminium fabricator and get what you want made as per your specifications. Aluminium is light weight and you can get it made into a foldable collapsable sturdy structure that you can assemble in a do it yourself way…we haven’t heard of retractable yards available readymade thus far…and for toning down your dogs aggression, please consider getting him neutered/sterilized.


  14. There is a street bitch in our colony.
    She has some kind of a skin disorder ,she constantly itches n shed her hair. Plz suggest something as I can’t c her in such pain. Dre is one more dog who is not able to bark..n I have seen him bleeding from nose…plz help…!! Its not possible to take den to vet.. Can u suggest something


    • Can you please click a photo of the female dog with skin infection and share it with us on We can suggest medication for that dog but request you to please get the dog with nasal bleeding checked up by a Veterinary Doctor. Dr.Vijay 9810054693 who has his clinic near Ramesh nagar metro station treats street dogs for free at his clinic


      • I feel the bitch gets infection during lactation period….she has given birth to babies twice dis year….I personally want her to get tubectomy…she is weak…..n sheds off hair during lactation….
        N its not possible 2 carry DAT dog (who bleeds ) to vet + dis dog also has developed some skin infection….I ll surely send dre pics


      • Can you please take her to Dr.Vijay’s clinic near Ramesh nagar metro station 9810054693 . He will sterilize and treat her for free.


  15. There is a street female dog in kolkata of age 3 years scratching from itching constastly reddening skin followed by bleeding & crust around ear wings, neck, back,chest, hands& feet over last 2 mnths & also I observed skin around waist,tail, lower part of body include hands & feet getting gradually bald completely & black ,crusty,flaky over the last 5-6 mnths. May it have multiple skin problems.I applied spectrazole lotion & gave avil 50 for five days but not worked then I gave it ayurvet charmiad aid capsules 2 cap per day with meal for 15 days but no improvement seen. I gave it 1 IVERMECTIN 10 mg tab on 4/1/2014 but condition remains all same. Somebody suggest me for IVERMECTIN injection & since the correct dose as per body weight of the dog is unknown so I havenot given it & since it has not been diagnosed correctly yet whether this is yeast infection/ scabbies/worms. So I am requesting u to advice/ prescribe some medication for the treatment of the same. Plz. reply soon. Thank u very much.


  16. I have a 8.5 year old male labrador.He suffers periodically from maggot infestation.Though I am able to cure it,the situation is repeated after few months.Please suggest me a permanent solution to this.Recently my dog has a swelling in its testis and i consulted a vet. for that.The phileria test showed a negative result and the vet suggested for a tbact oinment.Can it be helpful?Hoping for a reply.


    • We are not vets but suggest you keep the cured maggot wound site cleaned with cotton dipped in weak tincture iodine solution and apply Nebasulf powder and paste Lorexane ointment on it regularly


  17. hello
    i am from mohali i have pomerian dog he is 1,and half year old he is know sufering from paw injured like (jhakham) plz tell me what can i do for it he suffering it from last one week tell me plz as soon as posible


  18. Sir my pug is suffering from mange…n m usin ur 2 nd treatment… much tym it ll take to completely remove mange from his body….


  19. i have a 3 months labrador,,my puppy had a injury..currently he is under treatment of vet…but his pain is not relived please tell some medicine which relive his pain…i will be very gratefull


  20. hello jaagruti team
    first of all u r doing very good job .I have a 4 years golden ratevier dog. he is suffering for ticks problem .can I give hitek tablet 80 mg .


  21. Hello…there’s a stray dog(very old) in my locality suffering from skin infection ..he is scratching himself all the time, and there is no hair on his body and has a very reddish skin..I vaccinated him and gave him medicines(syrup, tablet, spray etc) as suggested by the vet..but there is simply no improvement in his condition..please suggest me some effective treatment…I have also bought neem oil and gaamascab lotion ..but how do I apply to the dog?I really want to help my friend…thank u..


  22. My dog sweats in d paws n develops wound every now n the n ultimately maggots.. even now he has a wound which I’m trying to treat with ur steps..plz suggest..


  23. Thanks team. I will try the recommended steps for worm with maggots at the dog’s ear. Big open worm and maggots are deep inside.

    I’m living in Malaysia and it is not easy to find Turpentine oil. Can I replace it with coconut oil?


  24. Hello,
    I want to give amoxcolyin tablet to skin infected dog plz tell me dosage strength and vitamin b tablet name also . she is stray dog and continue itching her self I had given her ciplox 250 and wysolone 5mg twice a day for 3 days but it is not very effective so plz tell me what to do?


  25. I have an 18 months old dog who has developed some bumps around his neck and can clearly see kind of fungal infection also which is causing itching as well . I would like to try scabnil oleo along with neem oil. Would like to know if scabnil oleo is available in Hyderabad. If not kindly suggest an alternative.


  26. We have a stray dog in our street.We stay in hyderabad telanagana.Due to some problem his front left leg got infected.Day by day its infection is increasing.Foul smell is coming almost upto its elbow flesh has gone bone is visible. What we have to do.Can you suggest me a doctor who can take care of stray dogs.


  27. I am from Patna. I have a stray puppy of 40 days old. he was Feeding on milk and biscuit . frm last 4-5 days he is too weak from its back side. plz tell what is he suffering frm and its cure.


  28. Hey….There’s a lactating bitch in our society but has got that itching irritation and shedding a lot of hair with many visible patches. A friend of mine told me to give a tablet of Neomec in every 3 days. But my concern is that the bitch is lactating and would it affect its pups too? Though it caught this itching after it was fed cold milk. Please help. It is really saddening to look it in that condition.


  29. Hello team, can you suggest home remedies for getting rid of fleas in dogs… I have 9 strays who get fleas very often.


  30. hey , there is my 5 years dog infested with maggots.he had an open wound in his tail I am trying my best I used vidin ointment in his wound and providin iodine ointment.but before use this ointment my father use phynile in his wound and after 6 hours we saw alive maggots came out from wound.then we fill vidin ointment in wound and also with betadine and close it with bandage is that okkk how can we sure that all maggots are came out or from wound plz suggest me wht to do


    • It is not advisable to bandage the wound. Follow what we have written in the article above. Just putting Betadiene would not help! And stop putting Phenyl


  31. Thanks for you tips and suggests a medicine and treatment for dog.aur v hm sb ko ap estra tips deata rahoo treatment ke jankari aur medicine ke jankar datae rahoo thank you so much……


  32. hey my dog is a street dog . he was suffering from some kinda skin disease so I do as posted above but he has licked some himax ointment n he’s been vomiting since that time . the cause of vomiting is that he licked that ointment ?


  33. Hi jagruti,
    I have a 14 years old female dog who got a lump between her ear and neck, would you be able to suggest some medicine or ointment which I can use first, before taking her to vet, also if you know a good Vet in Dwarka(New Delhi) which is not very expensive.


  34. Hi…
    First i appreciate your help you are providing…
    It will be great if you help me with my dog’s condition…
    I have attached few photos along with email..pls have a look…
    It began with a 5cm round spot on back with shedded hair which started to protrude…then it became as large as it is now as seen in photos…then it burst and a sinus was formed…once i noticed a maggot coming out from i followed the antimaggot guideline written on your page with turpentine and D-mag& topicure spray…so it became maggotfree….but during this i noticed there were other such tumor (maybe?) like protrusion on 4-5 other spots on body as you can see in photos….tried topicure spray on that for few days but the dog keeps licking on the spray…so i stopped further after one spray was empty….
    The dog has decreased eating the food for about a month and i can see gross emaciation and thin looking body….
    Its about 4 year old female dog of street breed….
    Please help with her condition…
    What’s the problem and what to do…
    Also suggest if any drug to increase appetite atleast to let her live a bit healthy life…
    With hope of getting replay at earliest….
    Thanking you in advance…


    • As shared with you over the email, this seems to be a case of multiple malignant Carcinoma. You are advised to show her to a good Veterinary surgeon of your choice.


  35. I saw a pup……who is hit by a prson on her neck……….he has also injury on his leg…..i dont know what should i do…….he was screaming …… .in pain…..give me some suggestion bcs in our area there is no any clinic for animals i couldnt take him thee for his treatment……pls


  36. Hi, a street dog in my locality was hit by a car yesterday, he has been limping since then. Though no wound is visible but it seems he has got an internal wound in his leg because of which he is finding it difficult to move around and he seems to be in a lot of pain. Please help I’m in south Delhi.


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