Medicine list to cure a dog who has had a paralytic attack*

Before this information gets erased of our memories, we also wanted to share the list and dosage of medicines that our doctor advised us to give to Hasmukh, when we were hoping against hope that he is unable to walk because he has had a paralytic attack, and not because he had the fatal spinal cord fracture as we came to know much later when we took him to the doc.

Maybe the information shared below, on the medicines that have the potential to cure dogs who have suffered from  a paralytic, will help some of you somewhere in curing a dog in need:

Homeopathic Medicines:

1. Arnica 1M-Morning-10 to 15 small ball tablets

2. Ruta 1M-Afternoon-10 to 15 small ball tablets

3. Rustox 1M-Evening-10-15 small ball tablets

Ayurvedic Medicines

Shilajeet Gel: 1 drop daily to be put on the tongue of the dog

Allopathic Medicine

Methycobal 500 mg- 1 Capsule in the morning and 1 Capsule in the evening

*Disclaimer: Our doc did tell us that all three medicines above could be given as a combination. However, if you were to ever use this info, please do consult your vet beforehand and show the dog to a veterinary medicine expert and take his opinion. Kindly note that he information above is solely being shared for informational purposes.

15 thoughts on “Medicine list to cure a dog who has had a paralytic attack*

  1. Sir, female dog 11y 12kg wt is suffering from urinary incontinence since past 4to 5 months.kindly suggest any ayurvedic remedy for her ..thank u


  2. Hi today 27-08-16 I see a dog pitbull bitch some heartless person drop him our office side road when I see him she is sinking so badly she suffering from paralysis in rear legs and skin disease so I try to save his life. Firstly she is so thirsty and hungry for long periods so I gave him some water after that some biscuits and she eat it. After that I m giving a good bath and call the local vatniary doctor who give him 2 injections after some time she feel good and recognize me. I m a dog lover I have a male Labrador 3 year Name Haider. So I request you I don’t want to save this pitbull female dog life I need help so please help me my contacts no 9982707919 please help this dog. I try to manage medicine as u display in ur website.


  3. I have an animal welfare association in mauritius , second chance animals rescue , we need a good vet to perform sterilisation for our stray dogs n owned dogs , how can u help ??


  4. .There is on street dog paralysis back legs
    Since 6 months passed not recovery
    came back to dog’s legs I am giving
    Homeopathy medicine Arnica ,conium
    Rush tox and causticum but near couple
    Couple of month has been pased not recovery dog’s paralysis in the back legs
    Please to help the street dogs suffering from paralysis legs please percribe the
    the name of best medicine for dog’s paralysis
    Regards to you from Baldev
    From new Delhi India



  5. मेरा एक डॉगी है 6 महीने से उसको पैरालाइज हो गया है जो ठीक नहीं हो पाया मुझे कोई ऐसी दवाई बताइए जिससे मैं उसका इलाज करवा सकूं मैंने काफी इलाज करवाया है उसका मगर कामयाब नहीं हो पाई आप मुझे कोई ऐसी दवाई बताइए जिससे कि मैं उसे दे पाऊं


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