Online Consultation Service for On-spot First-Aid Treatment to Street Animals

To avail of this service for Street Animals/mainly Street Dogs* in need, you are requested to kindly email us on along with the photographs of the animal and its wound; and the history of the ailment and medical treatment you have administered thus far, to enable us to guide you in the best possible manner, entirely on the basis of the experiential learning we have acquired over the years of doing this work in the field.

*Kindly note that our On-Site Treatment service for Street Animals that used to physically operate in North West Delhi since July 2014 has been temporarily suspended beginning 1st October 2017 onwards due to inefficient staff related issues*

But not to worry, we will revamp and restart it when the time is right…until then, let’s make the best use of communication technologies available to us, so feel free to email us, ping us on Facebook Messenger on the JAAGRUTI Facebook Page, WhatsApp us, whatever is convenient.

We are always available to guide you through on oral and topical medication to cure your street dog in need if you share photos of the wound and describe it over email on


Our Work Protocol for On-Site First Aid and Vaccination Service for Street Animals 

used to be as follows:

These services are available to best treat a street animal on his/her street itself.

We don’t run an ambulance or a shelter/hospital service for animals and thus request you, however, to read this page thoroughly, and only then send us an email on 

Below are described the various aspects of this service and our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)* as on 10th July 2014.

Please read the below text carefully before you REQUEST our Services.

  1. Why did we start this On-site First Aid & Treatment Service for Street Animals/Street Dogs?
  • Because a horrifying number of Street dogs and other animals suffer (and tragically die) as a result of lack of prompt medical attention and resulting life-threatening aggravation of the most minor of wounds, injuries or infections. For example: a minor scratch, if treating with the right topical applications promptly and regularly over a few days, will prevent it from turning into a ‘rotting’ maggot wound.
  • Because we think most minor injuries or infections are best treated on the street, i.e. the animal’s own territory or area, in which the animal is most at ease and comfortable.
  • Because we think that sending an animal to a hospital for a minor injury or infection is not the RIGHT thing to do, as the lack of space in a hospital and the stress of too many animals in there only stresses the injured animal further and there is always a chance that the dog you have sent to the hospital for a minor injury or ailment will contract secondary infections at the hospital/shelter – which may result in complicating their condition further.
  1. What kind of cases will, WE at the JAAGRUTI™ On-site First Aid & Treatment Service WILL register and try to treat?
  • We will provide on-site medical services for street dogs/street animals, being looked after by COLONY ANIMAL CARETAKER/COMPASSIONATE PEOPLE suffering from either of the following:

o Minor wounds

  • including wound dressing and dressing/bandaging of fractured limbs

o Minor injuries

o Skin conditions

o Maggot wounds

o Fever/Cough/Limping Dogs

o Eye or Ear Infections like Pus in the Ear

o Or any other case that we have the expertise of treating efficiently

o Disclaimer: If any of the above mentioned ailment is serious and beyond the mere administration of first aid, we will politely say ‘Sorry’ and request you to take the Street Dog/animal to the nearest vet of your choice or an animal hospital.

  1. What kind of cases, WE at the JAAGRUTI™ On-site First Aid & Treatment Service WILL NOT register and treat?
    • If the Street dog/animal is showing symptoms of Rabies, Distemper or Contagious Skin Infection (as determined by the First Aid team in consultation with vets on phone at the time of on-site visit) we will NOT treat them in any way.
    • Street dog/animal with VG (Vaginal Granuloma) or TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumour) requiring Administration of Chemotherapy Drugs like Vincristine. (Though, we have treated these cases successfully, the role of the caretaker is immense if such treatment is requested for on the street for atleast 2 weeks post administration of the Chemotherapy Drug. So, please connect with us to discuss such a case and we will take a call on whether or not to consider it on a case to case basis)
    • Street Dog/animal with Tumours or Serious Road Accident hit cases/Paralysed Dogs, needing life saving surgeries for removal of tumour or limb amputation surgeries, as the case may be.
    • Street dog/animal with Suspected Kidney/Liver Infection – we may/will do the initial emergency medication keeping in mind the dog’s physical condition/visible symptoms at the time of our team’s visit, but our Team would request you for Blood Tests/Kidney and/or Liver Function Tests to be done and the treatment protocol as listed by the Veterinarian of your choice to provide para-veterinary services to administer those drugs through Intramuscular or Intravenous routes, as the case may be.
  1. How to register a On-site First Aid & Treatment Service Request?
    • JAAGRUTI’s On-site First Aid & Treatment Service, is not a nonfigurative or online service. It is something tangible and concrete that will require you to stay involved and see through the first aid treatment being administered to your reported animal. You need to be with the street dog/animal throughout our team’s presence at your reported site, and also help restrain/handle it while the medical treatment is being administered. Read Point No. 5 as well.
    • You can request First Aid for a street dog/animal you care for by sending us an email on You can also fill the form below. If you prefer to e-mail us then do try to e-mail us photos and case history of the animal as well to help us plan the dog’s/animal’s treatment regimen better. No SMS or WhatsApp to generate an initial first-aid request will be accepted.
    • We will try our best to serve you within 24 hours of your First Aid request being received, provided you agree to all our terms and conditions. Delays, if any, would be communicated to you. We are just starting out on this, so there may be a few initial hiccups or logistics issues that we may face. We promise to be as efficient and professional in delivering this First Aid Service for Street Dogs/animals
    • While calling/e-mailing us/filling the First Aid Request form, please give complete details required – your name, mobile number and address is mandatory, your email ID is preferred

  1. What are the responsibilities of the CALLER requesting our team for On-site First Aid & Treatment Service for a street animal in need?
    • The presence of the CALLER/COLONY ANIMAL CARETAKER reporting the street animal in need is MANDATORY throughout the duration of the First Aid being administered by our team on-site to the animal in need.
    • It is also MANDATORY that the CALLER/COLONY ANIMAL CARETAKER helps restrain/handle the street animal while it is being administered first aid medicines. We are NOT a CATCHING SERVICE that will go out looking for Dogs/animals in your area that need the required first aid treatment, so call us only if you are confident that you can handle the animals while it is being administered injections/medicines as part of the First Aid Treatment for the reported ailment.
  1. What are the Charges for JAAGRUTI’s On-site First Aid & Treatment Service for Street Dogs/Animals?

This Service has two components: PAID yet CHARITABLE, and COMPLETELY CHARITABLE

  • PAID yet CHARITABLE COMPONENT of JAAGRUTI’s First Aid Service for Street Animals

i. It will be a ‘Paid Service’ so that this effort can continue and remain self-sustainable. This means that the colony street dog caretaker/person who calls us on site is expected to pay a contribution as asked for towards our service and transportation costs. We will try to keep the costs reasonable.

ii. We will get a form filled up by you when our team visits you on-site for administering First Aid treatment to your reported case and the contributions made by the caller towards this service are eligible for Tax Exemption U/S 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act 1961. Donation Receipts and Tax Exemption Certificates will be couriered to you in a week’s time and you will also be e-mailed the tracking number of your courier packet by us.


iii. From the contributions received as part of the First Aid Service and the funding that JAAGRUTI receives from its Trustees, JAAGRUTI will continue to conduct its Charitable First Aid/Vaccination Drives for Street Dogs being looked after by caretakers in ‘Economically Weaker Section (EWS)’ areas or those street dogs and animals in need identified by our team members.


Major Highlights*

  • Branded vaccines (Anti-Rabies Vaccines and 9-in-one), COLD CHAIN maintained and at reasonable rates will be administered to the street dogs you care for, on the street that they live.
  • An Annual Colony Street Dog Vaccination Card (signed by a Registered Veterinary Practitioner) will be issued to the Colony Animal Caretaker who takes the initiative to get the street dogs in their area/looked after by them vaccinated – with all vaccine stickers- firmly pasted inside for each dog (identified by its Sex/Colour/Sterilization Status etc.). You can even paste a Photocopy of this Card on your Colony’s RWA Notice Board! It is high time; we give all our street dogs their rightful and respectful place on the streets/communities, which these animals co-inhabit with us.
  • We have also started stocking and administering Cat/Feline Vaccinations now.

96 thoughts on “Online Consultation Service for On-spot First-Aid Treatment to Street Animals

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  2. Have looking for NGO in badlapur east for sterilazation of stray dogs, Approch to the a BMC Animal dept , the told they stop sterilazatiion.
    Request you to provide the contact numbers asap.


  3. This is a very good initiative. Only, that with time if the clause wherein the the caller has to help handling the dog can be amended, this will be very helpful.
    I myself would want to help but unable to hold and handle the dog.


    • Dear Sonam, we can assist in handling by giving you a leash and then helping muzzle him but the caller has to initiate it and help restrain the dog else how will an unwell dog allow strangers to hold and treat him. Please understand we don’t catch them as we don’t have to take them anywhere…so its all about handling them well on location so that they can be treated, administered medicines on site.


  4. Hello I am from Kolkata and a huge lover of stray dogs..I have adpoted 12 stray dogs.I do feed them regularly got them sterilized at my own cost and also vaccinate them from time to time…But some of neighbours always harrass me and threaten me to complain in the corporation so that they take away the dogs…They state all sorts of nonsense problems that they are barking making noise all the time making shit all over the road.etc etc…But the truth is that having adopted them i keep them inside my house premises most of the time to protect them from cold rain heat etc.where they rest..Out of 24 hrs they are hardly outside fr maximum three to four hours in a day..They hav their meals thrice a day only aftr evry meal they r let out by us so that they can go fr their toilet outside…Even at night i keep them withn my house premises so that they dont bark and neighbours are nt disturbed.So i am completely against such nonsensical
    complains of my neighbour as i believe dat if i hadnt adopted them their count had increased a lot as nobody wud hav taken the initiative to sterilize them at one s own cost…Also they wud hav been a menace as nobody would have vaccinated them frm time to time…By sterilising and vaccinating them properly i am keeping the entire neighbourhood safe at the same time giving the dogs as good life as possible.With regard to the complain of barking and making shit in the road i believe its their natural instinct to bark whenevr they see anything uncanny…That ensures our safety one undrstands this.As i keep them sheltrd most of the times as i had mentiond people only hs to bear with the barking only fr few hours in a day…And as far as d shit is concerned it is their natural habitat so it is quite normal that they will make shit at places in the road which will be duly cleard by the sweeper appointd by corporatn evry morning with other garbages..what is there in this to get to so hyper i dont get..Their threatenings have forced us appoint one sweeper at our own cost to clean all the shit of the road be it of my dogs or nt…Dis is absolutely unfair and unjustified..Following all these i am facing problems from family who are refusing to support my cause and forcing me to abandon all of them.I seriously dnt want the dogs to suffer just because of the nonsense attitude of the silly neighbours.please suggest me some legal aid to tackle this problem..


  5. Is Municipal Corporations are allowed to catch Stray or Street dog whose age is one year or below for Name Sterilization ?

    If not why Virar-Nalasopara-Vasai Municipal Corporation. Thane District of Maharashtra Western Suburban of Mumbai (India) catch such Small age Dogs ?

    The Contractor or Municipal officers told they have power to catch such dogs, I thought here a big scandal going on in between Contractors and officers to show only No.s and make Monetary benefit.

    Another Secret Mission is going on this area to kill stray Dog is they catch small Dogs with help of couple of big Dogs, after they catch such Dogs telling people on the spot or in ward offices that they will send back to same spot.But I monitor since long time once they catch such Dogs after never seen in the area.when asked the officers they put the responsibility Sterilization Hospital of Municipality, when asked Hospital They put the onus to contractors.

    When people complaint to Municipal corporation about this Big Dogs they send Contractors and they catch Innocent small Dogs.

    When I was spoke to some higher police officers they told reality that these Stray Dogs are helping Police to prevent unknown or suspected person entering the area therefore these Dogs presence is good for public and Police.

    But they told they can’t prevent Municipal corporation to catch such Dogs because Law prevent them, because this Stray Dogs matter come under Municipal act which police don’t have jurisdiction. only police can charge Municipal authorities if there is any Dog found dead.

    Municipal authority officers are very claver. they put such so called Sterilization centers near the crematorium, these dead bodies of Dogs they destroy in Night time, therefore police of people not to get any clue about kill the Dogs.

    The Municipal commissioner have no time to here these serious matter. when I was tried to contact him he refused accept calls.

    I appeal to all take this matter seriously to Government or judicial level and save live of these innocent animals.


    • Request you to please connect with Nilesh Bhanage of PAWS Thane 9820161114 on this subject and guide you on how best to strategise and sort these discrepancies in the ABC programme in your area. Answer to your first question is that- Dogs over 6 months of age can be taken/sent for sterilisation.


    • yes thats true , even some body came and they forcefully taken our serlized dog (Male) in our area, but they never released back we all tried to find him but no clue, even I asked Mulund BMC catch office he just denied it and even i twice visited IDA Deonar in their record no such dogs they catched, now I think that our male dog may be they relocated somewhere else or he may be died , January incident ( area Ghatkopar Samta colony )


      • Municipal corporations sadly do a shoddy job at times! Better is that Compassionate caretakers take the onus of getting street dogs sterilized and vaccinated by themselves.


  6. Hello I am from Delhi….. want to ask how much do you charge for Anti Rabies vaccine for stray(per dog)….. their are 45 days old stray pups which vaccine should we start first..and what are the charges for each pup vaccine


    • ARV would cost you Rs.100 per street dog plus our transport charges. ARV should be administered only after the pups turn 90 days old. Now that they are 45 days old, please get them dewormed and their 6 or 9 in one vaccine shots as your budget may be.


  7. At my place one female dogs Delivered six puppy’s. I will going to give ARV them as soon as they touch to 100 th day cross. My budget is no problem I can spend for them.

    My main question is weather Municipal corporation is empowered to kill the stray’s secretary ? and what is remedy for this cruel act of Municipal corporation’s ?

    Please comment.


    • No, the Municipality can ONLY sterilise and vaccinate Street dogs and they HAVE to return them to the place where they picked them up from post recovery from sterilisation surgery. Killing street dogs is illegal as per Indian Penal Code’s Section 428 and 429 and Section 11(1) of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and orders of Honourable Supreme Court of India


  8. hello, yesterday i found a small street pup , very small… it is about 6 or 7 days old .I brought it to my house being afraid that it might die, i don’t know how to take care of him,i fed him with milk but now it is suffering from upset stomach and vomittings ! please suggest and yes , in the night i found that he was crying loudly. i am very worried please reply soon


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  10. Hi, I am Rohit from Mumbai Sion. A 2 month street puppy is suffering from skin infection and a wound. please help that puppy I will help you to catch the puppy n during the treatment.


  11. hi, can u treat a stray dog? in noida region? He is injured and might develop maggots as I can see from his injury. Please suggest ASAP


  12. There’s a stray dog injured in my locality. He’s not even able to walk properly. I want him to get treated and I will stay during the treatment process but I can’t handle the dog as I just see him and feed him but never touched him as I’m afraid of dog bites.


  13. Hi..m Ruma from east Delhi. Last light i saw a dog which was lying on the footpath by road accident. Suddenly i called to Friendicoes Seca (Animal welfare team) but they replied me that they don’t handle any cases related to east Delhi. It was totally shocking & she gave me a number for one who take care for such cases for east Delhi. But when i tried, the number was switched off. What the hell is that..?? Could you please tell me what should we do? if we will see such kind of cases in roads. Please reply me or provide me the numbers of ambulance or doctors who are honestly help them.


    • We are assuming Friendicoes Animal Hospital gave you the number of Anita Private Animal Ambulance service. She is the person to call in East Delhi. Alternatively, you could have waited with the dog, posted a rescue appeal for volunteers in SPCA Noida Facebook group and arranged for a vehicle to transport the dog yourself to Friendicoes.


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  17. I take care of 26 street dogs, want to get them vaccinated -6 I ONE AND ANTI RABIES. Pls let me know the fost at the earliest. I live in south delhi


  18. hi jaagruti org,

    i am taking care of on street puppy three month old i dont have any idea about the Vaccination Service i scare about all so please suggest me whom to contact and where should i take her(puppy) for vaccination injection and all.


  19. There is a small street dog around 2 years old near my place and it has got large wound with full of maggots in it. This dog is not very cooperative and hence I am not able to take it to any of the veterinary hospital nor to treat that dog. Could you please guide me and help me in saving the life of that dog. I am not able to look in to that wound since it has many number of maggots and insects inside the wound. Could you please help me and save that dog’s life.


  20. Hello I am from Meerut. A street puppy is badly bitten by another street dog on lower back and paralyzed his both hind legs. Please suggest some tips how can we care for him. We have taken him to vet. Please reply fast as it is matter of someone life and death.


    • Get an X – ray done and show it to the Vet. If the damage to the spine is permanent and you cannot look after him for life, please consult the vet on the “putting him to sleep” option.


  21. Can we get medical help for a stray dog in mira road ,mumbai,thane-401107.As there are some people in our building thinking to give him to the municipality………and its an emergency as those people has done this previously and we have lost a dog who had maggots……… I hope you reply


  22. hello sir/mam
    ek street female dog he jo kai dino se khujli se pareshan he uske sare baal bhi jhad gayen hen or bhut kamjor bhi ho gai he.uski puri body me rashes ho gaye hen.abhi uske 1 month ke 2 baby bhi hen jo uske first baby hen.wo is problem se idhar udhar bhagti rehti he or kahin na kahin chupi rehti he.please aap mujhe kuch suggest kijiye ki me kya karun.please jitni jaldi ho sake answer karna


  23. We have 6 dogs (strays) with us in pitam pura New Delhi. We want to get them vaccinated , sterlised and back in our street. From where we can get this done at minimum cost as not even a single family supports us in feeding or any treatment of these dogs but do insult us for looking after them.


      • Is there any way that these strAy dogs get adopted as now with six previous ones there is a new litter of puppies i.e 7 more making them 13. Due to financial reasons we are not able to feed them properly and thier need will go up with time. And here in this colony no body is ready to feed them or provide them shelter in rainy season and they all have even shunned our family due to our care for Street dogs.


      • You should get the adult dogs sterilized. Dr. Vijay who has his clinic near Ramesh Nagar Metro Station does street dog sterilization surgeries for FREE at his. We did write an email to you on this too. Feeding without sterilization will never help..


  24. Hi, I m Sorab from New Delhi(pitampura). A street dog is suffering from skin infection n a wound on her leg. She is very weak n unable to stand for a long on her own. Pls. help this dog or advise any contact details.


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  26. I have sent you mail regarding one injured stray cat at my place. please help him. He is so friendly and cute. Need your help.


  27. I m from azadpur , slum area azadpur Lalbagh, here a lots of problem regarding the dogs, many dog died by illness and without the treatment of their injoury
    please help these dogs by sterilization & treatment
    my no is 8882042067,if you are doing these i will help you all (non-personal finacial at all), i provide you an environment.


    • We are an advisory service and can guide you through on oral and topical medication to cure dogs there itself provided you share photos of the wound and dogs with us on Also, we can connect you to a vet who does street dog sterilization surgeries for FREE at his clinic provided you do the post operative care at your own place for 12-24hours post surgery (assuming you are writing from Azadpur, Delhi)


  28. Helo mam,I have one street dog puppy whose eyes are still shut ..he is 15 days old puppy ..who is suffering from neck wound infection..I have inserted nebasulf powder on that please help me for her mother is not giving him attention not even feeding milk..


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