The ‘illogical’ Indian – A post in memory of ‘Chintu’


                        ‘Chintu’ – A photograph from his good old days!


Chintu, was a ‘Street turned Community Dog’, whom we knew since December 2004. He started living in a building staircase in the colony where I too stay ever since he was wrongly dropped off here post-Sterilization. He must be about a year old then.

A security guard in our colony, gave him that name, “Chintu”. Not one to bark unnecessarily or harm anyone, Chintu soon became popular with the residents of all 8 flats in that building. Someone gave him biscuits, someone milk, and some others gave him roti with milk. His days were spent sun-bathing, with his little tongue strutting out, eyes closed, be it winters or summers.

With the ever so loyal and vigilant ‘Chintu’ around, no robbery ever happened on that street or in the building he inhabited.

Chintu was a bit scared of us though, unlike other street dogs. His reasons were perhaps that we always had dogs from ‘our’ street walking beside us- who never left an opportunity to scare Chintu away!

Nonetheless, we tried to pet him when we could and also did our duty of getting Chintu both his vaccination shots every year ever since he became a resident community dog of our colony, as we do annually with other dogs living on the streets in our colony and neighbourhood areas.

Wonderful 10+ healthy years passed away for Chintu in that building of ‘his’.

As November 2015 approached, a resident of that building stopped us on our morning walk with our dog and said that ‘Chintu’ has been vomiting recently. Since Chintu gets scared seeing us and doesn’t eat from us either, we checked with our Vet and gave the 5 day oral medication to that gentleman- resident of that building to feed Chintu.

Chintu was better, so was the feedback we got. His vomiting had stopped.

As the winters set in, we placed a Jute bori for him on that building staircase and later a piece of blanket too.

Then one day in December 2015, a lady resident of that building ‘interrupted’ our morning walk with our dog, asking us to take Chintu away somewhere as his vomiting is ‘spreading infections’. When we told her that the best we can do is begin his treatment again and that taking him anywhere is not recommended as he is a sensitive dog, much attached to this staircase, which he considers his home, she started another story of how she cares for pigeons!

Anyways, we started his medications again.

That December night as we went to place another bori for him as the winter chill had increased, we noticed to our shock, a printed and pasted sheet on the wall, “instructing residents not to feed the dog as he vomits in the building and is making conditions unlivable and unhealthy”.

The next evening, 23rd December 2015, when I went and met the lady who had pasted this notice, who was a Doctor herself, we requested her to let the residents  continue feeding him. How can antibiotics work with an empty stomach, was our reasoning to her.

No food- No vomit was her illogical reasoning.

She was a doctor, after all, we hoped she would understand, but she kept shaking her head in disdain and said, “No, only milk for Chintu, he has anything solid he vomits and I will send him off somewhere”. We tried to tell her not to do this as Chintu is a very sensitive dog, he won’t be able to live one more day if dislocated from ‘his’ building. We even left our number with her. She nodded and took it and we saved her number in our phone too. When I offered her anti-emetic and anti-acidity tablets to give to Chintu in his food, she said, “I have them, don’t need any”.

The next evening 24th December 2015, as we came to get Chintu injected with antibiotics, we noticed the boris and blankets were missing. The lady doctor said ‘Chintu’ keeps shifting his bedding on his own! Really?

Allow us to share that this ‘lady doctor’ goes to the temple religiously every morning with her basket of flowers and other offerings to please the Lord.

As I left for a Training on 25th December 2015 night, we requested the ground floor resident of that building to continue feeding Chintu whatever they could and that I will take him to the Vet once I return. God only knows what fate befell Chintu in those 3 days that I was away. On 28th December 2015, we were alerted to Chintu being dragged down the stairs for being taken away to a hospital, whose ambulance this lady doctor had called. As my brother came and got Chintu out of the ambulance to lift him to our home, the damage was already done. Chintu’s back had been damaged, he was writhing in pain. It was only then the lady doctor had the cheek to call me, never before, she had made up her mind long back to get Chintu off that building of ‘hers’!

I returned back on 29th December morning and rushed Chintu to the Vet while getting his Chest and Abdomen X-rays done along the way and blood samples were given to for his Blood, Kidney and Liver tests.

The Chest X-ray revealed infection in his lungs-not surprised- the winter chill got to him because the so called residents of that building took all his boris and blankets away. His back bone was injured off the trauma and force exerted on him while being dragged down the stairs by those dog catchers in the animal ambulance. He was a step away from being paralysed, so said the Vet. His abdomen was completely empty – pointing out that he was ‘starved’ by the residents of those very building who fed him all these years till he was healthy.

We began his course of treatment at our trusted Vet’s clinic and then got him back home, Chintu’s painful cries never stopped. His vital organs were now also failing him.

His body was paralysed later that night. Chintu had had enough!

He passed away with all of my family around him at 5am on 30th December 2015 morning.

He had crossed over the Rainbow bridge and moved on to a place far away from all illogical Indians.

As we took him to the Crematorium that morning, we stopped by at that building once where Chintu had lived all his life, only to see his boris and food bowls thrown away in the garbage. The residents of that building were perhaps in a tearing hurry to clean up after Chintu was ‘forcefully’ removed by them.

We cremated him with sunrise that morning. We were very sad but glad that Chintu was now in peace, for we knew long back, from these 11 years of observing him, as to how much he loved ‘his’ home i.e. that building, that staircase where he spent all his life.

Old age is not a disease. You, me, every one, every creature who is born on this planet turns old. You would turn old and so would I. Health problems can affect anyone of us too. It doesn’t mean you shun the sick patient off in his old days or days of ill-health. It is in those days that they need your care and affection the most, be it a human, an animal or a bird.

For all the Illogical Indians and residents of that building whom Chintu innocently thought were his well-wishers, but rather they were just his fair-weather friends – we now have just one thing to say, Chintu died not because of being sick, he died of the trauma and starvation YOU ALL inflicted on him in those last few days of his. No amount of going to temples to worship daily will wash away this sin of yours away. Chintu, like all dogs, had a big heart. He may forgive you all, but we sincerely hope someone up above has taken note of all of yours illogical deeds.

A little empathy is all ‘Chintu’ needed and deserved, and he did not get any in his worst hour of need.


Rest in peace, Chintu.

22 thoughts on “The ‘illogical’ Indian – A post in memory of ‘Chintu’

    • Oh yes, we agree. Mankind is no longer ‘kind’. They think they can do anything that pleases them and they will never be punished for their sins. Going to temples daily is their mantra to cleanse their past sins and make way for new ones.

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  1. The so called religious don’t seem to know the story of the dog (Dharma in disguise) who accompanied Yudhisthir to Heaven, and revealed himself only when Yudhisthir refused to leave him outside. What these people have done to a helpless dog is the worst karma which will catch up with them, sooner or later. For some strange reason, the regular temple goers are often the worst offenders. May Chintu merge with the Light…..RIP. God bless you for the wonderful work you do.

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  2. this has become common in india,and do u anyone in kolkata providing similar help to dogs n cats…i do of my own…i m not that experiened…


  3. Why didn’t anyone filed a complaint to the police against that criminal lady? The things she did to the already suffering dog is a criminal offence.


    • Srijit. This lady and one other old man residing in the building wanted to call the Police when my brother stopped the ambulance that was taking him away and lifted him in his arms. We challenged them to call. Then they didn’t. The trauma of him being dragged down the stairs was inflicted by the catchers at the behest of this lady doctor. We didn’t eye witness it. The X ray report pointed out the damage in his spine. It was too late by then. Chintu passed away a few hours later. All we could then do waa honour his spirit and leave these people to bear their fate!


  4. A lovely life but a very sad ending for Chintu. I guess these are the sort of things that must be happening to these poor lovely beings of the street, in their later days. I have personally taken care of so many strays in the past 17 years as also adopted them and so I can safely say, I am no stranger to human crassness and idiotic, stupid, selfish nature. I know the attitude of the people and even some of the “kind ones” ( just like in your narrative above ), who we think care for the animals. I have seen that there are varying “grades & degrees” of “Animal lovers” and very rare are the breed, called “true animal lovers”. People’s logic and lack of empathy sometimes leaves one totally dumbfounded and dumbstruck and it is in such circumstrances that their true character reveals itself. I have personal experience with this, including even with family members and their attitude .

    The message, the lesson and the realization that has come to me, in caring for these voiceless is that, the selfishness of humans knows no bounds.We have become very materialistic people, driven by our egos and conditioned by the flashy society and these beings fit in nowhere in that structure. The lady doctor you mention, similarly seems more driven by her status & her friends (flashy society ) and her so called “cleanliness”, than any sense of empathy. Her education is actually a waste of resources as she has just taken a degree. It has not even taught her the basics of how the diseases can be spread and what to do to treat them and combat them effectively, without actually throwing the sick out. The paranoia is what she is spreading and certainly not researched medicine facts I have cared for sick, senior dogs and know how fragile they become in their later years. Much goes into caring for them as I lost one recently to Kidney disease.

    I have said this many a times in my comments on various groups and would repeat it again, that I sincerely wish all people who betray animals, face the same situation in their own old age & senior years. It might sound cruel but I wish they find no means of support, in their years when they need it the most, neither from their children nor the society. They get dumped exactly the way, they dump animals. This is Karma & I hope it manifests itself likewise. I agree with you regarding being religious and visiting temples. This all has no meaning if it is NOT reflected in your actions. Please consider this long response as my tribute to Chintu and all these uncared for beings, who die on the street unnamed & uncared for. Thanks for doing all that you did for him. RIP Chintu.


    • We second every word of what you have written and shared, Sandeep. We too leave it to God to punish them for what they did to Chintu. It’s better to be an uncared for Dog-on-the-Street than to be cared for when you are healthy and starved and dumped the moment they turn old and sick.

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  5. M heartbroken to see the cruelty done by humans.How could they forget that one day they will be old.If same be done to them how will they feel.
    Miss you chintu…May your soul rest in peace.

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  6. Can i help JAAGRUTI group some way with some voluntary contribution from my salary so that even little it is can help this wonderful group to help little dogs who are shunned away for most basic requirement as food and shelter .


  7. I dont know, why you didnt. but you might have taken a strong legal step against the lady. even now. if you ccant then give me her number I will take.
    srijani bhattacharya


    • She and all building residents still think they were doing the right thing by keeping him off solid diet. In such situations, one has to leave things to the power up above and leave fate to teach them the lesson!


  8. We are destroying ourselves every day, every moment. Out time is going to be finished, if we believe it or not. Our cruelty and inhumanity and bad intention to people, animal and the entire earth is the main cause of destruction. What Chintu suffered, most of the people, especially servitude, our mother nature is also suffering, this suffering will never end, whatever the plan and slogan we do, because a majority of people in this earth are inhuman, they look like human but they are not. If this number increases, though it is increasing then who is God will come to save us? I have seen this type of similar type of cases in my area, in Kolkata, I know those persons who are absolute not deserve to be human and have the authority to live in this earth, but they are and they are just polluting the environment, harming the people, animal and the nature. I only pray for Chintu to my God, Oh my God do not save those cruel people, let them die, if they die, at least we will have a number of true human being and the rest of the people and animals will live in harmony. Thanks Kabbyik Mitra


  9. Reading Chintu’s story brought tears to my eyes. As a dog lover who insists on feeding and taking care of the dogs in my colony I face this kind of narrow minded prejudice every other day.
    Also, could someone please tell me where I can get 2 dogs who live in my colony vaccinated. I live in Sohna Road, Gurgaon. Any leads would be appreciated. Thank you so much!

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    • Hi Samriddhi. Thanks for fighting through this prejudice on a daily basis.

      We at JAAGRUTI do run an On-site First Aid and Vaccination Service for Street Dogs but Sohna Road is very far for us to come to for just 2 dogs


      • Thn go n vaccinate some more yu dumb heads
        Yu dont undrstand hw mch Hope yu r giving..whn u say NO
        Its lik kill all the Hope
        Dont do.tht pls
        We can give yu Money if u want bt Help.pls


      • Why don’t you write a comment stating your name and number rather than as someone “anonymous”. The lady whom we wrote too about our inability to travel 120kms round trip never did so


  10. Chintu all prayers for you my child.
    And my prayers for all the lovely dogs out there. I have three little children and just yesterday my maid (who is here for six days)
    She said “arey madam ye apne kya paal rakhe hain “(pounding on her head), I just told her that they are my children and never to say anything about them. Inside me I wanted to beat her to death ,that’s how much I hate every single person who doesn’t even consider animals as living beings.
    But how much will I and all you out there will fight , and with whom, these stupid people who don’t realise that as a human being we are responsible for all the animals around us, it’s our duty to help them and be with them.

    Very rightly said “illogical indians”, I wish (I will not say) it will just happen.
    And now when I see my babies sleeping besides me ,I thank God they have me and they are not somewhere else and I wish I could keep all the dogs with me , and with people like you all.

    Thank you God ,thank you that I am not a dog hater, thank you for my little babies and there peaceful life. Thank you that there are all these lovely people around. Please give everybody a heart ,a heart that really empathises.

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  11. I hate society so much..Ppls cant Help others
    Without conditions bt Pray God to Help thm freely
    Btw Don’t worry Chintu has Lived his Life
    It is alrdy so mch as Most of the Poor Animals evn Pups die of starving or accident
    N leave othr violations of Animal.rights n cruelty done with wrong
    I’d rqust evryone to pls Pet thm..i feel more sad whn ppls nglct a strt dogs bt thn go Buy a Costly one n thm shower him wt All.Money
    I self hv saved one n he is so cute..n he looks so good as he gets quality food
    Jst save thm pls..dont ignore


  12. Name the housing society and the doctor and individuals involved.
    Also their photographs.
    Name and shame!
    Also if the dog died because of their action I wonder why case was not filed against them u/s 11(l) of PCA 1960 which is a cognisable section


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