Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Series-4: A Dossier of Indian Street Dog related laws and court rulings- Read, Print and Share widely

To all those who feed and take care of their neighbourhood street dogs in India, we have one request. Don’t feel weak. The laws are on your side and also in favour of the street dogs you care for.

In this post, we are sharing with you one comprehensive document that compiles all the laws, news-clippings and court orders/rulings, pertaining to street dogs

Please download this document by clicking here: A Dossier of Indian Street Dog related laws and court rulings

Save it, take print-outs and read it well.

These are updated laws, rules, orders pertaining to DOGS, their feeding and other rights. Most dog lovers don’t bother to read them and end up getting harassed while the law is strong and clear. Please keep a copy ready and if possible submit one copy in your local police station and the RWA, so unfortunate encounters can be averted beforehand. 

A point wise synopsis is also written in the beginning of this document.

We thank Citizens for Animal Rights for their effort in compiling this document and sharing the same with us. By posting it here, we are sharing it further and hope you all will share it widely too and feel empowered.

Remember: Your responsibility however doesn’t end with just feeding them, please also ensure that these dogs you care for are sterilized and vaccinated…since you are friendly with them, can touch them, it is much easier for you to collaborate with the NGO run Animal Hospital (that runs the local Municipality supported ‘Animal Birth Control’ Programme for street dogs) near your home to help undertake the sterilization of these dogs, it is just a one time exercise and will prevent you the agony of seeing pups dying (of illnesses and car accidents) in front of your eyes ever so frequently.

13 thoughts on “Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Series-4: A Dossier of Indian Street Dog related laws and court rulings- Read, Print and Share widely

  1. Dear all, this is to intimate you again that some brutal people in our locality also are against the innocent dogs. To make their children laugh and keep them happy, they always point out their fingers towards stray dogs and tell the dog to behave according to them, but when the point comes of loving them, they consider themselves as decent and don’t want the dogs in the locality. They find the dogs when asked by the pandits at the time of Hawans, Shraadhs and some other activities to be performed, but kick them when the work is over. So educated and decent na ! Now, I would also like to intimate on-time that these people are connected with RWA and are planning to throw these dogs out of the society. Kindly don’t suggest to talk and make these guys understand because they don’t have heart and won’t understand anything unless and until thrashed by the system . So please suggest what else to do.


  2. i want my street dogs get vasectomized. Kindly help me how i can do that. I live in uttam nagar, new delhi-59. I feed them regularly, they are 4. 1 dog and 3 bitches. I can not take them to nearest animal hospital Kindly guide me. And what about charges?


    • Sorry, we didnt get your point…you want to get these 4 dogs you tske care of sterilised, right? And you cannot take them to the hospitsl yourself? Do you want a private vehicle to take them there…please specify and we will guide you accordingly. Thanks


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  4. some heartless people in my society want to remove the innocent stray dogs from here, giving stupid excuses. they are planning to call the mcd people for the same. i dont have any problem if the dogs are gonna be vaccinated and then released in the area again but i’ve got to know that these mcd people sometimes kill the dogs… please tell me what they exactly do cause i’m strictly againt animal violence and want to take an action against it.


    • Komal, we had replied to you over the email when you first posted this comment, why don’t you download this dossier and read the laws, no dog can be killed or dislocated legally, the MCD cant do it, if that happens, complain to their head in this field, Dr. Alok Aggarwal. Dogs can only be picked up for sterilization and have to be released back into that area post sterilization. No sterilized dog can be picked up either.


  5. There is so much suffering and agony in the stray animals..why cannot public b sympathetic towards them and help to make things better by showing some compassion..after all they too have feelings and experience hunger and I’ll health like we humans…why can’t the respective authorities b more strict towards the cruelty to these animals and make shelters for them and provide food and medication…?


  6. Can we kindly update the above dossier to include latest court judgements including the 2019 judgement of high court of haryana and punjab that gave status of legal persons or entities to strays?


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