5 thoughts on “A Dossier of Indian Street Dog related laws and court rulings

  1. Hi Jaagruti Team..after observing this blog, and the bottom line is I am part of this revolution.. I have been doing the stray dog feeding from last 5 years and was not knowing the law before coming to this site.I am shipra sun city resident,Indirapuram and feeding 8 stray dogs, and doing vaccination and sterilization through ABC unit. I have been seen down upon by the residents here and now RWA is collating data to get rid of the stray dogs and been discussing stray dogs issues in the meeting on priority .I have put these laws on the notice board in all the blocks, however I seek your help now on this as I am afraid that they will relocate these dogs and leading them to die.I have the RWA email ID who all are complaining that dogs are sleeping under cars,etc..issues to RWA…but I cant control this situation alone, until I get the support legally from people like you who knows the way of handling such situation…let me know if I shall call you quickly..


    1. Hello Olga. I am a resident of Shipra Suncity and I am facing the similar problem with the current RWA. Please let me know what you did and who you contacted?


  2. hey can i please know where r the stray dogs kept wen dy r taken away by MCD? n is dere any way to get dm back?? please reply asap!


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