Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Series-3: Apply for the ‘Colony Caretaker of Animals-Card’ from Animal Welfare Board of India

AWBI website screenshot-information to dogfeeders, colony caretakers

AWBI website screenshot-information to dogfeeders, colony caretakers

Animal Welfare Board of India has decided to issue Identity Cards to Street Dog Feeders/Colony Care Takers of Animals who are taking care of animals in their locality.

A proforma of registration form can be downloaded from this link- or please click below.

AWBI Form for getting Colony Caretaker of Animals ID Card

Please download the form and send the duly filled in form along with the following:

– Two passport size photographs.
– Self -attested true copy of the Ration Card/ Voter ID/ Driving License/ Passport/ PAN Card


(Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India)
Post Box No. 8672, 13/1, Third Seaward Road, Valmiki Nagar,Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600 041

Colony Animal Cretaker Form_AWBI_English

Colony Animal Cretaker Form_AWBI_Hindi

A news report on the same in Indian Express dated 21st January 2013, by Senior Correspondent Kamala Kelkar,  is posted below. Please hoever note that the process may take less or more than a couple of weeks for you to receive your cards, as mentioned below

People who care for street dogs will soon be getting government-issued identity cards. The new ID cards are expected to do away with harassment faced by many such persons from the general public, when they try to feed canines on the road.

In a move that animal activists termed “unprecedented,” the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has decided last week that anyone who voluntarily cares for strays — dog feeders and colony caretakers who tend to animals in their locality.

It Board has put up a one-page registration form (can be downloaded free of cost) on its website, for those who want to get these ID cards.

The applicant needs to fill in personal information such as name, address and experience. Once the application is submitted, the ID card would be processed and mailed to the applicant, board member and legal advisor Anjali Sharma said.

“The card would have the person’s name and an attestation that he/she is doing a right and lawful deed and the Animal Welfare Board supports it. This lends credibility to the person,” Sharma said.

The AWBI is a legal advisory body that was formed under the Animal Prevention Act of 1960 to protect the animals.

Sharma explained that the goal of the card, which does not provide any exclusive rights, was solely the welfare of animals and caretakers.

“Most people don’t realize that sterilization and vaccination of stray dogs would be possible only through feeding and befriending dogs,” Sharma said.

In December 2011, the Delhi High Court had passed an order voicing its approval for designated “dog feeding spots” for stray canines in the city. It passed the order on a petition which sought to protect dogs from “intimidating” residents, so they could be fed without any hassle.

The court also ruled that police should assist dog feeders if they faced any “harassment” from residents and also ordered the AWBI to designate specific feeding areas.

Rishi Dev, founder of Citizens for Animal Rights who has written a book on “Urban disputes over animals”, said this was the first time that the government was supporting such an initiative.

Sharma hoped that many would come forward to apply for the cards. “They are performing a duty,” she said. “And it’s a legitimate exercise.”

26 thoughts on “Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Series-3: Apply for the ‘Colony Caretaker of Animals-Card’ from Animal Welfare Board of India

    • Their office has now shifted from Chennai to Ballabhgarh. Please follow up with them over the phone. Hope you have got the street dogs you care for sterilized and vaccinated. Because if you have then the laws and February 2015 dated AWBI (Animal Welfare Board of India, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate change, Government of India) circular regarding pet and street dogs : will help defend your rights and those of the dogs you care for.


  1. Hlo…i had applied for tha id card 1 and half month ago….but i didn’t get my card….no card is mailed and sent to my address….i urgently need the card….what to do now….please help…because my colony’s people are against me and everyday they ask me not to feed the dogs …. the reason is ,,, the dogs dig the pots ( gamle) which one person has kept outside his house….he always complaints that ur dogs dig my pots….dont feed them otherwise i will complaint in police….please help me what should i do ???


  2. thanks a lot for this information.
    i am die hart pet lovers n may people of from my colony abuses and giving me metal harassment. one of man who supervisor from my colony is used to break purposely pot of dog in which im used to feed them . even they broke dog’s water pots .


  3. Excellent initiative. It is true that the general public hate the these poor homeless living beings who very often live in the streets on empty stomachs. They not only prevent kind hearted animal lovers from feeding the animals but even enter into fights with them. This card will be of great use to the feeders.


  4. Respected madam I’m Aryan Sarkar, feeding and taking care of more than 25 strays as there is no one to look after them. Since 2012 our daily routine of feeding them are accompanied by threatenings, high rated abusive languages and cruelty towards them like murdering dogs with the help of car, poisoning them, separating and killing newborns without their mother’s knowledge. Yesterday they were trying to kill my small brother(blessing, a stray puppy). We were able to save him. A person named BISWAL himself takes the initiative to kill and poison them all. PLS HELP OR SUGGEST SOME MEASURES AGAINST HIM ASAP as we are fighting with them everyday to save my small brothers and sisters. NEED IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE. PLS HELP we’ll be indebted to u. We just need the right to feed them. I live in bairaginagar, jharpada BHUBANESWAR.


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