8 thoughts on “AWBI website screenshot-information to dogfeeders, colony caretakers

  1. I’m Dikshapradeep I live in Bangalore as I’m a pet lover I have 9 cats at home and also I’m feeding for street animals like cats and dogs but the problem I’m facing from other people is they are not allowing me to feed animals near platform nor near chambers, poor pets are waiting for me every day but couldn’t give them because of these peoples.
    Please kindly help me to get FEEDER’S BADGE so that I can feed them peacefully, this is my humble request to Cupa.


  2. Hi my bane is kinjal
    I feed around street 32 dogs and 29 street cows
    I had rescued some dogs falled in drainage,
    Gave home to many puppies
    Trying to take care of birds
    But when I see some people throwing stones and them and giving plastic to eat I need to raise my voice ..and for that it is imporatnt for me to get I’d card.

    Can you please let me know if I can mail and apply?


  3. Hi i am an animal lover from childhood taking care of stray animals feeding them taking care making homes for them or helping stray dogs in their delivery times as well. I got married n shifted to new place wherein I am facing problem in feeding strays who live in the society for long as other ppl n guards here creates an issue everyday while we feed them. Now one of the female dog is pregnant n to scare them they use sticks I m afraid they don’t harm her.
    Please help with any badge or id card so we can tk care of them.


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