Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Series-4: A Dossier of Indian Street Dog related laws and court rulings- Read, Print and Share widely

To all those who feed and take care of their neighbourhood street dogs in India, we have one request. Don’t feel weak. The laws are on your side and also in favour of the street dogs you care for. In…

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The ABC of stray dogs

Animal Birth Control/ABC Programm involves sterilizing street dogs, vaccinating them against rabies and releasing them back into the areas where they were picked up from. The article below is kind courtesy of  The Pioneer Newspaper, penned by noted senior journalist Mr….

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Commonwealth Games and Street Dogs- Part 2

For a background or part 1 of this story on Commonwealth Games (Delhi, 2010) and street dogs, kindly click here and then read on below On 5th October, 2010, the Animal Welfare Board of India wrote to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi…

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Commonwealth Games and Street Dogs

    After the news of the report submitted by Commonwealth Games Federation President and CEO was made public by the electronic media early this week,  it was apparently qouted and shown in the photographs submitted by the committee that,…

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Spot a sick and ailing Tree, call the doctor: Delhi gets a Tree Ambulance

News piece in Hindustan Times dated 5th February, 2010 Please click on images to enlarge. Thanks.            

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