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Many a time, despite our good intent we feel helpless, we feel weak…we know we are right but don’t have the facts, be it scientific or judicial to back up our statements to convince the person we are trying to communicate our point to. At this point, we often wish and pray that  someone gives us the information we so desperately need. This page is an attempt in that direction, so that when we speak about an issue and supplement it with fact/s, people know what we are trying to talk about and they take us and our words seriously. To begin with, most of the information put on these pages would be to make those who respect and care for street animals like street dogs and other animals in our neighbourhood feel stronger, as they have many a court rulings backing them up. But as we progress, we will put more information in here bordering on many social issues that deserve our attention.

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The Laws, Important Government Documents/Directions and Court Judgements

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10 Comments on “New Page added: “Information to empower you!”

  1. Dear Jaagruti

    I am writing this mail from Raipur, Chhattisgarh, there no protection for stray dogs in raipur, most of the dogs here suffer from skin diseases, or dies in accident, during the winter season the new set puppies come and are found in different corners of the streets. most of the puppies do not survive, I am a dog lover, i wanted to help these dogs but there are no shelter or NGOs in raipur and no helplines or no proper vets… please help


    • Sorry. But if there is nothing around, we suggest you take the lead to start an Animal Birth Control programme for Street Dogs in association with the Municipality as per the Animal Birth Control Rules (for dogs) 2001 drafted under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. And start a First Aid service for street animals. Someone has to make a beginning.


  2. Hello all
    Greetings and best wishes
    I am Aniket and I have question. Recently I had a debate with my friends on the road accidents involving stray dogs. If an individual is driving a car on road well within the speed limits and following all the traffic rules and all of a sudden a stray dog or any animal happens to get hit by the car then will the car driver be punished, will there be any offense registered against the car driver knowing that the car driver did everything to stop the car and tried to save the dog or the animal but things were beyond the control of the car driver and the capability of the car.


    • It will still be considered “rash and negligent driving ” but unfortunately that’s never the case when people drive over animals recklessly


    • It will be considered “rash and negligent driving” legally speaking but since it’s an animal who is voiceless with no one to fight for their cause, the driver will go scot free…but in good intent the driver who did not do it deliberately should get medical aid to the dog and try to help him further so as to remediate his act


  3. Hello Jagruti,
    I am Aniruddha Deshmukh from Aurangabad
    (Maharashtra). I noticed an injured dog 2 weeks ago. Mostly he was hit by a vehicle. I took him to the municipal corporation hospital here in Aurangabad. As it was Sunday, no doctors were available. Somehow I managed to keep him in the shelter house. The next day I was told that it was a spinal cord injury and needs an x-ray but x-ray facilities are not available here so the symptomatic treatment was started. Neurobion 2 ml, antibiotic Endrox , Nosef steroid and a painkiller Fluxicon these injections were starred. The dog is unable to stand on his back legs. These medications are still in progress but there is no improvement instead his health is deteriorating. He is not eating anything. I give him Pedigree professional but he doesn’t eat. He is becoming weak and pale. I don’t know what to do? I am putting all my efforts to cure him. I have also started infra red light therapy. This being a small city advanced facilities and specialist vet clinics and doctors are not available. I want to save his life. Friends and animal lovers, veternary doctors all over India I appeal to you if you know something that can help to save the life of an innocent, very loving and friendly dog please let me know soon. There are advanced medicines, therapies if anyone knows let me know. Recently I came to know about ‘Pet cam’ from Jagruti only. I asked about it to the doctor but he doesn’t know this medicine. I don’t know if it is suitable for the dog and how to use it. Please reply me earliest. My phone no is 09922333359.


  4. I live in Bangalore, here d bbmp is covering all d drains, most of tym stray dogs stayed in them, d opening dey r leaving is also very small.


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