Maoists killing Street Dogs: News Reports filed from different Indian states in March 2010

Red Terror hits street dogs of India!

Street Dogs in India are known to be the most intelligent dogs in the wonder police commissioners in many states have instructed local police stations to befriend the neighbourhood street dogs so that they can alert them to the threat of attack by naxals or other anti-social elements.

There have been cases reported of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir resorting to killing village dogs prior to infiltering into a village to set up base. Now, the below news clipping (February 26th, 2010 dated news clipping in The Times of India, Chennai Edition) points out to what Naxals are resorting to ahead of police actions, the Maoists are killing street dogs and pets because they bark at them for obvious reasons and that ends up alerting the police of their presence.


One would think that only innocent people are being targeted by the Naxals and the Terrorists, well, that’s not true, no one knows how many dogs have lost their lives at their hands uptil now. The terrorists and naxals are known to kill street dogs before they plan an assault/attach on a human residential area. This is because street dogs being so territorial and guarding of their area will bark at the first ‘sniff’ trouble/threat that they sense from ‘outsiders’. So, please understand that the street dog you may be maligning or terming a nuisance, just because it barks, is not ‘barking without a valid reason’, he is guarding your homes, the streets in the neighbourhood from untoward people and incidents and alerting you instead. So, the next time you hear a dog barking, make an effort to understand whom he is trying to warn you against and be vigilant.

Hail the Indian street dog! 

Make an effort to look at your community street dogs with a bit of respect and also look after them, for unknown to many of us, they keep many of us safe from unwanted elements, robberies and thefts.

Recent news stories filed on this subject:

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News from Bihar: 12th March, 2010

Do not kill dogs, animal-lovers tell Maoists

News from West Bengal: 11th March 2010

In Bengal, Maoists train guns on street dogs

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