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JAAGRUTI™ Waste Paper Recycling Services

We would like to introduce our updated website for JAAGRUTI™ Waste Paper Recycling Services on the very platform, (namely this JAAGRUTI™ Blog) which helped start it all in a very humble way in August 2011. Under these services, we have till now proudly worked with around 150+ organisations…

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About ‘Jaagruti’

‘Jaagruti™’ is a self/family-funded organisation registered as a charitable trust under the Indian Trusts Act – on 24th December 2009. We are based out of Delhi, India and JAAGRUTI primarily, functions as an INFORMATION HELPLINE and a STREET ANIMAL FIRST AID…

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First Aid and Vaccination Service for Street Dogs/Animals

  JAAGRUTI™’s  On-site First Aid Service for Street Dogs/Animals* in North-West Delhi Region to begin with. If you stay in any other part of Delhi NCR and want to avail of this service, do let us know, we will try if…

Delhi SPCA deploys enforcement staff to check on Animal cruelty cases in Delhi

As per letter No. DSPCA/(I) Admin/2015/22/665 dated 5th March 2015, issued by Mr. Kaushal Kishore, Administarive Officer, DSPCA (Delhi Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) shared in this blog post, people in Delhi should please make a note of…

‘Holi’ is not a festival for animals

This Holi, play it safe. Do ensure however, that in either your love towards the street or pet animals you care for OR in your post-bhaang madness you don’t put the colourful, toxic, harmful, chemical laced powdered or liquid Holi…

Treating Dogs with Maggot infestations

On-site First Aid Treatment for Prevention and Cure of Maggot wounds in Street Animals: It is the onset of warm weather and humid conditions that trigger an onset of maggot wound related queries on our helpline and the below treatment…

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The Dog Care Field Manual by Harrell Graham (Kind Courtesy: Mr. Merrit Clifton at ANIMAL PEOPLE)

We at ‘Jaagruti’ think that this manual serves as a handy asset for all of us who look after our neighborhood street dogs in India and often find ourselves stuck!  Download The Dog Care Field Manual by Harrell Graham by clicking here …

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Useful Link for Homeopathic Treatment of Animals Please click above, read it, bookmark it and use it when required, after consulting with your doctor*. *We are not veterinarians, but sharing this link as we thought it may be helpful

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