In defense of the street dogs of Kashmir

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/jkmassculling/   Dr. Asgar Samoon, Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, had issued orders in March 2011 to kill all street dogs of Kashmir. A qualified veterinarian, he has admitted to the Animal Welfare Board  of India, to requesting the ‘public’ to identify rabid…

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कौन ज़्यादा टेढ़ा है? – हमारे राजनेता या टेढ़ी पूँछ वाले जानवर..

टेढ़ी पूँछ वाला जानवर केवल पुचकार का भूखा है, पर हमारे यह राजनेता सत्ता, रुतबा, धन दौलत और ना जाने और किस किस चीज़ की कभी न भरने वाली भूख रखते हैं…..

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Why Politicians in India spend crores on their election campaigns?

Conservative estimates say that a politician spends about 5 crore Indian Rupees in an election campaign to become an MP (Member of Parliament in India, here’s why….. The following statistics give us the answer: Salary & Govt. Concession for a…

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