Useful Link for Homeopathic Treatment of Animals

http://www.vethomopath.com/treat-P.htm Please click above, read it, bookmark it and use it when required, after consulting with your doctor*. *We are not veterinarians, but sharing this link as we thought it may be helpful

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Peep underneath your car…there could be a life sleeping underneath

23 September 2011: We found Hasmukh sitting next to an electricity metre box in the service lane on the road a kilometre off our place. On our next round that evening, he was still sitting at that spot, panting. On…

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‘Desty’ – Destiny’s child!

For all animal cases that we get to attend directly to at ‘Jaagruti’, we just prefer to give them a name rather than referring to them as an anonymous dog or any other creature. But that name is just for…

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