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Boycott Kerala Tourism, because Kerala is cruel to its animals


This is my attempt to reach out to tourists who plan to visit Kerala from dog – friendly nations across the world. Thanks. #boycottkeralatourism SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE: The state of Kerala (in India), famously termed “God’s own country” is now aptly being rechristened as “Dog’s own HELL”. Kerala that thrives on the revenues it raises from the tourists it gets…now needs a strong lesson in compassion for its ghastly unlawful act of killing street dogs! The ‘killers’, insensitive and cruel as they are have spared no dog, they have killed/are killing even little new born pups with lactating mother dogs, pregnant dogs, even dogs with collars on them being looked after by community caretakers/villagers/shopkeepers  #boycottkeralatourism. Shame on you, the State of Kerala and all the ruthless people orchestrating this bloodshed on street dogs in Kerala. Your cruel face stands exposed, you want tourists too see the state’s natural beauty, when your cruel heart now stands exposed! Cruelty to elephants, cruelty to dogs, the most apathetic  conditions in which you slaughter animals, cows, camels, little calves etc. , we name it and you do it! Not anymore. #Keralaiscrueltoanimals. The carnage still continues in Kerala, despite the fact that street dogs are being wrongly blamed for all dog bites in the state, see news report below.


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11 thoughts on “Boycott Kerala Tourism, because Kerala is cruel to its animals

  1. I whole heartedly support the movement. Kerala cannot be God’s Own County if it indulges in killing one of God’s creations. As an animal lover I would like to know if Animal Welfare Board is doing to stop this. A case should be filed against the Kerala Government.


    1. Yes, AWBI has issued a warning letter to the Kerala CM but its all falling on deaf ears so shaming Kerala worldwide for its cruelty towards animals is what it required now.


  2. Oh my God, I did not know that, this is the first time i read the news and I am shocked, It is 100 percent sure then I must say only one word that is ‘shame on the people who are doing this’, but i think not all the people in a state can do it. We must think from the point of humanity, and cruelty to any animal in the earth is just against the humanity, we human should think in another way being an intelligent animal in the earth. This news just shocked me and hurt me lot, because I myself an animal lovers and I feel the pain and happiness of animal and thank to God for giving me this feeling. I pray to God to save the people of that state and provide them awareness, consciousness and manifestation to become more human than just a name of human being. Live and let other live.
    I am a die heart fan of what they are doing and thinking of the animal and providing awareness through information. (Kabbyik Mitra)


  3. You have no idea what is happening in Kerala. Hundreds of people are dying due to stray dog bites. If no action is taken the growing population of stray dogs will kill them. As for cows and calves, BEEF is the staple food of about 95% of Keralites, Kerala has special permission for slaughtering cows, bulls etc. for food from PM Modi. Please do not judge others u less you are perfect.


    1. No state is above the law of the land and orders of Honourable Supreme Court of India and there are better ways of sterilizing and vaccinating street dogs than culling them so inhumanely!


  4. You people have no idea what is happening in Kerala. Hundreds of people are being bitten by stray dogs in Kerala. Little children going to school are treated for rabies as they were bitten by stray dogs while going to school. As for slaughtering of cows, bulls, calves etc. Kerala has obtained special permission from PM Modi to continue it, since BEEF is the STAPLE food of about 95% people in Kerala. And to those who are christening Keralites as ‘ Monsters’ , ‘Shameless’ etc. do not judge others unless you are perfect. And always remember insulting Kerala will have very big consequences.


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