Delhi SPCA deploys enforcement staff to check on Animal cruelty cases in Delhi

DSPCA Letter 5th March 2015

As per letter No. DSPCA/(I) Admin/2015/22/665 dated 5th March 2015, issued by Mr. Kaushal Kishore, Administarive Officer, DSPCA (Delhi Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) shared in this blog post, people in Delhi should please make a note of this that whenever you see a violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 or its rules in Delhi, you can report the same on the helpline number of DSPCA is +91-11-23972805.

You are requested to call them only when you are SURE that an offense has taken place.

[To understand what the offenses are, please gain an understanding of the laws that govern prevention of cruelty to animals in India by clicking here]

Please do not call them for reporting sick or injured animals where there is no need for prosecution. Instead approach the nearest animal hospital or better, still take the animal to the hospital or a veterinarian’s clinic yourself for getting them the required medical treatment.

If you do not live in Delhi, you are advised to go to your DM/DC (District Magistrate/District Collector), and show them this order and work with them to make the SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) active in your city.

An SPCA has powers under the SPCA Rules 2001 ( ) which NGOs do not have.

Be a part of the SPCA in your city and stop cruelty more effectively.

10 thoughts on “Delhi SPCA deploys enforcement staff to check on Animal cruelty cases in Delhi

  1. have any contacts in ahmedabad
    i have filed fir one done and the other complain police didn’t taken yet i have filed rti but didn’t got answer


  2. Hi…whom to contact in case of cruelty on stray animals in noida, tried calling spca noida but they don’t respond… When I called Anuradha Dogra spca noida she did not do any thing ,mr Changan came after a week but of no help at all he does not have a say in spca noida, next time when I called her she bluntly said she /spca can not protect stray animals against cruelty…but she is very very keen on picking up a healthy sterilised , vaccinated stray dog for punishment on a biting complaint..they pick up a wrong dog without identifying and even after I personally went and told them about it they kept the poor speech less stray there for 4 days, to my knowledge on a biting complaint the punishment is for 24 hrs..when I asked for the complaint slip it said for ABC…how can they pick up a healthy neutered and vaccinated dog for ABC, on wrong identification…I have a AWBi feeding card . I take care of 3 strays and as usual all my neighbours are harassing these strays and me..making it vv difficult to servive for them and stressful for these strays are so agitated ,frustrated and insecure they have started biting some strangers only when they feel the threat..some of my neighbours have influential contacts…I did complain to mrs maneka gandhi and she has been a great help to us, but can’t call her every time…shocked to hear Ms Anuradha Dogra saying no we can’t protect animals against cruelty..what does SPCA stand for or means. I fail to understand ,she is v agrrasive,impatient disconnects the calls without listening to you , She is no more an animal lover spca Has becom comercial venture…disheartened to say they have changed the meaning of SPCA it is very sad. Thanks .


  3. They dont care about animals, i have called on 23965369 and informed about one critical case and in response they said that they dont treat dogs…I sincerely recommend if such organisation are opened they should not say no for any critical case someone can help please share..


  4. सर हमारेआजमगढ़ जिले में जब भी हम घायहल बीमार जानवर या डॉग को हॉस्पिटल ले जाते है तो सरकारी अस्पताल पर भी इसका उपचार नही करते है डॉक्टर लोग ।इस परिस्थितियों में हमे क्या करना चाहिए। हम लोगो को कुछ ऐसा सर्टिफिकेट या अधिकार दीजिए कि ऐसे लोंगो के खिलाप कुछ कानूनी कार्यवाही किया जा सके।


    • Behtar hoga ki aap log khud inka upchaar karna seekhen…if you can please share photos of the wound and dogs with us then we too can guide you through on oral and topical medication to cure them…mail us on These people are useless…u know as well as us that complaining would fall on deaf ears! Rather we all be the change ourselves…take the help of a local journalist to expose these officers at ur local hospital.


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