9 thoughts on “Notice to Kanchanjunga Coop.Group Housing0001

  1. just fantastic, I am so relieved in hearing on this judgement. I too have very cute ‘Lhasa Apso’ who is just 14 months old. He is so calm, that in these 14 months, have heard him bark maybe 14 times. And some members in our society have a reason to ban him living with us. His ‘unconditional’ love for us has grown so much, that we sometimes think, why can’t ‘snowy’ talk to us !!!

    Please help us in knowing further, so to face such people from our society. Neither does our SNOWY pee or shit in the building compound nor does he harass any person in the society.


    Rajeev Sabharwal


    1. Sir, please take cues from this notice and drag your RWA to the Consumer Court and with all the past precedents on such cases in the pet owner’s favour, you WILL win this for SNOWY and others like him. Good luck!


    1. Street animals have (technically and legally speaking) more rights and laws to protect them, than pet animals in our country…whats your exact concern? Please elaborate. Thanks


  2. Hello – i am having a 4th month old pup of GSD – but my bldg is not allowing him to enter the premises as they say it is violating the rules and regulations – my backdrop is d person whom i bought has yet not given me its KCI papers – i did the vaccination and everything from my near by Vet – in this case what shall i do !


    1. You don’t need KCI Papers, what you need to take for your dog is the local Municipality’s pet dog license…so get your pet’s vaccination card updated and go to your nearest Municipality office to get your pet registered in their records. And as you would have read through this notice on which you commented, there is no law that can bar you from keeping your pet/or force you to abandon your pet under societal pressure.


  3. I have recently got a puppy Golden Retriver. He is very small and adorable and my daughter prayed to god for almost 2yrs before I got her one.
    Now, my society’ secretary has called me to advise that i cannot take my dog to the common terrace and also get rid of the dog as the society rules do not allow for it. I was not aware of any such rules, but that is besides the point. How do I protect my right in a situation like this.
    29th Dec, 2015


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