You didn’t even say goodbye :'(

Courtesy: This poem made its way into our inbox someway through this link of Meigs Co Dog Shelter, whom we hereby credit for penning this down.

Please share this poem with anyone who has abandoned or is thinking of abandoning their pet. It may make them think atleast once over the most painful act they will ever commit in their life…


 I said as you started the car,
“Hooray!” I said, it’s my first time afar.
The scents we were passing were all new to me,
For it was my first introduction to this mystery.
As we got out of the car I embraced you with joy,
After all you remembered to bring my favourite toy!
You threw it once or twice, of which I retrieved,
But on the third it seemed you were ready to leave.
You threw it long and hard and I chased it like lightning,
But when I turned to bring it back I saw a sight quite frightening.
I gripped my toy hard as I tried to comprehend
What it was I did wrong to make our relationship end.
You walked back to your car as I sat there still loyal.
Why am I subservient and you so royal?
Your engine started, and you peeled out into the night,
You didn’t even care about my overwhelming fright.
As I sat in my pose determined you would come back,
The sun faded behind me while the surroundings turned black.
Day after day I stayed in that park,
Lying… waiting… too feeble to bark.
As I lay there dying thinking of you master,
I asked myself how I got into this horrifying disaster.
With my last breath of life, I whispered your name
Then I collapsed in a heap overrun by pain.
Why didn’t you love me master? Why didn’t you care?
Had I no significance, was I just a clump of hair?
I stayed there master and I waited for you
I guess taking care of me was just too much to do.
I’m gone now master, no more You-and-I
But what I can’t figure out is why you didn’t even say goodbye…

10 thoughts on “You didn’t even say goodbye :'(

  1. OMG!!!! that was way too emotional. My heart is still cringing on reading this poem. Why do people have to abandon these poor darling animals. No point leaving a message for these barbarians here as they would never ever visit these sites where likes of us tread. Please let us get together and move the earth for our innocent hapless friends. I wish to ‘God better sense prevails and animals are not made to suffer in any way by the obdurate, uncaring humans.


    • to some extent you are absolutely right, meher …. on forums such as these, such people would never visit, but the idea is to post here and spread this message across through various channels both online & offline; and that’s where contributions of people like you, vasudha and other like minded people matter

      and yes … it’s hard to change mind of these barbarians but nevertheless people do change, it takes a huge effort and it goes extremely slow but i have seen changes coming in, i have seen people getting converted from barbarians and butchers and animal killers to those who use their basic common sense to change their own nature and lifestyle … so, as you said, lets keep our own efforts going :)


  2. A very touching Poem. I adopted my Jerry over 3 years ago. Today also we celebrate his birthday , on 1st Feb, every year. When i hear about people abandoning their pet, i really feel how merciless they are. If they have any circumstances, they can give it away to someone who can take care of them. There are some dog homes who charge you a fee for taking care of your pet while you are gone, or if you are unable to take care of him for any reason. As per my experience, i denied even filing for immigration to Australia because of their strange rules of taking your pet over there. You cannot take your pet along with you directly from India. You will need to send and keep your dog in some country which is AQIS approved (India is not an AQIS approved country unfortunately), for at least Six months and then only you can get permission for your loved one to live with you in Australia. This scenario seems so brutal and unjustified to me. Even my agent was surprised on the my words when i told her that We cannot go without Jerry, so if there is a possibility that he can come with us, you can let me know. However, good news is, that it is rather easier to take your pet to some European countries. All you need to do is get a microchip for them, fill in all the vital information about you and your pet in that microchip. and get it inserted in them, which is a harmless procedure. This procedure is not even very costly. After this, all you need to spend some money for his Tickets, to take him along with you, Of course, update the required vaccinations and get a certification from an authorized vet. I am so relieved after getting to know this procedure, that finally i can think of going to some European country without worrying of leaving my Jerry behind, which i would NEVER do. He is not an animal to me, he is like a son to us. I request to all pet owners that Please, don’t abandon your pet as you are not aware how painful it is for them when they get separated.from your, their only family. They have understood your pain all through their lives, just to get your love and attention, but definitely not to be deceived in a manner of being abandoned or any other brutal treatment. Have a heart, give them love and it comes back to you multiplied by thousand times. Think about it while looking into their eyes, and you will be surprised.


  3. Now thats a true animal lover!!!! Kudos to you Kuljit, any may you be blessed for your noble deed. So good to know the likes of you exist in this world. Truly impressed by your sacrifice. Our Jerry is very lucky to have you. Do doubts he deserves you.


    • Thanks, but all i said is my heart. I think if you Adopting a pet is like adopting a child. A pet or an adopted child is not a toy that you bought from the market and threw it away when it got old. Even with toys, we give them to needy, poor kids when kids in our family don’t play with them anymore. We don’t even throw those toys on the roads, pet are a way more than just toys. So abandoning a pet is just pointless.


  4. my name is bethan I’m 12 years old when i red this as i got half way through i started to cry my mum asked why and then she red this poem and she cried to its so emotional ;'(


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