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Indore’s Lallu was no ordinary street dog

Courtesy: Mail Today, dated: 17th August 2010

Lallu- the street dog being bid farewell

Shopkeepers of Aada Bazaar in Indore downed their shutters as a mark of respect for Lallu — a much- loved 15- year- old stray dog of the locality who died on July 17.

As the news of Lallu’s death spread like wildfire, area residents assembled to mourn the dog and decided to conduct his last rites (pic above). For, Lallu was no ordinary dog. Rakesh Kumar, who lives near the bazaar, said: “ Lallu used to follow the shav yatra (last journey) of the dead and spent his time with the deceased’s family for 12 to 13 days after that.” Not just that, the canine was different from his breed. Garages, parking areas and chairs were his favourite places to retire. And he gorged on ordinary food and was fond of Indian meals.

A local revealed that on the 13th day after Lallu’s death, milk and jalebis were served to the others dogs of the area.

Some dogs truly have their day!

R.I. P Lallu…

10 thoughts on “Indore’s Lallu was no ordinary street dog

  1. Rest in peace, Lallu. If only Humans were able to learn from your kindness and loving nature, and that of your fellow dogs and animals. I applaud the residents and shopkeepers of Aada Bazaar for their loving farewell to Lallu, and would hope that they find it in their hearts to extend their kindness to Lallu’s many dog friends in their area and beyond, so that India can once again be proud of her compassionate heritage extended to all creatures great and small.


  2. Quaker Concern for Animals in Britain thanks the shopkeepers for loving and showing respect to Lallu.

    We hope that people will continue to show consideration for all other “ordinary” street dogs – who are God’s creatures too.

    Thank you too, Jaagruti!


  3. Lallu sounds like a very special dog. Or is this not the normal way of every dog if they are not subjected to the horrors inflicted on them by man ?
    Dogs are man’s best friend; if only he could show the same love and respect in return.
    This is a great story and I thank all the people for giving Lallu such a wonderful send off after many years of devotion towards mankind.
    Be kind to dogs, cats and all street animals the world over; they do not ask to be given this life. We, as good and respectable people of the world must do everything that we can to help and protect our animal friends.
    Mark – SAV – London, Uk.


  4. lallu you were with us when you were alive and today after your final journey your soul is with us .neverthless animals like you never die they just change their physical body


  5. Thank you, Lallu for years of unconditional love and devotion towards people, you are truly a very special soul, may you rest in peace now.
    I hope people will learn from his example and treet all animals with the love and respect they deserve for the are God’s precious children too.
    Hannah, holistic action


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  7. To Lallu, Rest in Peace, as dear as you were in real life, as dear you are now eternally.
    You are the bridge of friendship, love and respect as so many people want it to be between humans and all species on this Home of ours.
    Thanks to the shopkeepers and all the people who love Lallu to show the love they feel, such a beautiful gesture.
    Vahana Hilke


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