‘Bali’ (Animal Sacrifice) in 21st Century India: The Law (Video)

Ready to be sacrificed!

This photo of a ‘young baby goat’ (referred to as a ‘kid’ in proper English language) tied to the side of a temple railing-waiting to be sacrificed was shared with us by Mr. Satish C. Gupta, an Agra resident.  It was clicked on his recent visit to Kamakhya Temple in  Guwahati, Assam.

He also shared with us another photograph clicked at this temple which shows the remnants of a recently sacrificed bird lying on the floor of this temple.

Kamakhya temple, Guwahati (Assam, India)

On the floor: Remnants of a bird sacrificed at this temple

It is strange that in a progressively developing country like India, the practice of sacrificing animals for religious reasons, in the hope that doing so will please the deities and grant a person’s wish! And we learn that Animal Sacrifice is legal in Bengal and Assam, that is why perhaps we see the shots like the ones above from Kamakhya Temple (located in Guwahati, Assam).

To learn more about the practice of Animal Sacrifices in India, their legal angle and what you can do to help stop it, please have a look at the video below.

But there are laws banning animal sacrifices in many states across India and also national laws, and the reason these laws are not being enforced is because the authorities are as ignorant of the laws as much as we are, so this puts all the more responsibility on us to inform people of the laws and inspire them to use them tactfully for the benefit of animals and also share these with the authorities and educate people alike to put an end to the archaic and cruel practice of ‘Animal Sacrifices’.

https://jaagrutiindia.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/copy-of-animal-sacrifices.avi: Save this link please to watch this video.

Below is the list of Indian states where Animal Sacrifice is ILLEGAL:

Tamil Nadu: Tamil Nadu Animals and Birds Sacrifices Prevention Act, 1950

Karnataka: Karnataka Animal Sacrifice Prohibition Act 1959

Gujarat:Gujarat Animals and Birds Sacrifice Prohibition Act, 1972

Andhra Pradesh: Andhra Pradesh Animals and Birds Sacrifices (Prohibition) Act, 1950

Kerala: The Kerala Animals and Birds Sacrifices Prohibition Act, 1968

Rajasthan: The Rajasthan Animals and Birds Sacrifice (Prohibition) Act,1975.

Pondicherry: The Pondicherry Animals and Birds Sacrifices Prohibition Act, 1965


If you would like to meet a few goats who got sacrificed during last Id celebrations in Delhi on 28th November 2009..scroll below

18 thoughts on “‘Bali’ (Animal Sacrifice) in 21st Century India: The Law (Video)

  1. I visited the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati very recently. The temple is a site of Shakti worship (Shakti Peeth). In adherence to the rites of worship as enshried in the Shakti worship, animal sacrifice is routinely conducted here. Mostly young goats (kids) and pigeons are sacrificed. Although there is some cover in the room where the sacrifices are carried out, it is not sufficient to prevent one from viewing the goats being dragged to the sacrificial site as they bleat loudly. The scimitar of the man who slaughters the animals and birds coming down is also visible. When the bleating stops, it means that the goat has been slaughtered. What I fail to understand is why any God should demand the slaughter (couched under the garb of ritualistic sacrifice) of one of His/Her creations? Why can’t a progressive government be unable to stop such brutality?


    • It is very ironical that we slaughter these innocent lives in the names of religious rituals and that too presenting to a mother figure called Kali or Shakti who gives us life then do you think a mother would like to kill a child (because even animals are also a part of this universe). I feel unruly, cruel and selfish people wants the lives of innocents in the name of Mother Goddess. The recent example is of M.S. Dhoni who just to celebrate the happiness of Indian team’s victory sacrificed a goat at a Ranchi temple. How can we be happy after making one die such a painful death. Think if those people who are pro-bali, have to die such a death will they bless that person who killed them?


  2. This is a very very brutal practice which is carried out on a day to day basis in numerous temples across the country….
    In a country like India which is so much engulfed in superstitions, it may be hard to bring this practice of slaughtering innocent animals in the name of god.
    But awareness must be brought amongst the people in some or the other way so that these animals can also enjoy the right to their freedom which is confined to the papers only till now…..


    • u r absolutely rite………y wud god demand the death of the animal he himself created……i mean…….the slaughterers actually dont have the idea why they r killing those animals…….they just do for the sake of those useless superstitions which actually dont exist…..


  3. I have seen pigs being bruetly slaughtered in front of evryone in shavali mata mandir near panipat. I couldn’t stop crying and the scene s stil revolving in my mind. How can someone do this for there benefit? Sacrifice yourself if you so desperately want something but why sacrifc those innocent animals..can i take some legal action against them?


    • We suggest you ask Ms. Anjali Sharma, Legal advisor to the Animal Welfare Board of India (anjalisharma2@gmail.com) on the legal action that could be taken against the people at this temple. since its a religious sacrifice, it could be a bit tricky.


  4. accoring to the prevention of cruelity to animals Act of 1980-“animal sacrifice is illegal and both the priest and the owner of the animal can be arrested if a complaint is lodged against them in the local police station”


  5. Ours is a “SECULAR” nation. Please treat ALL citizens equally. If animal “SACRIFICE” is to be banned, let it be banned for all citizens of India – not just the majority Hindus because they do not protest against partisan laws. If the authorities are able to enforce the law against all Indians, including Muslims who also sacrifice animals on BAKRID, this law should be passed without any further delay.


    • this is out the the nature
      so what you gonna do with the livestock ?
      did you find any cows goats sheeps and chicken in wild /?
      then what is the purpose to keep them ? only for milk ? so what you ganna do with the male animals ? leave them in wild ?
      they they eat all your vegies 😛

      this is the eco cycle thats why from the beginning these farm animals are not going to be extinct because nature produce them to fit in the eco cycle !!!

      these animals are not only use for eating, left over of these animals make huge industries which run our own life easily !!

      yes i accept that the way of killing these animals is not good….. but think positively broad !!
      stay bless !



  6. If u r genuinely concerned abt pain n brutality on animals, pls go n stop them frm being slaughtered in restaurant backyards to b made into tasty dishes….that is ok,bcoz thats how america n europe live….but temple sacrifice is not ok,bcoz thats stupidly indian,no?why only temples r being singled out fr ur compassion n kindness?its more of a desperation to somehow ape the white Christian western way of life than any genuine compassion that is motivating this stupid and misplaced n wholly needless hullabaloo……btw,all sacrificed animals’ meat is used as food,just in case ur willing to keep aside ur slavish mentalities n prejudices and willing to look at things in a sane and even handed way.


  7. All sacrificed animal’s meat isn’t consumed as pointed out by one. In Gadhimai festival at Nepal, hundreds of buffaloes are sacrificed & nobody eat their meat.


  8. amar paray goto175 year old sri sri sitola o kali pujo hoy jakhane patha bali hoy ami ai protha kay bondho korte chai kintu amader parar lokera andho biswash jonno ami kicho kort parchi na ,ami ki kora ata korbo amader pujor date 13/05/2017 at kolkata ,baghbazar , jalepara.


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