Video: Street Dog Sterilization and vaccination/Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programme, India

To watch a self-explanatory film on the Indian ABC Programme using your Facebook login, please click here, else watch it below.
Please Note: Through the feedback received thus far on this post, there is an apparent misunderstanding on the portion in this film’s beginning where street dogs are being  cruelly captured using ‘tongs’ and since the narration of this movie is in Hindi rather than English, those confusions are obvious, hence in this regard we request you to please read our short clarification on the same below, prior to watching this film. Thanks.

This film on the ABC programme does not in any way advocate the use of ‘tongs’ for capturing dogs for the purpose of sterilization, in fact this film was made in the beginning of this decade after the ABC programme was supported by the Supreme Court ruling and by High Courts across the country….and the translation (in English) of the narration behind that ‘tong’ portion in the early part of this video is  that they are trying to show ‘the ways in which dogs were being caught bymunicipalities for killing purposes earlier’i.e prior to the start of ABC Programme’.

The use of such inhumane catching methods like tongs that you see the municipality catchers using in the beginning of this video is NOW illegal and horribly cruel. Up to 50% of dogs caught this cruel way die from internal bleeding.

Nowadays, people use the Net method or the Sack and loop method to humanely catch the dogs for transporting them to animal hospitals for sterilization purposes, this ensures that the animal is least traumatised during the whole process of it being taken away, even though momentarily, from its territory.”

Please support the Animal Birth Control/ABC Programme in your city by getting your neighbourhood street dog/community dog sterilized and vaccinated at a nearby Animal hospital in your area. Such programmes are supported by the local municipality or Animal Welfare Board of India. After the dogs are sterilized and vaccinated, under the ‘ABC’  Rules of the Indian Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, these street dogs are to be released back in the same area for where these dogs are born is where they belong. Sterilization of dogs makes them gentle and docile and also helps in controlling their population growth, which can not be controlled in any their way as, animals can’t use Birth Control measures like Oral Contraceptive Pills or Condoms!

"Dogs can't use Condoms" Get them sterilized (Image Courtesy: PETA India)

For more information on the purpose and process of Street Dog Sterlization/Animal Birth Control-ABC Programme in India,  please read:

In English: The Indian Street Dog

In Hindi: गली के आवारा कुत्ते

List of Animal Hospitals in Delhi and NCR undertaking ABC programme can be accessed here

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