Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Offline Group Workshops

A life-saving transformational workshop.

October 2022

Hello everyone!

As per a Survey conducted by Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, 1 in 2 kids gets sexually abused, in India.

One would think, sexual abuse is equivalent to Rape and is restricted to girls and women. One can’t be more wrong. Out of the kids who confessed to being sexually abused as per the GOI survey, 57% were boys.

Ignorance, apathy and fear make most cases get hushed up or go unreported and unnoticed.

Parents need to take the onus to safeguard their children’s bodies as well as their legal rights.

We have launched a series of workshops with the objective of coaching parents and teachers on the perils of Child Sexual Abuse and their role in proactively preventing the most innocent, gullible and vulnerable of all, our kids from becoming a victim to predators on the prowl!

This is a 2-3 hour long PAID Workshop designed to be delivered in a group setting at an institutional level.

One thing is guaranteed, it will leave you informed, empowered and sensitized, and help you see, hear and understand your kids and their emotions, way better!

What You’ll Learn:

– Child Sexual Abuse

  • What is it?
  • Who does it?
  • How to spot the abuser?
  • How to identify and help the abused?

– Role of the Parent

– The Law (POCSO Act) and its salient features

By: Vasudha Mehta –
Workshop Leader

I’m an Educator and certified Parent Coach.

My multi-passionate background and commitment to making this world a kinder and more beautiful place for our kids to laugh and live in, makes me a strong advocate for the rights of children, street animals and women.

I’m based in New Delhi, India. I can be reached at +91-9958980909 (over WhatsApp message please) or on the email at

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