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  1. Hi, can u pls share contact numbers of sahibabad, ghaziabad as we sawb2 dead dogs lying on the society road.. Pls help so that their bodies can be picked asap


  2. Hello mam,
    I m a pet owner( 1 year old lab) we live in paryavaran complex , saket, block B. We recently shifted here..the area is full of street dogs not 1 not 2 but more than 15..its creating a ruckus here.i cannot walk my pet down, as yesterday 4 dogs attacked him and me , my dog was bitten badly and he didnt even fought back due to his calm nature.i was also bitten.we were then protected my 3 people because the dogs were pouncing on us even after i was trying to shoo them away with the poop scooper i use for my pet.
    Helping street dogs is what i also do , but what about all these attacks which are increasing day by day.this is a big block but i cannot even walk my own dog, i m even afraid to take him to vet after yesterdays accident..protecting their rights is correct and i also agree but what about all these accidents happening daily.and this not the firstcase in the area, their are more than 15 dogs and all of them attack in groups.what can be done in this situation.i already called MUnicipal coorporation and i havent hear much good things about it.


    • Street dogs have a right to live on those streets, moreover in that area, most street dogs are sterilized. Also since you are also into helping street dogs as you write, you can make friends with these dogs too and then they will not trouble your pet and even listen to your commands….if you shoo them with a pet scooper or threaten them, they will retaliate in self defence, wont they, after all they have nothing but their barks to scare you with…also please respect the fact that you are new to this area where they have already been staying, so you need to give yourself time to adjust with their presence and vice versa. MCD only picks dogs up for sterilization, harming or relocating street dogs is unlawful and against orders of Supreme Court of India. Moreover there are special circulars issued by Ministry of Personnel, Government of India warning Central Government employees to not harm these street dogs. And since you stay in a Government colony, we shared all of this…..just be patient and use the language of love and compassion rather than hatred, fear and anger that you are currently opting for.


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