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“Angrez” as the guards on this site office of Delhi Metro in Sarvapriya Vihar of Delhi call him is this brown coloured light-eyed boy. With severe maggot infested wound on his left ear and head region (and two more near…

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It’s raining maggot cases this rainy season, this post is about ‘Maggie’

Meet ‘Maggie’, this brown coloured male Street dog with a big maggot wound on the upper back region. He is a self-found case like many that we do in Pitampura area of Delhi and thus the responsibility of treating him…

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A tale of 2 friends: 10+ year old street ‘Naifee’ & Class 10th student ‘Hunny’: A story about being caring and compassionate!

A tale of 2 friends: 10+ year old Naifee, a street dog & Class 10th student Hunny: A story about being caring and compassionate! Today, we want to share with you the story of a young Class 10 student named…

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A dog with a swollen face – Our First Aid Service at work!

Have you all started wondering if our On-site First Aid Service for Street Animals only tends to maggot cases? Well, not really…meet this brown coloured male street dog whom we spotted near a neighbourhood Police chowki on 14th August. His…

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Treating Dogs with Maggot infestations

On-site First Aid Treatment for Prevention and Cure of Maggot wounds in Street Animals: It is the onset of warm weather and humid conditions that trigger an onset of maggot wound related queries on our helpline and the below treatment…

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The Dog Care Field Manual by Harrell Graham (Kind Courtesy: Mr. Merrit Clifton at ANIMAL PEOPLE)

We at ‘Jaagruti’ think that this manual serves as a handy asset for all of us who look after our neighborhood street dogs in India and often find ourselves stuck!  Download The Dog Care Field Manual by Harrell Graham by clicking here …

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Useful Link for Homeopathic Treatment of Animals

http://www.vethomopath.com/treat-P.htm Please click above, read it, bookmark it and use it when required, after consulting with your doctor*. *We are not veterinarians, but sharing this link as we thought it may be helpful

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Is your neighbourhood street dog coughing off late? Sharing a treatment that may work

We have seen many dogs who are coughing really hard and continuously in this unbearable summer heat of Delhi-NCR, may be you have too…the cough could be because of dust-triggered Respiratory Infection, says our consultant veterinary doctor. It is painful…

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Do-it-Yourself (DIY)Series-1: How do we pick up street dogs and take them to the nearest vet in our car

We are no experts and neither do we run an animal ambulance or hospital that tends to animals. We do it one street dog (or at best two or three) at a time and try to do our best in…

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Treating an old dog with Aural haematoma- Part 2

Dateline: October 2012 Two years back, we had penned a story on how we got an old black dog’s aural haematoma treated. We had a smilar challenge to face with another old dog, a brown coloured male dog with a…

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